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Hello guys and gals,

If you have been reading my site the Wolf Of Online Marketing then you will see that I have been promoting products that I think are worthwhile. Well I was just looking through more products to promote and of course make affiliate sales with when I came across 100% Free Web Hosting For Life.



I know from some emails that I have received that people are reluctant to start a new website which many courses require and I always recommend HostGator but maybe you don’t have that kind of money yet so 100% Free Web Hosting For Life seemed like a good idea to get started with your first website.

I have looked over 100% Free Web Hosting For Life and as far as I can see there no tricks or scams. There is 1 OTO which is called “SEO Training Program”. This could come in very useful if you are going to start your own first website as SEO is very important and these days SEO is an art.

I have of course done and am still doing my own SEO on this site and it is working as I am ranking quite well but the days of buying 10,000 backlinks are over and now you need to be using a more social media approach and only using authority back links so instead of creating 1000’s of backlinks I have slowly introduced high quality and authoritative backlinks and of course with Google’s latest update your site needs to be completely mobile friendly otherwise you will get severely punished by the BIG G!!

So the OTO (SEO Training Program) which is very useful BUT by no means necessary to get the the 100% Free Web Hosting For Life is an option that would do you well if starting your own website!

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I make no affiliate sales for promoting this 100% Free Web Hosting For Life but I thought that the readers of my site may be interested in something for free and I know when I was first starting out I would have jumped at the chance to get free hosting.

I would imagine that there is a limit to how many websites you can use with this 100% Free Web Hosting For Life but why not use it to get started and then change over to HostGator (my number 1 choice).

If you ever decide that you need any real help with SEO, logos, headers(like the 6 that were created above, they change every time you change pages or posts) or anything to do with Online Marketing please feel free to visit my own company EkkoResources (named after my Amstaff, Ekko, if you Google “Ekko Amstaff” you will see he is quite famous!)

If you do buy the OTO then send me your receipt and have a look at the bonus packages that I offer and choose one and I will forward it on to you no questions asked within 24 hours!

Anyway thanks for reading and any comments are very welcome.

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