$100 A Day With CPA Review

I have just got a copy of $100 A Day With CPA by Tyler Pratt and I guess the title says it all. At first I wasn’t very impressed with $100 A Day With CPA but then as I started to see how $100 A Day With CPA is set up I realised that $100 A Day With CPA is actually a very clever way to make money with CPA.



$100 A Day With CPA is a detailed PDF that I believe anyone can start to make money with. You will need a few $$ to get started but what I liked about $100 A Day With CPA is that it is very detailed and if you follow along the steps inside you can easily set up the method shown in $100 A Day With CPA. Towards the end of $100 A Day With CPA we are shown a few different ways to start making money but the main method is something I don’t think I have reviewed before….which is good.



In $100 A Day With CPA you will learn in a step by step easy to follow fashion. This is by no way a push button method but does require a little time to get it set up and as I said previously you will need a few Dollars.

In $100 A Day With CPA, Tyler mentions “Click Washing”…don’t get confused by that, it is simply a way to get cheaper clicks by using a type of retargeting system.



Inside $100 A Day With CPA with Tyler you will learn 7 main steps. You will see the funnel that is used to get traffic and set up your “Click Washing” system. This is shown in an easy to follow diagram (I liked this part a lot, funnels are very interesting to me and should be to you). You will see the exact offer and network that is used in $100 A Day With CPA (though don’t worry I have checked and this offer is on several CPA companies). If you ever need to find an exact offer and which networks it is on check out Offer Vault.

In $100 A Day With CPA you will learn the exact landing page the is being used and how easy it is for you to copy it. The traffic source has been around for a while but I have never thought to use banners with CPA offers in this exact way. So while the traffic source may not surprise you the way that is being taught in $100 A Day With CPA will…



$100 A Day With CPA will teach you how to set up a system that you can build up and keep promoting offers to over and over again and they will most likely thank you for it.



I would definitely say that $100 A Day With CPA has been written with beginners in mind but saying that I have been into CPA marketing for years and didn’t know this exact method….also the price is very low for what you are getting and what you will learn and be able to put into practise. I would say that in the beginning of $100 A Day With CPA will require a good few hours of work but you can do as little as an hour a day and you should start seeing clicks within a few days!




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