2017 Local SEO Checklist Review

2017 Local SEO Checklist Review


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2017 Local SEO Checklist Review


Today I will be doing a 2017 Local SEO Checklist Review. The 2017 Local SEO Checklist is the latest product by Luther Landro. He is one of the few big marketers that I always get great value from when looking at his courses.

Also, reviewing his methods is always interesting as they are always unique and interesting and have real world applications that can either be a very useful tool or be a complete business in a box! The 2017 Local SEO Checklist is both…you could start a completely new business following the 2017 Local SEO Checklist or use it just the way that I have used it which is to make my site much more SEO optimised.

2017 Local SEO Checklist Review

2017 Local SEO Checklist Review


Now also very often Luther provides a webinar to tell you what the product is about, so no guessing to see what the secret “10 second to set up and make 3000$” type of system. Now I have actually put into action already the tips and tricks inside the 2017 Local SEO Checklist and have seen a massive boost in rankings and of course with traffic comes sales and views and shares!!

Now because the 2017 Local SEO Checklist free webinar tells you exactly what you will be able to achieve with the course I don’t want to repeat it all back to you but I will give a quick summary.


You can use the 2017 Local SEO Checklist to create a business as a local SEO consultant by ranking client’s websites very easily by following the check list PDF provided by Luther, now starting a new business can always seem scary, trust me I know (I have been putting off my eCom venture for Months now) …

Now check out below what happened when I used just a few of the methods in 2017 Local SEO Checklist…


2017 Local SEO Checklist Review

2017 Local SEO Checklist Review


The great thing though with Luther’s 2017 Local SEO Checklist is that as well as getting the PDF checklist you also get 7 videos that explain everything from implementing the SEO methods to starting your very own business. Below are the videos that you will get with the 2017 Local SEO Checklist –

Video 1 – SEO Overview

Video 2 – Keyword Research

Video 3 – Onsite SEO Checklist

Video 4 – Offsite and Mobile Checklist

Video 5 – Social Media Content

Video 6 – Backlinks That Work

Video 7 – Selling Services

Now all the videos are recorded in an over the shoulder style so that you can follow along with exactly what is being taught and the 2017 Local SEO Checklist surprised me because I thought that there was not much that I didn’t know about ranking sites so this course is perfect for either beginners or even people who are SEO “Experts”.


My overall 2017 Local SEO Checklist Review is that Luther has done it again with a solid course aimed at people wanting to start an easy new business or for people like me who just want to learn more about ranking their sites and this has helped me a lot to do that!! Also for the cost this is a very full course!



There is 1 main OTO which is called “2017 SEO Checklist Done-For-You”

There is also a chance to get into Luther’s membership site for a very discounted offer!







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