24 Hour Commission Academy Review

24 Hour Commission Academy Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • I set this method up myself and am now using it myself


  • As someone who has just started using BOTS I decided to record a new Training Today to show you some ideas, methods and tips that I am using PLUS I am giving you your own ready to go product to get people to Optin! Scroll To The Bottom To Read More!

24 Hour Commission Academy Review – This was one product that I almost did not bother to review!


Welcome my Dear Readers, If you are here you are looking for an honest 24 Hour Commission Academy Review that is exactly what I am going to give you.

I will be holding nothing back.

This product is brought to us Aidan Corkery who has released several training products on how he uses BOTS to make good money online.

24 Hour Commission Academy Review

24 Hour Commission Academy Review


Anyway when I saw what 24 Hour Commission Academy was about I was going to skip it as Aidan has released about 6 products about BOTS and it gets boring writing about the same thing.

I told Aidan exactly that and he offered to personally help me set up my own BOT account which he very kindly did and already within 24 hours of using it I have 21 new people on my BOT list.

24 Hour Commission Academy Review

24 Hour Commission Academy Review


Another factor is that his last BOT trainings are now a little out of date due to Facebook changing a lot of the rules between them and Manychat (the platform that you run your BOT from)

This not only showed me that it works but also helped me add another asset to my business.

Besides talking about BOTS in 24 Hour Commission Academy Aidan talks about building up your recurring income and how to that.

His suggestion is to promote his own VIP BOT training course which will bring you in your own recurring income each Month.

While that is a great idea for people who don’t have their own membership site or recurring product one of my biggest projects this year is to create my own membership site so I will be getting as many people as possible into that.

24 Hour Commission Academy Review

24 Hour Commission Academy Review


If you don’t have your own recurring offer then you can get access to promote Aidans recurring product.

I knew that this year I would be building my first membership site but it was not until after watching a training called Seaside Profits by Fergal Downes that gave me the much needed info to put it into action.

So now I am happy that I have a new understanding of having a BOT and have been testing the different tools in Manychat and will now be adding them to a lot more places, some which are not taught in 24 Hour Commission Academy.

As I now have a lot better understanding of the 24 Hour Commission Academy system and can see the power of using BOTS I really do recommend trying this out.

24 Hour Commission Academy Review

24 Hour Commission Academy Review


In my last reviews of Aidans BOT trainings I was just reviewing as someone who saw the power of BOTS but this time I am actually using them.

I have recorded a 30 minute training video just now that shows you a few tips and methods that are not taught in 24 Hour Commission Academy plus below the Bonus which you can only see if you buy through my site I am including a high quality product that you can use as a giveaway.

The same Bonus that I am using for my Manychat optin.

You can find that product under the video of my private training and you have my permission to use it to get people to optin!

Alright I am not going to go on and on here but say that my final 24 Hour Commission Academy review is that this is solid and the most up to date training out there on using the power of free traffic and BOTS to get quick commissions and build your list.

I will list the OTOs below,


OTO 1 is The 24 Hour Commission Academy DFY Bundle!


OTO 2 is Buyer Extractor Case Studies!


OTO 3 is Done For You Buyer Bot!


OTO 4 is 1-on-1 Coaching!






ALL Vendor Bonuses

Easy Pi

Email Marketing Specialist

Broadcast Marketing


Traffic Problem Solved

Snowball Traffic


My Own Personal Bonuses Below!


JUST RECORDED –My Own BOT CASE STUDY (This is a 30 minute training which shows you inside of my own new BOT Many chat account and shows you how I am using it and what I will be using it for next. I also show you some tricks that I have learnt that will stop you from getting into trouble by Facebook…PLUS I am giving away the exact same Bonus that I am using to get people into my BOT list which I show you exactly how to deliver)


Become an BOT expert (10 main PDFs including niche specific OTOs / upsells that teach you all that you need to know about working with BOTS and how to maximize your profits)


SIX HUGE FACEBOOK Trainings (This includes over 45 PDF’s and 50 videos that you can refer back to if you need help about ANY aspect of Facebook marketing. As you grow your Facebook business you may want to know more about FB Lives, Paid ads, groups or traffic from pages. These 6 courses will teach you all you need to know)


FOUR HUGE YouTube Training Courses (This includes 30+ plus PDF’s and 40 videos and covers 4 very different methods on the best ways to drive traffic from YouTube. YouTube and Facebook go VERY well together and these FOUR trainings will teach you everything that you need to know)


Online Viral Marketing (2 main PDFs 12 HD Videos – This is perfect for this product and will show you how to make anything you want go viral, this is perfect for Facebook and YouTube)


The Free Traffic Systems (23 HD Videos which are the main product and the OTO on using the best free 23 traffic methods that are used by many on a daily basis, never be stuck for traffic again)


Get ALL The Bonuses That I Have Selected From My Personal Reference Library Above By Clicking HERE!



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