5 Figure Machines Review

So 5 Figure Machines has finally been released and it about a topic that I have mixed feelings on and that is about Launching Products, though of course you have to create it first and then create your OTO’s and so much else that I will go over in this review!

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5 Figure Machines is a decent product and if you buy it and follow along then there is no reason that you will not make money eventually. Without a doubt releasing products can be a huge money maker, we are talking 5 or 6 figures per launch. 5 Figure Machines says that on the sales page that any newbie can launch a product and have their own little 5 Figure Machines but remember unless you set up the whole process properly it will be more like the 0 Figure Machines. It really is not as easy as creating a product and launching it, if it was everyone would be doing it.

I have looked at the stats of guys who have launched really great products but because they are not known then their great product costs more to launch than they make! Also I kinda disagree and think it wrong that someone totally new to Internet Marketing (a newbie as the sales page says) can release a product about making money online when they have never made a cent before online. Now with that out the way lets look at 5 Figure Machines.



It is created by 3 guys who are always releasing the next amazing ground breaking product and yes sometimes they are great or at least good. In my opinion you really need to have built up a bit of a name for yourself and have access to some great affiliates to create 5 Figure Machines.

Luckily this 8 Module course 5 Figure Machines does have all the info that you will need to launch a successful product. 5 Figure Machines is actually one of their own potential 5 Figure Machines lol!!

Module 1 is to identify the market trends and if needed put your own spin on popular selling products!

Module 2 is Creating your 5 Figure Machines, so how to launch and sell your product and doing things to hook up with other likeminded JV partners and a lot more. This is a good module!!

Module 3 is about building your following that trusts you and how to properly set up your product on an affiliate gateway and lots more related info!

Module 4 is about checklists before launch, when to delegate, setting up your deadline and staying on the same wavelength as your partner.

Module 5 is called the funnel and 5 Figure Machines goes into very good detail about getting your affiliates and how to increase your sales over other vendors!

Module 6 is about building the Buzz. This is a vital piece of the puzzle and one the most important modules of 5 Figure Machines.

Module 7 The Launch Time, getting everything ready and reminding everyone, then hope that the sales roll in..

Module 8 is called Post Launch Profits and is about how to build your list, resell to the buyers list you created and lots of methods to keep the sales coming in!

There you go….as easy as that, now you will have your 5 Figure Machines ready to go!



My overall review...Launching Products the right way can be the quickest way to make big money without doing a huge amount of work and involves a lot of networking with other more successful JV’s but if you are ready for that and the potential that your product can be an epic failure then 5 Figure Machines is one of the better Product Launching Courses that there is out at the moment!

OTO 1 is a complete case study of a 15K launch along with lots of other interesting things like more niches to explore!

OTO 2 is a Done for you Instant Pack! Templates, sales copy, email swipes, lists of people who can help with aspects of your new business such as outsourcers and a list of JV secrets and how to use PLR for new ideas!

If you decide to go down this path then good luck. 5 Figure Machines and the OTO’s will prepare you as much as possible. Hopefully you will be the one that succeeds and I will be reviewing your product!!!


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