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OK, so I have had 12 emails today all asking me about Temper Thompson’s new product Affiliate Cash Blueprint and what I thought about it, so I got myself a review copy and have spent the last 2 hours going through Affiliate Cash Blueprint.



So the first thing that I can say about Affiliate Cash Blueprint is that it is a lot more actionable than his last product which was a recording of Temper getting interviewed, don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the interview in Email Cash Blueprint with Temper as he is a very interesting young man (he is only 17 years old). The product I just mentioned was about how he manages to make a full time income with a small list and the core of his new product Affiliate Cash Blueprint is about that same subject and a lot more.

Learn a Lot From This Young IMer…!!

Affiliate Cash Blueprint shows us how having a list of 10,000 subscribers can not be as good as having a list of 1000 subscribers, it’s all about how you treat your list and I have to say that I did learn a lot from Affiliate Cash Blueprint. I have several lists but my newest one which is in the stage of growing just now is about this site and I dont want to have just anybody on that list. I only want people who really want to make money and will follow my help to do so. On that note, if you haven’t already you should sign up to my “newsletter”, you will be getting a step by step system and most importantly you will have my free support.



Since starting this site (8 weeks ago) I have already shown 6 people how to start making money online or at least getting their first sales online. I really believe that this personal touch is what people want and Affiliate Cash Blueprint will teach you that. Since I started building the list for this site I have not had 1 unsubscribe which from previous experience is great! Affiliate Cash Blueprint teaches you how to manage your list and get the most from them without spamming them to death with constant affiliate emails!

Affiliate Cash Blueprint comes as a video course but also has PDF’s and audio, I really liked this because I think that having different options on how to learn from a product you buy should be up to you, some love video, some love to read. I prefer PDF’s unless the videos are over the shoulder videos and without unnecessary fluff and crap.



So Affiliate Cash Blueprint as a product is perfect if you are just starting out with list building, have a small list or even if you have a huge list. If you already have a huge list you will learn how to get better open rates, if you have a small list you will from the beginning learn how to treat your list right. Too many Internet Marketers don’t respect their lists and hammer them with all kinds of affiliate links. Affiliate Cash Blueprint will teach you the best way to build a relationship with them but also how to get the most sales from them time and time again.

Actually Affiliate Cash Blueprint I may buy because I will be using Temper’s techniques with my new ever growing list that I am building through this site. Here are a few things that you will learn from Affiliate Cash Blueprint…a simple 3 stage “email Timeline” that you should always use when promoting to your list. How many emails should you be sending per day. The power words that are the difference between the person opening your email or not and the words and phrases you should never use (this is really great stuff)

proof from1000subs

The Picture above Temper made these sales from a list of ONLY 1000 subs…


Affiliate Cash Blueprint teaches us 1 super strong method to get people to buy through your affiliate link. The best places to find good affiliate products to promote and what to watch out for when promoting affiliate products (I wont review a product unless I have got a copy first to read, many reviews you read the person writing it has not even seen the product). Picking good bonus products (something that I pride myself on).

Also I found the Facebook ads part of Affiliate Cash Blueprint very interesting as I use this method also. Affiliate Cash Blueprint also has a very interesting case study(something I love) about how Temper made over $6000 in 7 days from a list of 800 people, this is really amazing.

Affiliate Cash Blueprint is not really a list building course but Affiliate Cash Blueprint also contains a rather good list building course when you buy the main product. I think that if you don’t get value out of Affiliate Cash Blueprint then maybe you should try something else….

OTO 1 is a ‘Done-For-You’ HighTicket Cash Blueprint. (I love done for you products so I am going to recommend this)

OTO 2 is called “High-Ticket Cash Blueprint” (again great material but not needed to learn from Affiliate Cash Blueprint)

OTO 3 is ‘Done-For-You’ Cash Blueprint (if you can’t afford OTO 1 then I would grab this)


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