Alien Affiliate Code Training Review

Alien Affiliate Code Training is a new video product in 10 video modules. The core training of Alien Affiliate Code Training is about building niche sites then using them to build your list so that you can resell to your clients and subscribers. This is one of the most detailed and easy to understand course that I have seen in a long time and in my opinion one of best! Alien Affiliate Code Training really has it all and if you start as soon as you download the course you could be making your first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours.



The modules in Alien Affiliate Code Training, many of them are for beginners but quite a few as we get on further through Alien Affiliate Code Training shows us tricks and tips and that can really make this a successful business. So if you already have a decent online income but are looking for something new to add to your portfolio you really cant go wrong with Alien Affiliate Code Training.

I have created over 200+ niche sites and thought that I knew almost everything about building a niche site then using that site to build your list but even I was very impressed with the details that have went into Alien Affiliate Code Training. Dont know how to create a wordpress blog?? NO PROBLEM as there is a full video module that is over the shoulder so that you can follow along and pause as you need to!

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Here is a brief description of what I got from each video module in Alien Affiliate Code Training.

Module 1 is telling us that even without anything, a list, a website or anything you can still get started with the making money online!

Module 2 is all about picking a cash rich niche (if you buy from my site I have you covered with some bonuses that will make it even easier)

Module 3 is the follow along while you create your first wordpress blog (great detail and a great module)

Module 4 is really about fine tuning your blog so that you can start making money immediately! (I learnt a few tricks here)

Module 5 is all about finding profitable Clickbank products that you can promote( which again my most recent product tells you everything you need to know about that, and I will be throwing it in for free if you buy from my site)

Module 6 is an introduction to CPA offers and how to maximise your traffic to take advantage of the traffic you will be getting! (if you buy from my site I will help you get into the best CPA networks through my contacts there)

Module 7 is about creating follow up emails to capture and maximise sales with! (this is a little more advanced stuff but still explained very easily)

Module 8 is about creating amazing content that will go viral. Remember as every blog owner knows “Content is king”!!

Module 9 is about building your list quickly using the free bait switch, this is an old method but explained very well for 2015!

Module 10 is about creating viral products with resale rights all in with the aim of building that list!



Alien Affiliate Code Training has everything you need without having to buy any OTO’s or extra stuff to help you understand. Alien Affiliate Code Training has EVERYTHING you need to get started with your business.

I most definitely recommend Alien Affiliate Code Training course!

There is one OTO which if you are serious about starting this new business then I would recommend picking it up, it will really help you get started even quicker and as I say if you are serious about getting into this business then why not…its only 1 OTO not the usual 5 or 6…



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