20K Extra Review THE Plan For 2020

20K Extra Review


Ease Of Training




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  • The most in depth training that I have seen for a long time!


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20K Extra Review – A training course that can help all levels of business owners!


Hi Readers, I was going to take a break from reviews but I could not resist doing a 20K Extra Review simply because it is as close to a perfect training course as possible and rang with me of all the things that I should be doing but am not.

Kevin Fahey is the guy behind this huge training which is perfect for beginners or marketers of all levels.

I will go into as much detail as possible in my written review but don’t forget to watch my 20K Extra video below.

20K Extra Review

20K Extra Review


So I am always looking for good training as I think that while software is useful, well some is, for beginners it’s more of a fun purchase.

What do I mean by a fun purchase?

Well getting new software is fun, testing it out. Seeing if it does what it says on the sales page. Maybe making new videos or some cool funnels…or whatever the software does.

My belief is that if you really want to make money online then you should be sitting through good solid training, taking notes, letting the training soak in and then taking action.

20K Extra Review

20K Extra Review


That is a part of what the 20K Extra training is about.

Just because you are successful in your job or even your own business does not mean that you will just jump into a successful business online.

Firstly which model of business do you go with?

There are so many of them, from SEO to blogging to product launching and a 100 others in between.

In the training 20K Extra Kevin opens up his own business which at the moment is making him between 20 to 35k per Month.

Now the reason that Kevin went with the name 20K Extra is that once he started planning and getting into multiple income streams then he started to make that extra 20k.

The members area is packed with training that you can follow along with no matter if you are a beginner or already making 1000’s per Month.

20K Extra Review

20K Extra Review


You will also get a lot of templates and planners to help you keep track and grow one step at a time.

The 20K Extra system starts off with a beginner method that is affiliate marketing and creating your first campaigns but not only that, Kevin talks about the number of sales that you need to make a certain amount that fits you.

He does this by teaching you the difference between low ticket, mid ticket and high ticket offers and how you can promote all of them by finding the best converting offers.

He then pushes forward into product creation which is again low, mid and high ticket offers and how you can easily start to put these first 2 parts together.

Now with only those 2 parts of the training you could easily make an 20K Extra especially by listing the products in the right places, no need for a big launch if you don’t want.

Next Kevin shows on his own planner how he uses membership sites to build up his recurring income and the traffic methods that any beginner or more advanced marketer can use which include both free and paid methods.

Some of those traffic methods include YouTube, Facebook pages and groups.

The 20K Extra business model is one review that I will be keeping a copy of as it has all of my main goals for this year all in one training course.

20K Extra Review

20K Extra Review


To review a product as thorough as this is hard because I know that I have probably missed out of some of the important parts that I have been planning since last year.

Setting yourself up with this complete business model is life changing.

Many of the things that the 20K Extra model talks about I have written down in my “To Do” notebook but have still not gotten round to putting it all into action.

This product just puts it all in one place in easy to follow to the point training.

One of the quick start guides that Kevin recommends and I totally agree with is to start using video and YouTube to get your first affiliate sales and to build your first buyers list.

My final 20K Extra review is that this training that anyone can follow and shows you the real system that a top marketer has in place!

There are a few OTO’s as usual…


OTO 1 is called Commission Five!


OTO is called the IM Checklist Gold Membership!


OTO 3 is called 460 Marketing Checklists with PLR!


OTO 4 is called IM Traffic! (IF I could only afford 1 OTO then I would get this one)





IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 (This is a 15 part over the shoulder affiliate marketing training inside of a closed members area that breaks down the whole system to make it even easier to understand and looks at it from a different angle)


Consistent Sales System (This is a full members area that shows you 25 ways to sell any type of product all year round. Clever stuff from Kevin Fahey himself.)


MY Private YouTube Coaching (I created this 40+ Minute video which shows you how to get an unfair advantage over anyone else who is going to use YouTube as one of the main traffic methods. I made this to show you some of what I teach my private students about YouTube. This includes how to get almost instant channel authority, my own personal SEO methods to kick start your channel with views and backlinks. How to create a new “Aged” channel that will put you so far in front of anyone else it is almost blackhat, its not blackhat but just as powerful)


Warrior Plus Guide (This is 40 total videos on everything that you need to get started on Wplus from uploading your own products to bringing in sales and getting eyes on your offer. Wplus can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing but this is a full roadmap so that you will always know your goals and how to achieve them by following this over the shoulder training)


Click Bar (Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar, with clickable button and countdown timer on any of your posts.)


Facebook Group Traffic (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos that teach you how to kill it in any niche using FB groups. I have my own personal FB group as does Kevin and we both count them as 1 of our biggest assets. This course teaches you everything that you need to know)


Facebook Fanpage Traffic (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF about using Facebook fan pages to drive traffic to your offers, build a following and get started with your first affiliate sales)


Profit From PLR (main course PDF – Cheatsheet – 10 HD videos on how to use PLR to turn them into products that can bring you in recurring income. With a few changes here and there you can make PLR your own and sell it as your own, one of the top ways to start a quick recurring income)


FIVE Top Traffic YouTube Trainings (Rather than listing all of these 1 by one I thought that I would just sum this up as a huge library of ALL of the vital YouTube training that you will ever need. These training includes over 5 PDFs – Mindmaps and cheatsheats with over 50 videos that include SEO, channel optimization, editing in YouTube, building an audience, every trick and tip NOT in my private coaching above)


Google Domination (14 HD Video Training on Everything you will ever need to know about Ranking, SEO and Working With Google + 10 Step by Step PDFs + The Google Masters Blueprint PDF – A real look into Google and how to manipulate them)



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