300k Rookie Consultant Review

300k Rookie Consultant Review

How I Made $300,000 As A Rookie Consultant 2018


300k Rookie Consultant is the latest product by one of the best Offline Internet Marketers around today…Luther Landro. Now 300k Rookie Consultant is as always a very unique and mega profitable system that no one else is doing or has even considered doing…

What Luther specialises in and what 300k Rookie Consultant is about is getting local business’ new leads and clients. Now I have never heard of this new method which involves push notifications that are sent to clients and potential clients of local business’. 300k Rookie Consultant explains how in the past it was very hard for local business to get people to install an app to their phone or computer to receive these notifications.

300k Rookie Consultant Review

300k Rookie Consultant Review


Now Luther has very honestly said in his sales page for 300k Rookie Consultant that this was not his idea originally but rather a friend of his but what Luther did was put down the idea in a very detailed PDF and called it 300k Rookie Consultant (this is how much his friend made in a very short period of time).



I had been looking for a good Offline Marketing product that can be done completely Online and when I got a copy of 300k Rookie Consultant I knew that I had to review this as the earning potential is HUGE. The statistics that Luther is getting at the moment with the 300k Rookie Consultant are amazing…for every 7 emails sent to cold clients, he is getting 1 sale / agreement which is a recurring payment of $997 and the client is happy to pay it.


You may be wandering what the email says in 300k Rookie Consultant that gets such amazing results…well not to worry as it is shown in the packed PDF course of 300k Rookie Consultant. All you have to do is change your name and the name of the target client (this email template could even be used for selling other services as it is that powerful!!

300k Rookie Consultant Review

300k Rookie Consultant Review


The sales page of 300k Rookie Consultant is very detailed and explains exactly what you will be doing to make these recurring $997 a Month payments. I could of course just repeat what Luther has already said but that would be a waste of your time…BUT what I will say is that the 300k Rookie Consultant PDF step by step course leaves absolutely no stone unturned so this is perfect for complete beginners with no knowledge or no idea of where to start to make money online and if you are already working in the Offline niche then you would be crazy to not give this a try…


Another great thing about 300k Rookie Consultant is that you need no money to get started as the software is free and it will just require you to put in some work in the beginning, then you can find more clients and grow and grow your business…

The 300k Rookie Consultant method is one of the most solid and honest marketing method that I have seen in a while and when you see the numbers you will see how this could transform your life!


300k Rookie Consultant OTO 1 is a Done For You Package that will get you super fast results!

300k Rookie Consultant OTO 2 is access to Luther’s Famous membership site where there have been more success stories than almost any other membership / training site around!!






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