5iphon Reloaded Review

5iphon Reloaded Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • This takes list building to the next level!


  • If you buy this and do nothing with it then will you have no results. So take action and use the bonuses that I am giving away!

5iphon Reloaded Review – Get as many leads as you can handle by getting other people to do the work…Siphon their traffic!


Welcome Readers, Today I am will be doing as detailed a 5iphon Reloaded Review as possible. This new software and training is brought to us by 2 guys who can’t quite agree on the name. Is it 5iphon Reloaded or Siphon Reloaded?

I know that the name is not that important but when you get 2 different answers from the creators it does get confusing.

5iphon Reloaded Review

5iphon Reloaded Review


The 2 Gents behind this are Bryan Winters and Tom E, both big names in the vendor and affiliate space.

For the sake of this review I will be going with 5iphon Reloaded (well mostly).

5iphon Reloaded or Siphon Reloaded is brought to us by the same guys who brought us, in my opinion one of the best software’s of the year.

A software that is still bringing me in sales and leads, IG Money Tree.

5iphon Reloaded Review

5iphon Reloaded Review


This latest software is a little bit more difficult to explain than their first one but lets give it a shot!

Once you buy 5iphon Reloaded you are given a software that allows people to sign up through the pre made optin page to get a free website and software.

Lets say I just bought 5iphon Reloaded. I set it up, which takes a few minutes. I got set up in less than 5 minutes and my new high converting link is Marcs Giveaway Software

Now I start following the traffic training in the members area though you can really share your link anywhere.

5iphon Reloaded Review

5iphon Reloaded Review


People start to sign up to get a free website and software which takes them through an auto funnel which you can promote any affiliate offer that you want though it does make a lot of sense to promote 5iphon Reloaded.

When people start signing up they are offered a free version of 5iphon Reloaded so that they can build a targeted list.

Once they have their own software they have to share it with 5 people before it activates for them and they can start collecting leads / emails.

Those 5 people that signed up through my link to get the software are now on my list plus the people who signed up under them.

This is where the viral magic of 5iphon Reloaded starts…

Now everyone who signs up through my link I get 10% of all future leads that they get and anyone else who started by signing up through the link of the person who signed up through me I continue to get 10% of their leads.

The Second and most profitable part is that when anyone signs up through me or anyone who has signed up through the people who signed up under my 5iphon Reloaded link gets offered a special affiliate offer which becomes my sale.

This may sound complicated or hard work but it is all done in the background and all you have to do is send traffic or share your 5iphon Reloaded link.

5iphon Reloaded Review

5iphon Reloaded Review


I was a bit late to get my own copy but there have been lots of people that have been testing this software for Months.

If you check the sales page of 5iphon Reloaded there are a lot of very happy people who have built up a big list of leads to market to and many have made sales, with 1 guy who made over 11k in a Month.

List building is still one of the most profitable ways to build an easy passive push button income stream though it normally takes a lot of set up and testing but in the case of 5iphon Reloaded or Siphon Reloaded you have everything done for you.

My 5iphon Reloaded Review is that this is an incredibly fast way to get started building a big list while making sales and you have everything self-hosted and ready to go!.


OTO 1 is called 5iphon OVERDRIVE!


OTO 2 is called 5iphon 10X!


OTO 3 is called 5iphon 10K Club!


OTO 4 is called 5iphon Autopilot Traffic Co-Op!




As I said if you have been to my site before you will know that I give away some amazing bonuses that complete the product.

Well this time Bryan has given me the best possible bonuses that will allow you to get the most out of his software 5iphon Reloaded or as his partner Tom likes to call it Siphon Reloaded!

So to access this special bonus page that not many will have access to just click below


Click Here To Check Out My Special Bonus Page




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