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Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 Review

Review Updated April 2017

Arbitrage Underdog is THE most successful and in my opinion the best software ever created and it was the last software that I bought. Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 is a re release of the main Arbitrage Underdog Software which I have already reviewed on this site.


The thing is, is that everyday new people are getting into and starting out with Internet Marketing and since the creators of the original software released it in 2013 there are most likely a lot of people who are unaware of this amazing software and training that goes with it and that is why Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 has been released.


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There are 2 versions of this software, the basic version that searches Craigslist and Fiverr at the same time so that you can enter a keyword and simply match the jobs together. The jobs that you will find on Craigslist can be up to $300 for a logo or some SEO and then on the other side of the software you can find someone to this job for you for $5 and that is the unique power of Arbitrage and Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen.




Here is my original review of Arbitrage Underdog

Arbitrage Underdog 5.0  is the exact same software that I reviewed above but since that review there have been even more cool and amazing updates. The basic version of Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 uses only Craigslist to connect to jobs together so that you can match them up and take a job for Hundreds of Dollars and then pay only $5 to get the job completed.

The thing that has impressed me the most about Arbitrage Underdog is that almost every time you open it up there have been some great updates and the Helpdesk and support from Tom and Chad is second to none.



As I mentioned there is the basic version but I really encourage you to get the one upgrade to the blacklabel version which still lets you search on the right hand side of the software for the Fiverr jobs but with the blacklabel version of Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 you can now search for leads on Craigslist USA, UK, AUS and Canada plus, Elance, Upwork, Indeed, Indeed (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) Gumtree, Simply hired, Indeed, Kijji, People per Hour, FlexJobs and


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Now there is even a new proxy feature that I have tested and is just another amazing addition to Arbitrage Underdog 5.0.

If you are a beginner or experienced marketer there is no better software than Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 if you want to make quick and easy money with only a few emails. Also there are intensive training videos inside the members area (which is where you download Arbitrage Underdog 5.0 from). These training videos will show you how to go from complete newbie to making a full time income.





Fiverr Arbitrage and Brokering Blueprint (11 HD Videos Intensive Training on the secrets to creating a 6 Figure Business as an Online Freelancer using the secrets of Fiverr – Unreleased Over the Shoulder Training on How to Build a 6 Figure Business Starting with Nothing)


Amazing Banner Creator Software (A simple to use Banner and Header Creator Software with over 70 extra templates and addons – perfect to make and sell or just to use to make your sites look much more professional)


High Paying Clients Secrets (Full Course PDF training – 8 HD videos on how to find and get high paying clients in any niche and keep them coming back for more – Great for offline business but can be used in any niche – Offline and Online – A very powerful course)


Complete SEO Online Business in a Box (217 page setup eBook + multiple SEO checklists + multiple templates + multiple SEO contracts + multiple checklists + every document you need to run a successful SEO business)


Ultimate SEO (PDF main course + 10 HD videos that walk you step by step through everything that you need to know about SEO and ranking sites or videos. Nothing is left out in this full SEO course. SEO is ever changing but there are some things that never do. Read and watch this to become an SEO master)


WP Ebook Maker (a WordPress Plugin that you can use to transform any post or page into a killer eBook – easy to use and versatile software)


60 Seconds Backlink in a Box (detailed PDF course – affiliate programs PDF – backlinks simplified PDF – autoresponders PDF – WP Theme – This will teach you how to get ahead in link building and create a successful business)


Building Your Online Brand (Full PDF training including – Cheat Sheet – Checklist – Lead Magnet and Optin Page – Images pack – This will show you the power of Online Branding and how to choose and promote your own online Brand that people will come to know and respect – A must for any Business Owner)


Sales Video Formula 2.0 (6 HD video intensive course on how and why you should be using sales videos in all niches to sell your products, get affiliate commissions or even get more offline clients – A Very Powerful Course that all the Top Marketers use to Triple your sales)


Linkedin Marketing PRO (9 HD videos about everything you will ever need to know about making money, creating new contacts and getting clients lining up in any niche to start working with you on Linkedin)


Social Media Authority List Building GOLD (10 video training course – resource report – social media swipe kit – top forums and blogs – keywords – images – graphics – This is a full business in a box that teaches you how to build a list using the power of Social Media)


WP Optins Elite 3.0 (One of the most powerful and versatile Squeeze Page Creator that can also be used to create Sales Pages, Thank You Pages and JV Pages. A very easy to use but powerful and versatile Software + Full Training Videos included)


Gridline Super WordPress Theme (Highly Customisable and Comprehensive Theme)


Screw Google Mega Cash System (6 HD Videos + 2 PDF course on how you can stop relying on Google to help you make money – Copy The Exact Same System That Produced 2,000 Visitors, 600+ Leads and $315.00 In One Day Without Any Help From Google)


The Ultimate Free Traffic System (23 HD Videos which are the main product and the OTO on using every traffic method out there – everything is included and with this course and OTO you will never want for free traffic again + there are a few very cheap traffic methods that you will be able to see an instant ROI with)


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  1. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hello and welcome,

    Yes AU is still available, this one is the latest version –

    I know a lot of people who make a lot more than I do by using AU and arbitrage. My advice is too think outside of the box when offering services, logos are quick and easy but have more competition. Try things like SEO, graphic design, social media, website banners et etc.

    Yes all of the bonuses are still available when you buy through my site.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Arafat

    Hi Marc.
    Thanks for the nice review. I have a few questions. Is AU still working? Are you still using it? I am interested in buying through your link. Would I still get the bonuses if I order through your link?

  3. Marc (Post author)

    No problem Walter, that is what I am here for. When I was using AU software fulltime, I was working about 6 hours a day and was making anywhere from $3000 to $10,000, depending on how strict my work hours were, that was my first time making some serious cash online…Arbitrage is a great business model and I wouldn’t be here without it…

    So yes if you have the work ethic and follow the training and if you hit a bump ask Tom E or Chad, the creators they will put you on the right path to success….this software has changed so many lives and dont think there is another product out there that can say that…



  4. Walter Cairns

    Hi Marc,

    Once again I am indebted to you for your rapid and enlightening response.

    You offer sounds very tempting indeed. Just one last question – if all the instructions given are faithfully followed and acted upon, is a monthly income of £4,000 – £5,000 realistically achievable? Thanks and best wishes.

    Walter C

  5. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Walter,

    Here are the prices to upgrade to the Blacklabel…which is completely worth the money, now I don’t say this very often but it is truly worth the money and as you can read in my reviews the guys are still constantly updating the software with new features and the members area with new training…

    Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen $40.04
    Arbitrage Underdog Black Label Edition Evergreen $47.00

    or you can get the same everything by buying through my link here for AU Reloaded – (this is exactly the same product and when you have the Blacklabel you get lifetime free updates)

    Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Black Label Edition 2015 $37.00
    Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded 2015 $29.00

    Hope this helps,


    PS. Also if you buy through my site then you will automatically receive the Bonuses mentioned AND if you email me with proof of purchase I will let you choose any of my new Bonus Products listed on my other reviews….You will not get a better deal anywhere else…

  6. Walter Cairns

    Hi Marc thanks very much for your speedy response re the Arbitrage software. Could you tell me how much the Black Label edition costs?

    Thanks again

    Walter C

  7. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Walter,

    You do make a good point and in regards to Craigslist I am sure there is a lot of competition regarding the things like “Logo Design”, but if you have the Black Label Edition like I do then you have another 10 + places to search for jobs on. But also think of this…Statistics show that after buying a product less than 5% actually try using it, also if you are going after things like Logo Design on Craigslist then it really is a case of being the first guy to make contact and also using the preemptive strike, a method that Tom teaches in the members area. There is a reason that this software has been voted the best IM tool of all time…

    Good Luck,



  8. Walter Cairns

    Hi Marc

    I hope you are well.

    This looks very interesting indeed, but I have a question. If, as the author claims, some 3,000 people are already using this,isn’t that a tad too much competition for comfort, given that many people will be trying to leverage the same kind of job?

    all the best

    Walter C

  9. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Ron,

    Yes when you buy you will be given access to a very cool members area with training videos that show you the best way to make money with the software, and there, there is a link to upgrade,



  10. Marc (Post author)

    Yes my bonus products are the best around and with this product there are real business’ in a box to get you started….

    Here are is the price for the only OTO Arbitrage Underdog Black Label Edition Evergreen $47.00.

    Hope this helps and the bonus products are there ready to download when you buy,

    I hope you buy through my site so you can get these ready to go bonus products,

    If you need any help just get in touch,



  11. Ron

    If I don’t have the money to buy the OTO will I be able to buy it later on?

  12. Ron Mais

    I want to buy AU through your link. I like he list of bonus’. I want to make sure I can affort the upgrade. How much is it for the main software and the upgrade?

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