Affiliate Victory Review

Affiliate Victory Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • A real method being used by a regular guy who even says he is "No Guru"!
  • I am including my own product to help with choosing Clickbank niches and products PLUS a lot of other bonuses to save you time and money!
  • Was very good to see something that is about making money outside the IM niche!


  • There are a couple of affiliate links in the members area BUT I have found ways to save you a LOT of money...keep reading!

Find out in my Affiliate Victory Review why this detailed training is so refreshing and what makes it different than so many other affiliate courses!


My first impression of Affiliate Victory was actually one of relief. So many affiliate courses focus on the MMO niche but I was very happy to see that after doing my Affiliate Victory review that it is still very much possible to make great money in other niches.

On the sales page of Affiliate Victory you will see lots of screenshots of income proof and unlike so many products today the screenshots are from clickbank.

The thing about Clickbank is that it is has every kind of affiliate offer you can think of (I have actually created a special tool that lists over 90 niches and sub niches and then with 1 click you can find a clickbank product (s) to promote in that niche)

Affiliate Victory Review

Affiliate Victory Review


I will be releasing that course / tool soon but you can get it here if you decide to buy Affiliate Victory through my site.

Anyway due to there being such big competition in the IM or Online Marketing niche it getting harder and harder to make money BUT then you have Affiliate Victory.

Affiliate Victory is so refreshing in so many ways, firstly you will be learning how to promote outside of the IM niche and using Clickbank to make sales. I actually got my first affiliate sales on Clickbank (quite a few years ago now).

The thing is that people who are making money on Clickbank do not usually post their results everywhere (besides sometimes in products like Affiliate Victory), they are happy to just sit back and make a ton of money and laugh at everyone else struggling to make money in the IM niche.

Affiliate Victory Review

Affiliate Victory Review


The actual creator of Affiliate Victory is a guy called Branden Pierce and until last week when I got my review access of Affiliate Victory had never heard of him.

Now before I go on to talk about the actual training in Affiliate Victory I want to say that the first thing that made me want to review this course is I watched the welcome and income proof video.

Now normally I never even bother with the welcome video but because it was combined with the income proof video I had to watch it to make sure Affiliate Victory was legit.

I really liked what Branden had to say, he was very humble about his success and even said some very motivational things that I really liked and hit home with me!

Affiliate Victory Review

Affiliate Victory Review


Alright time to get down to business with my review! So what is Affiliate Victory about?

Firstly Affiliate Victory is an easy to follow members area divided up into 4 main modules that have all together 22 high quality videos in the over the shoulder style so its really easy to follow along.

Affiliate Victory shows you how to use Facebook traffic (starting with a very small budget and getting really cheap clicks). I don’t mind admitting that I use Facebook ads but have never been able to get such cheap clicks.

In one of the videos Branden shows you his results from many of his campaigns and most of them he is getting clicks at 0.13c…

As I said above I have never been able to get such cheap clicks but after writing this review I am going to go through a few of the videos again and set up a Facebook campaign to promote Affiliate Victory!

In so many other Facebook training courses that I have looked at or even reviewed the training always stops at how to set up FB ads but Affiliate Victory takes you and shows you how to scale up.

Affiliate Victory Review

Affiliate Victory Review


When I say scale up I don’t just mean to scale up your ads but also your business. There is a whole section on building a list as well as making sales and the thing about creating lists outside of the IM niche is that much more people open your emails.

Why do so many more people open the mails? Well think how many times a day you get receive multiple emails from people all promoting the same MMO course, a LOT I would think!

So Affiliate Victory really does go all the way from teaching you the basics, to scaling up your ads to building a business that you can actual keep building!

Another thing that I really liked about Affiliate Victory besides how much value you are getting for such a small cost is that they could have split this training into a few parts and sold them as OTO’s or upsells but they really do provide massive value!

Inside of Affiliate Victory there is even a video on DFY Resources. So my dear readers if you are looking to start a business outside of the IM / MMO niche and can afford a small budget to going then this is the perfect training!

I would say that in my overall Affiliate Victory Review that this is the cheapest and most detailed step by step training on Clickbank, Facebook ads, tracking and even list building that I have reviewed or seen in a long time!

I also really love that this is not some theory crap but that Branden is actually the Affiliate Victory methods right now and as far as I can tell has held nothing back in regards to showing us his business and how to replicate his success using Affiliate Victory!

In the members area of Affiliate Victory there are a few affiliate links.

Two are for Autoresponders but you if you are on a budget or just want to save some money then just use Mailchimp to get started as it is completely FREE.

The other is to create a squeeze page to capture your leads called Instabuilder 2.0.

I have included a squeeze page maker and page builder below in my bonuses to help you BUT if you want Instabuilder but cant afford the large expense of $97 I will tell you how to get a completely legit version for only $5.


Upsell 1 of Affiliate Victory are a set of step by step case studies that you can follow along with, they also include some case studies from the beginners who tested out the method. (I really love watching case studies especially when its someone who knows what they are doing)


Upsell 2 of Affiliate Victory is a Complete Done For You Pack. It includes Multiple Done-For-You Campaigns, DFY Niches, DFY offers, DFY squeeze pages, DFY thank you pages, DFY ad copy, DFY images and more…


Upsell 3 of Affiliate Victory is Reseller Rights (Sell this whole course as your own)





30 Day Profit Challenge – (Two hour coaching call from one of Branden’s coaching programs that shows how to get your first sales and scale to $100+ per day in just 30 days.)


Pinterest Ads Crash Course (Stefan has gotten 200% Return on Investment using Pinterest ads- get this Pinterest Ads Crash course as a bonus when you act now (no one is teaching this!)


$33,000 Case Study (This is an exclusive $33,000 case study where Stefan’s business partner easily crossed $33,000 in revenue with a simple e-commerce method that anyone can do.)


Massive Graphics Pack (To create good looking ads or to brighten up any site or video you need “stand out” graphics and that is what is contained here – 100′ of high quality graphics)


The Golden Niche List (My upcoming product that I have updated for this launch that I will be releasing later this year which selects over 90 of the highest converting niches with high converting products on Clickbank. Broken down into 4 main niches with many profitable sub niches, just click and find the perfect niche and a product to go with it)


Facebook Ads Domination 2.0 (10 PDF’s and 10 HD Videos that will start you at the very begining of Fb ads and slowly teach you how to master the new FB platform so that you can get crazy Return on Investement. To get started you can use as little as $5 and see a big ROI. Also covers topics such as “Boosted Posts”, something that I use regularly)


Online Ads Mantra (main course PDF – 24 HD videos that will teach you every type of online ads and how to use them to create massive income streams. Including Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display ads, Linkedin ads and Facebook ads. This is a packed PDF and 24 video ultimate ad over the shoulder training that will make you a master of All Online ad types. Powerful and detailed training – Course unreleased!)


ClickBank 8 Niche Pack (8 highly profitable sub niche packs that can be used to promote Clickbank products and build a business around – Each pack includes Images – A Powerful lead Magnet and a perfect niche squeeze page – Potential to save you a ton of time finding a niche, creating graphics and a lead magnet IE. FREE report to give away – Also the squeeze pages are designed by a top designer and simply have to be uploaded – This is a MASSIVE time saver)


Bing Ads MasterClass (Full course PDF training – 10 HD video training that will walk you through how to use the ever growing Bing Ads platform to get cheap clicks and high converting campaigns – Everything that you should know about making money on Bing but probably don’t)


Clickbank Super Affiliate Hack ( a 10 HD video course on everything that you need to start promoting and making money from one the biggest, oldest and best affiliate network)


Facebook Ads Guru (A 16 video course on how to set up your Facebook ads for super low clicks and conversions, huge amounts of step by step detail that is almost copy paste)


WordPress and List Building Mega Course (24 HD video course on everything you need to know about WordPress and using it to build a huge list, perfect for product creators, list builders and WP beginners)


Facebook Fanpage Ad Secrets Guide (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fanpage is even more targeted than having a list – extremely eye opening training)



Get Affiliate Victory PLUS ALL Of My Unique And Relevant Bonuses Listed Above By Clicking HERE!



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