Affiliate Accelerator Review

Affiliate Accelerator Review – My first review of a product from this vendor in a long time!




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In this Affiliate Accelerator Review Billy takes us right back to the basics of Internet Marketing with a packed info product that he has promised will be supported after the launch.

Let’s start with a little bit of affiliate marketing gossip, the reason that I have not looked at any of Billy Darrs products in a long time was because of the guy who he used to partner with. I pointed out a couple of things about a software that he was releasing and he blocked me on Facebook.

Affiliate Accelerator Review

Affiliate Accelerator Review


I think that the last review I did for Billy and his old partner was Push Button Traffic which I am giving away as a Bonus when you buy through my site!

Says a lot to me so when Billy asked me to have a look at his latest course without his former partner involved I said yes, also the bit of info that I got about Affiliate Accelerator sounded good.

So lets jump right into this review!

The first thing that I liked about Affiliate Accelerator was that the members area is really packed with 24 detailed videos.

Affiliate Accelerator Review

Affiliate Accelerator Review


They are as close to a blueprint as you can get and are broken down into easy to follow steps.

The training starts off with a solid description about what you will be doing in Affiliate Accelerator, what tools you will need, the different kind of affiliate networks that you can use and what niches you can get into.

I have to say that I enjoyed watching something that talked about other niches besides the Online Marketing niche.

So many people think that is the only niche to make money in, but if you are new it can be the hardest one to start with, though I would always recommend everyone to start a site in the make money online niche so they can document their journey.

Affiliate Accelerator Review

Affiliate Accelerator Review


One of my bonuses will actually be great for the niche selection. I call it the Golden Niche list as it has over 90 sub niches and products to match every niche (more on that later).

The Affiliate Accelerator moves into what is a lead magnet, an affiliate funnel and detailed videos on how to set them all up.

We then move onto traffic which includes Facebook, Solo ads (I am not a big fan of), Influencer traffic (which I do like and know that its works) and finally retargeting.

Another thing that I like about Affiliate Accelerator is at the end of every module which there are 4 of there is a video called action steps and it’s basically a reminder of what you should have done by the time you are ready to move onto the next module.

I think that having something like this really helps people, something that I never did in my own training which were around 9 and 8 hours of training. Stopping to do a recap does really help!

The last module of Affiliate Accelerator goes into great detail about the power of bonuses, finding products (which 1 of my bonuses The Golden Niche List will really help with), an email strategy and again the action steps.

Affiliate Accelerator Review

Affiliate Accelerator Review


So does Affiliate Accelerator have everything that you need to succeed?

I would say yes as long as you follow the system and take action.

What Billy is teaching is what every marketer has and is one of the fastest ways to get started.

So many people bring out training products that tell you some fancy trick that may only last a short period of time but with Affiliate Accelerator Billy has really went to great lengths to break everything down and make it as easy as possible to get started.

My final Affiliate Accelerator Review is one of surprise, this is a solid actionable info product and Billy explains it very well, and to be totally honest I actually learned a couple of new things which I usually never do in the trainings that I review.


Now onto the upsells or OTOs, there are a LOT but you really don’t need any though OTO 2 and 5 would be very useful but not necessary!


OTO 1 is the Affiliate Accelerator software which is a 2 in 1 affiliate software that creates quick bonus pages and PDFs that you can use as lead magnets.


OTO 2 is the Affiliate Accelerator traffic edition which is an app that allows you to post to  13 different social networks (I remember this software and thought that it was rather useful)


OTO 3 is called the Affiliate Accelerator 1k edition. (This shows you how to scale up to 1k using more traffic methods)


OTO 4 is resell rights! (Don’t waste your time, you can apply to promote this and make basically the same as the resell rights)


OTO 5 is the Affiliate Accelerator Done for you Diamond edition. (Get everything set up for you, you do nothing)


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