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My name is Marc Gray, I’m 43, Scottish but now live in Croatia with my Croatian Wife Layla (who runs our Online Tour company https://www.zadarguidedtours.com/ and looking after ALL of the rest of us 🙂 )

My 6 Year old Daughter Freya, my 5 year old Daughter Eira and our 2 Dogs Bronson (an American Staffy) and Baine (an American Pocket Bully). You can check out my 2 Doggie kids on Instagram.

I’m able to live here in sunny beautiful Croatia because of my work with Internet Marketing and making money online!

Marc and Layla Gray

Marc and Layla Gray

Marc, Freya and Eira Gray

Marc, Freya and Eira Gray




Bronson and Baine

Bronson and Baine

Another site that I recently started (To use for paid ads but also in the long term to start to rank for evergreen products in MANY niches) is called LifeStyleLabel!

I have been into MMO for over 12 years and have made money online from flipping sites, SEO consultation and SEO work to CPA and solo ads and everything in between.

If you really want to know my life story then you will find things that I have never written or talked about anywhere else by going Here.

In the beginning I failed more than I succeeded but due to that and reading almost every method there is, I now have the ability to read through a product and very quickly know if it will make money or if it will be a useful tool or software!

Already on this site and through answering every email that I get I have built up a LOT of positive feedback from people commenting on my site, help and bonus products!

Check out the super positive feedback I get by clicking HERE!


If you would like to join our ever growing group of marketers who help each other and gives you full time access to me then join our special Secret Facebook Group (When you join inside the group you get access to some premium software and training, just click on the “Files” section)https://www.facebook.com/groups/MarcGraysMasterMind/


Due to my experience of failing and now succeeding it does make sense to take the time to listen to me when it comes to choosing and buying products and that is what I will be doing on this site.

Not only do I review products but also write articles that will help you on your online journey!

You can also check out my YouTube channel by Clicking Here which is mostly my my review channel but does have some good free training and tips on it!

If you want to check out my newest channel that is ONLY free training then check out GrayMoney


I am known as someone who calls other people on their crap (which gurus hate). I help people without expecting anything back (well mostly).

You can check out the products created by me which are totally evergreen and got amazing feedback at a discounted price – https://www.thewolfofonlinemarketing.com/my-products/

I also decided recently that if you want to get my award winning training for free then you can grab it here – https://changeyourlifetoday.gr8.com/

I am always honest and have to say NO at least 2 to 6 times a day to people who send me their products and expect me to give it a good review (even if they are friends from either meeting them or just from talking online)

If you wonder why I only have good product reviews on my site, well it’s simple I say NO to all the crap that I get sent review copies of. I also do point out what I thought was missing or could make the product better by adding in my own bonuses!

Also of course I will be releasing some new products very soon…so watch this space!

Lastly I know that there are a lot of professionals online looking to make a side income or become an Entrepreneur or online business and may not a lot of social media so I recently decided to open up a LinkedIn Group. Come visit me there – https://www.linkedin.com/company/marc-gray-twoom



The Bonus Products that I am giving away are either training that I have created or cost me a lot to buy the rights to and I could have released them as Products to Buy but I have kept them for bonuses ONLY.

If you see a bonus that is on one product but you want another bonus on Another Product DO NOT WORRY OR GO ELSEWHERE, simply email me with proof of purchase and I will send it over. I reply to every email within 24 to 48 hours.


The bonuses that I offer are things that I have paid for and provide real quality! Most of the time they will be in the Affiliate Link you click when buying but if not you can always email me.

Unlike many marketers I have provided my own personal email! So…


Let me Introduce TWOOM (The Wolf Of Online Marketing)


Enjoy and expect lots of cool info and lots of honesty!!!


Marc Gray