100 a day Review

100 a day Review

Today we will be doing a 100 a day Review. Now everyone wants to get to that sacred 100 a day as once you are making $100 a day you are basically making a full time income, so let’s look at the latest product by Ram, Dan and Bill.

Now I should mention that 100 a day is created by Ram who you will hear on the videos and I am glad that he gets straight to the point and is easy to listen to. Now when you first log into the members area of $100 a day your first step is to download the case study main course PDF which is full of screen shots that show you how to get started and how exactly Ram gets free traffic and has made $1000’s of Dollars in sales since he started online a few months back!

$100 a day Review

$100 a day Review


Now as well as getting the main course 42 page PDF which is basically a case study of how Ram created a system that requires completely Free traffic and got him from $0 to 100 a Day and so that you can follow along and that you will start getting huge amounts of traffic every day!


Now as well as the main course PDF 100 a Day there are also some very clever videos of the exact methods and platforms that Ram has been using to create $100 a Day and to build up his email list which creates him an almost completely passive income. In 100 a day, Ram also shows you the exact emails that he sent to get a huge open rate on a relatively small email list.

Now 100 a day is not just about building an email list, actually that is a very small but important part of it as in 100 a day you will be learning how to make affiliate sales and building your business through completely free traffic but when you get the stage of having an email list you will know the best way to communicate with them!

$100 a day Review

$100 a day Review


There are 4 detailed over the shoulder videos on how to use some very clever tricks on YouTube to get a huge amount of traffic to your videos and also shows a very clever way to use other people’s videos to use as your own and to legally steal their traffic!

Then in 100 a Day there are 2 over the shoulder videos that show you how to get completely Free traffic from Facebook again that you can use to send anywhere, affiliate offers, Fan pages or to use to build your list.

Then to top of the Free traffic methods there are 3 Instagram videos in 100 a Day that will show you Instagram and how to use it to get some very easy and very viral traffic. I am quite new to Instagram but found have been studying it a lot recently due to some tests that I made that got me some huge results and I even learned some new methods in Rams $100 a Day.

$100 a day Review

$100 a day Review


My overall 100 a Day Review is that this is a product from someone who not long ago was working for a car company and is now able to live the Internet Lifestyle. I always enjoy reading or watching methods where the person is showing exactly what they do in their own business to make that special 100 a Day and in the 100 a Day I feel that nothing is held back and even if you have a small budget or very little experience that you will still be able to get great results with 100 a Day.

My only real complaint about 100 a day is that the sales page is completely blind and also from personal experience I think that this will take slightly more than 20 minutes a day. Once you know what you are doing and have started to get results then yes, you can start to only invest 20 minutes a day. But like any business you should want to put more than 20 minutes a day into your business…especially one that can and will make you $100 a day!


As someone who uses YouTube and Facebook (and now even Instagram) in my daily business even I learnt a lot of new tricks which I will be implementing in my day to day business, so it just goes to show that with the online world and traffic ever changing that everyone can learn something new and if you are a complete beginner then $100 a Day is a great place to start!



OTO 1 is a Done For You Package which includes 5 DFY campaigns. So you will get the high converting affiliate offers to promote. The full funnel ready to go with a free report, squeeze pages/optin pages. This will help you to get started extremely fast and start making your first sales today!


OTO 2 is 5 email marketing case studies as the eventual goal of 100 a day is to build a list, every business model that you can buy online will eventually lead to building a list as that is where the real passive income comes from.


OTO 3 is complete resell rights to 100 a day. Including everything from the full funnel, sales pages and even support! All you would have to do is send traffic and watch the sales roll in…this is the closest you can get to having your own cash making product which will make you sales on complete auto pilot!




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