5rr Sales Formula Review

OK, If you follow my site and reviews you will know that I keep my reviews as honest as possible and tell it how I see it. If you did read my last review you will know it was about Fiverr and here I am again reviewing 5rr Sales Formula which is another Fiverr product.

Now why am I reviewing 5rr Sales Formula? Well besides just receiving my review copy I think that 5rr Sales Formula is an extremely easy to use system. System maybe even be the wrong word for 5rr Sales Formula as it is more like a DFY(Done for You) campaign.

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5rr Sales Formula has a complete set of over the shoulder videos and also PDF’s for those who prefer reading. Basically without going through the modules of 5rr Sales Formula I can easily say that this is almost as simple as Plug, Play and Profit.

This is created for anyone but even someone who knows nothing about Fiverr or has never even heard of Internet Marketing will be able to create a business with 5rr Sales Formula.

It really is that easy…now I am no Fiverr expert though have bought and spent a lot of money in the last 5 years on Fiverr and I can usually spot a product that will work and that is what I see in 5rr Sales Formula…



5rr Sales Formula is in essence a crash course of Fiverrs most underestimated but easy to implement techniques to get the maximum number of sales and how to increase your conversations by 100 fold. On top of that there are 4 niche related gigs that are ready for you to Plug and Play and start making sales instantly. I think this is the first time I have seen a Fiverr Done for you Complete course! The videos in 5rr Sales Formula are all high quality and detailed but also step by step with convenient PDF’s so that you read at your own pace.

To sum up 5rr Sales Formula, it is a complete Plug ‘n’ Play Fiverr System which I would say is the best Fiverr course that I have reviewed on this site!


There are 2 OTO’s which could have been separate courses by themselves!

OTO 1 is called  “The Top Seller Strategies” This is again all video and PDF and will show you how to in as short a time as 15 minutes increase your sales by as much as 10 times the amount. This will supercharge your 5rr Sales Formula DFY business. There is also a very cool formula on how you don’t have to ever do any of the work by outsourcing the work to someone else and creating a complete Fiverr Passive Income Machine (very cool idea for those with little time but who want to get started)

OTO 2 is a Q and A with a Top Rated Fiverr Seller. This could have been a Fiverr course on its own and you will hear firsthand the Do’s and Don’t’s and what has made this seller become the one who makes more than you could ever dream of all on Fiverr. There is also a special private mastermind group with first hand support so that you get the help that you need to get started making money online!

Both OTO’s are great but if you have to choose think what do you need more…the mastermind group in OTO 2 will be very helpful BUT OTO 1 is a great and full course that compliments 5rr Sales Formula perfectly.

If you are looking for a Done for you Business that you just Plug and Play then 5rr Sales Formula is for you!!!

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