5 Top YouTube Tips to remember to grow your channel

5 Top YouTube Tips to remember to grow your channel – One of them is something you have probably never thought of.

Have you been struggling with trying to grow your YouTube channel? Well if you have, then I wrote this article for you.


So, you’ve taken all the good advice, researched the questions that people are asking and invested the time to create helpful, quality content for your viewers. You’ve made sure the picture and sound on your videos are sharp and clear, you upload videos consistently and engage with everyone that comments on your videos.


In spite of all of that, you are still only getting a few views and even fewer subscribers for all of your hard work. You could be feeling disappointed and frustrated at this point, and wondering whether YouTube is even for you.


Before you give up on YouTube, just know that it is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and is one of the best ways to reach a lot of people all at the same time, whether you are trying to sell something or just providing information to them to help them.


There is no shortage of trainings and tools that show you how you can get the best out of YouTube and make a full-time income from using it correctly. There are even methods for using YouTube as a passive source of income for yourself for years and years to come, with no additional work from you after the initial set up. 


And so, before you throw in the towel and decide to start afresh on a different platform, there are some questions you should first ask yourself to figure out whether you really have tried everything possible for your channel.


The following five things are important to do if you ever want to see your YouTube channel grow:

Make Sure That Your YouTube Channel Is Fully Optimised

A lot of people with YouTube channels don’t bother to optimise them or if they do, they don’t do it properly.


YouTube comes with a lot of features like playlists, the ability to add social icons and direct people to your website (through your website link) and the ability to put in a nice banner and cover photo, create a channel description, channel trailers, end screens, etc.


If Google have gone to all the trouble to create these features, it’s because they want you to use them and so USE them. The more you can please Google (which owns YouTube), the better the chances of your videos being seen and watched.


A well-optimised channel will go a very long way in increasing the number of people that YouTube shows your channel content to. This will naturally increase your channel views and in turn, your channel subscribers.

A Well Optimised YouTube Channel
A Well Optimised YouTube Channel



Use A Sub-Confirmation Link

This is simply a modified version of your YouTube channel link that automatically subscribes people to your channel every time they click on it to go to your channel.


Using a sub-confirmation link in the description of your YouTube videos, as a pinned comment below your videos or when you are redirecting people from any other platform like your Blog, social media account, emails or groups and forums to watch a video on your YouTube channel, will definitely help you grow your channel subscribers.


You can convert your YouTube channel url to a sub-confirmation link by simply adding this code “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of it.


You can go further to make this link more clickable by renaming it in a free tool like bitly, and naming it after something that your video viewers will want, for example “Free Strategies”.

Sub-confirmation link for YouTube Channel
Sub-confirmation link for YouTube Channel


Ask People to Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel…Again and Again

Are you actually ASKING people to subscribe to your channel? At EVERY OPPORTUNITY that you get?

It might seem obvious and you might even be tempted to assume that if someone watches a video of yours and they really like it, then they will automatically think of subscribing to your channel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most YouTube viewers just hop from one video to the next without giving much thought to the channel itself, unless your videos have been recommended to them by YouTube a few times already. And even then, they might still watch the videos and never think to subscribe.

Remember also that YouTube suggests other videos from other creators to your viewers, at the end of most of your videos. And if their videos are set to auto play, then YouTube may automatically take them to content on a completely different channel once your video has finished playing. That person may never visit your channel again after that.

And so, you have to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel at every chance that you get, if you really want to grow your following.

Below are some ways you can ask for a subscribe:

  • By using a subscribe button or subscribe call-to-action as the watermark on your videos
  • By including texts and graphics in your videos that ask people to subscribe to your channel, like your video and leave a comment below
  • By verbally asking them during your video (usually more than once) to like, subscribe and leave a comment on your video
  • Including a sentence in the description below every video asking viewers to subscribe and putting your sub-confirmation link in it.
  • Using a call-to-action as your end screen, asking people to subscribe to and leave a like and a comment below.
Always be asking for the YouTube subscribe
Ask Again And Again For A YouTube Subscribe


Ask People On Your Lists, Groups And Other Platforms To Subscribe To Your YouTube Channel.

You may never have thought of this but subscribers on your email list, followers on your social media accounts and blog as well as other members of groups that you either own or belong to are some of the best sources of subscribes.

They know you and may have already consumed some of your other content over time and so are far more likely to go over and give you a subscribe on your YouTube channel.

You can encourage them to do this by:

  • Posting content from your YouTube channel to those platforms
  • Running give-aways and contests that require people to subscribe to your channel and like your videos for them to qualify
  • Sharing updates about your YouTube channel and talking about how your community is growing
  • Promoting YouTube-only events and videos that won’t be shared anywhere else.
Ask Your Followers On Other Platforms To Subscribe To Your YouTube Channel
Ask Your Followers On Other Platforms To Subscribe To Your YouTube Channel


Build A Community Around Your YouTube Channel

Asking people to subscribe is one way to grow your channel but you also need to give them a good reason to subscribe.

In addition to producing good quality video content that people get a lot of value from, you should be thinking about making your channel a community.


If your channel is a community where people can engage with each other and share their opinions then you will build more than a channel and this will help a lot to grow your following.

If you do this right, then your community members will even share your videos to their friends and family members and help you get even more subscribers more quickly and easily.

Make Your YouTube Channel A Community


Bonus Tips For Growing Your Subscribers On YouTube.


Engage With Content And Audiences On Larger YouTube Channels

Another strategy is to find channels with a lot of subscribers in your niche, subscribe to them and then leave meaningful comments underneath their videos.


If people like your comments, then it can help get the attention of these channels’ own subscribers who will click over to your channel to see what you are about.


If they find your content relevant, then they will often go ahead to subscribe to your channel especially if you follow my advice of asking in multiple different ways for the subscribe.

Engage Meaningfully On Other YouTube Channels


Mention The Focus Keyword Of The Video Topic In The First 10 Seconds Of Your YouTube Video.

You should always make sure that the keyword that you want your video to rank for (which should also be in the title of your video) is mentioned by you within the first 10 seconds of your video.


Just to give you an example, if you were making a video about the best way to grow your Facebook group, then your video would typically start something like this:


“Hi, this is Marc from Gray Money. Today I have a very interesting video for you on something that people are always asking me about, and that is “How do I grow my Facebook group?” And so, let’s look at how we can grow our Facebook group. Well, the first thing that we do to grow our Facebook group is…”


Well, those are my tips on the best ways to grow your YouTube channel fast, and I hope that they have been helpful. I think you should definitely give all of them a try before deciding on whether or not YouTube is for you.

Once you’ve tried them out, let me know in the comments how you got on.


To your success,


Marc and Team.





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