Affiliate Takeover Review

Unleash Your Affiliate Marketing Potential! A Comprehensive Affiliate Takeover Review!


Hey there, fellow marketers and welcome to my surprised, excited and genuinely blown away Affiliate Takeover Review!

So before I go on, I want to say that it has been a while (a few years) since I have reviewed Kevin Fahey’s products).

Instead I had been looking among my “Friends” products to find something good to review and tell you about.

Despite a few of those Friends I will be searching even harder to find great products and software to review for this site.

Affiliate Takeover Review with the SP HeadLine
Affiliate Takeover Review with the SP HeadLine


Turns out in this industry you don’t have very many friends, just people who want something from you when it suits them.

So PLEASE remember that.

Turns out Kevin has been a way bigger friend than some of the guys I have known for over 10 years…

Affiliate Takeover is…it’s actually really really Badass!

If my review is late it’s because I am going through this training for the THIRD time and taking more notes.

I have also been closing out our last launch, so if you have not checked that out you might want too.

Seriously I am blown away with some of what I have learned in Affiliate Takeover.

Affiliate Takeover Review Main Members Area
Affiliate Takeover Review Main Members Area


Things that I knew were possible but for some weird, stupid reason had not thought of putting them or doing them together.

If this adds another 3k to my business in 30 days and another 6k in 60 days I will not be surprised…

So I got an email asking me why I did not go into more detail about this training…so I made another more detailed review

Anyway…let’s get to it.

I’m excited to share my experience with you about a game-changing digital marketing product called Affiliate Takeover.

But before we dive into the good stuff, let me tell you a little story about how I stumbled upon this gem.

So, there I was, scrolling through the vast ocean of digital marketing products, when I came across Affiliate Takeover by Kevin Fahey.

Affiliate Takeover Review My Own Testimonial on The SP
Affiliate Takeover Review My Own Testimonial on The SP


At first glance after getting review access, I wasn’t too impressed by the training modules.

But being the “Always willing to Learn” marketer that I am, I decided to give it a shot and wow, am I glad I did!

Affiliate Takeover is not just your average digital marketing course; it’s a complete affiliate marketing system designed to revolutionize your approach to driving traffic, generating leads, and converting them into juicy commissions.

With step-by-step training and a crystal-clear action plan, this product ensures that you can start seeing results immediately.

Now, let’s talk about what sets Affiliate Takeover apart from the rest.


This system is specifically crafted for marketers who are ready to dominate the affiliate marketing scene.

With results of over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions and close to $100,000 in contest prizes, it’s safe to say that this product means serious business.

One of the standout features of Affiliate Takeover is its emphasis on creating hyper-effective affiliate campaigns.

Kevin Fahey understands that driving traffic is just the tip of the iceberg; you need to have people excited about your offers to truly succeed in affiliate marketing.

This system provides you with all the tools and strategies you need to create campaigns that generate commissions like clockwork.

As Kevin rightly puts it, “Affiliate marketing can be tough if you don’t have the right strategies in place. It’s like having a boat without oars; you’re not going anywhere”.

But with Affiliate Takeover, you’ll learn how to piece together the puzzle of affiliate marketing, ensuring that every component works perfectly together to steer your boat in the direction of success.

But here’s the power…

Affiliate Takeover isn’t just about throwing information at you and hoping something sticks.

It’s about providing you with actionable insights and over-the-shoulder training that you can implement right away.

Whether you’re an experienced marketer like myself or just starting out, this product caters to all skill levels, making it accessible to everyone.

Affiliate Takeover Review Some OF The Modules
Affiliate Takeover Review Some OF The Modules


And let me tell you, the four copy-and-paste case studies included in Affiliate Takeover are worth their weight in gold.

These real-life examples give you a behind-the-scenes look at successful affiliate campaigns, allowing you to replicate their success in your own campaigns.

In summary, if you’re serious about taking your affiliate marketing game to the next level, look no further than Affiliate Takeover.

With its comprehensive training modules, actionable strategies, and real-world case studies, this product has everything you need to succeed in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

After going through the training I would happily have paid 10x for what this is being sold for, there is actually 1 video that I would have paid 100x the price for if Kevin had agreed to leave it out of the training never mind the other videos that I got a “Ahhh” moment from.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to unleash your affiliate marketing potential with Affiliate Takeover.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!





LAST LIMITED BONUS (Alrighty so I just recorded another 30 minute video where I show you they type of “Offers” that work. I have just set up my first campaign, adding in $300. I show you my landing page. Which product I chose to promote and why. I show you my follow up series. I talk about certain people who you may think are no longer in this industry but actually are and what they are doing and why. I also tell you 1 of many things that you will learn that will really benefit you from Kevins training. Again I just open up on this industry. If bad language upsets you, you probably should not watch this bonus training.) I Have Decided To Keep This Available on the Bonus Doc For The Last Few Customers as I think It Is Very Eye Opening To People As No One Talks About This and It Can Really Change The Way You Think About This Industry


Just ADDED (12.05.24) New Training by Me(I just created this 30 minute video which I could only think to call *LIMITED TIME BREAKING THE INDUSTRY DOWN WITH THE TRUTH* – I am only keeping up this up for 24 hours, that is even before the launch ends because this is so controversial and eye opening that it will take your breath away and change your thoughts on this industry. These are only things that you would hear in a 1 on 1 call or maybe a very expensive high Ticket. This may even make you dislike me because its the truth that many people do not want you to hear. 4 Hours left, no false Scarcity) This Bonus has been Removed.


My own YouTube Ranking Formula (Very simply this is a private video of how I am able to rank at the top of Google and YouTube using the same method that you can see from my rankings below. This is a 40 minute training from me that I very rarely share and will be removed after the launch, and is exactly what I do to rank like you can see below)


My Secret Landing Page Hack (If you are building an email list and using solo ads, or any type of traffic really having a high converting landing page is crucial or you are just wasting your time or worse, wasting money. Even though I have videos on my channel about how to create a landing with Getresponse I was careful to never show this one. Some people may call this grey hat but the fact is, it works and I regularly get over a 70% optin rate with this simple page, and it really is a simple page)


13 GB of Short Videos (I bought this for myself and use it mostly for creating shorts on motivation though I have also used a few on a new health channel that I have started. Cities, Forests, Mountains Beaches. All very customisable material that you can easily edit with capcut then upload to any and all platforms that you want. Great to have when your not feeling inspired)


7 Figure Mindset (Full training videos on real world business building, $120,000 in 4 days case study, long term wealth and a lot more real world advice.)


Google Analytics and Integrations (A Huge Package with over 20 videos on the front end plus EVERYTHING in the upsell from sales pages to intro video, graphics, lead grabbing page, banners, presell videos, call to action Tweets, teaser page, legal pages, website, email series and a LOT more! This will help with understanding split testing and navigating your traffic so that you know when to stop promoting or keep going. You can also sell this via Warrior Plus or any platform you want as it comes with all sales material)


Profit From PLR (main course PDF – Cheatsheet – 10 HD videos on how to start your own business using free or cheap PLR – Find out how many products that you have bought that started as PLR – Build a high paying passive income from PLR material in any niche – A great method that I am implementing myself as well as other top marketers. Very easy and free to get started with HUGE growth potential)


Super Affiliate Traffic (This is the main FE PDF and 20 Upsell videos explaining a LOT of traffic methods and tactics, setting up an autoresponder, different ways to promote your affiliate offer,what makes a super affiliate a super affiliate, banner ads, creating bonuses, creating a product to sell, more Facebook methods, selling high ticket programs and that’s just a small part…)


Epic Countdown Timer (Put this on any page to make people buy or bid as fast as possible. This counts down the moment that a visitor hits your page)


You Can Check Out The Sales Page and Grab This Badass Potentially Life Changing Training by Clicking Here



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  2. This review of “Unleash Your Affiliate Marketing Potential! A Comprehensive Affiliate Takeover Review!” is a game-changer! The insights and strategies outlined are incredibly valuable for both newbies and seasoned marketers. The emphasis on practical, actionable steps makes it easy to follow and implement. I’ve already started seeing results by applying some of the tips shared. Thanks for this comprehensive guide – it’s a must-read for anyone serious about succeeding in affiliate marketing!

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