Affiliate Jackpot Cash Review

Watch Me Rank An Affiliate Review Video on Page One in 6 Minutes Flat! [Affiliate Jackpot Cash]

So the first thing that I have to say about Affiliate Jackpot Cash is that it works. Today as soon as the new day started I used the method in Affiliate Jackpot Cash to make a quick video that was promoting a certain product where I get $4.02 per commission. I got the first sale then was about to take down the video and ping got another sale. Then before I could take the snapshot a sale came in from my site. Check it out…



Now you are most likely asking why I didn’t keep the video up there from Affiliate Jackpot Cash, well to be honest I didn’t want it messing with my stats. I have lots of traffic (paid and free) and affiliate links I had to take down but I just wanted to test Affiliate Jackpot Cash as it is something that I have never shown in any of my reviews before, and no I wont be doing it all the time because now I had to spend 2 hours setting everything back up again so that I could review Affiliate Jackpot Cash on my site right here.

The creator of the product I don’t know (Michael Harris) but I really like his product and the reason that I wanted to test Affiliate Jackpot Cash was I wasn’t exactly sure if it would work or not and as my last product was on video then I wanted to be sure…now maybe it was just luck to get 1 sale which for me would have proven that it worked but getting that extra sale just as I was taking it down shows me that Affiliate Jackpot Cash works like crazy…

members area


When you first press buy with Affiliate Jackpot Cash you dont get some short PDF but rather as you can see from above you enter a very well put together members area with three main videos. They are filmed in my favourite way which is the over the shoulder style so you can see and follow. The first video Affiliate Jackpot Cash goes into detail about the system, the second video is full of cool tricks that I think make this method special.

Then the Third video we get to watch the Affiliate Jackpot Cash system in the over the shoulder style as Michael shows and proves his methods work by ranking a video in 6 minutes for an affiliate product. This is an exciting video and further proves you can make money with Affiliate Jackpot Cash. I should have recorded my own success but kind of did it spur of the moment. Anyway lovely clean members area with easy to follow videos and NOT an affiliate link inside…


If you dont want to start a long and boring process of building a site, having to update Plugins etc, spending lots of money and time on SEO, paying for FB ads dealing with crazy clients, having to buy loads of Bonus Products, creating optin forms then Affiliate Jackpot Cash is for you…..actually what am I even doing still writing this LOL



Affiliate Jackpot Cash is easy to understand and for once I learned a method about YouTube that I didn’t know about completely. If you buy this and implement it then you will be able to make affiliate sales with Affiliate Jackpot Cash

OTO 1 is called “Tube Review Profits OTO Package” (this will speed up things even more)

OTO 2 is called “Tube Review Profits OTO Guide” (An even more in depth guide on this cool system)


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