Aurora 2.0 Review – Are Jono and Brendan Con Men or Geniuses?

Aurora 2.0 Review – Let’s Break Everything Down In This Packed Written and Video Review!


Hi My Readers, I have spent days putting together this full Aurora 2.0 Review and had real mixed feeling about it.

In one way I thought is it really possible to get other big name marketers to promote your high ticket offers through webinars or just a fancy catchy sales page title.

So I spent days going through my copy of Aurora 2.0 Review which is brought to you by the team of Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace who even though bring out a new product every Month I have reviewed a lot of them unlike other vendors who do the same.

Aurora 2.0 Review

Aurora 2.0 Review


Now the sales page of Aurora 2.0 Review says that you can stop trying to promote those cheap Affiliate products that I usually review which you need to sell a lot of to make some serious cash and start promoting high ticket Webinars.

I actually know a lot of people who have started promoting and using these type of Webinars to make big money and it is something that I have been meaning to try.

At the marketing event in Portugal I met and hung around with Brenden and Jono and chatted with Brenden a lot (He paid for Dinner and Drinks).

Both are super nice and friendly guys who know how to make serious money online!

Aurora 2.0 Review

Aurora 2.0 Review – Hanging Out With Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong!


The sales page of Aurora 2.0 Review is very honest with only a little hype but a lot of promises…

I think that going through the training and then testing the software has probably been my longest time EVER spent on a review.

I watched the training videos twice and tested the software out.

The training alone in Aurora has taught me a lot and I will now be using a lot more of their traffic methods including the paid traffic which you can get started with a very small amount or even free if you get a coupon.

Aurora 2.0 Review

Aurora 2.0 Review


I have my own version of the software that I have been setting up though will be using it slightly differently as well as what it is designed to do as it is a great traffic tool that I can use to build my list and get traffic to my reviews.

Now very rarely do I read the sales page of the products that I review but after going through Aurora for the first time I thought I have to see if this is a “Blind” sales page, which it is not!

So the members area of Aurora has 12 training videos which not only show you in great detail how to setup the software but show you how to use Pixels, set up Google ads and how to automate Instagram and Pinterest traffic.

Aurora 2.0 Review

Aurora 2.0 Review


All the videos reminded me that the more traffic the better, and how to set those traffic sources up the same way as Jono and Brenden do.

The Instagram and Pinterest training and the part of the Aurora software that automates everything is genius and I will be setting that part up exactly as they do which is automatically following the followers of the real big names of Online Marketing or your own niche.

That means that everyone that you follow is looking to make money and because of the Instagram or Pinterest platforms you can then use the software to send them a notification about your free Webinar on auto pilot!

Aurora supplies a very high converting Webinar already so you have an instant one to start using. You can then put your own call to action button anywhere on the Webinar video that you want.

The Aurora sales page says that once set up this runs automatically in the background which I can confirm that it does which is why even if you are already working online or have a job you can spend an evening setting up Aurora and let it run in the background.

You could try doing this yourself without the software and training now that I have told you what Aurora does but trust me it would take weeks to just get set up and even then you would have to keep following people and you would give up before making a penny.

Aurora 2.0 Review

Aurora 2.0 Review


So just to summarise my Aurora Review, you get great traffic training and a software that you can use to follow the followers of the “Big” names and send them a notification.

Then you can add in your intro video (optional), then send everyone who looks at your notifications an invite to make X amount of money, then when they click they are taken to the Webinar.

You can start with Jono and Brendan’s Webinar then try out other ones which the training shows you how to find and get access.

Then you use Aurora to add your own buy or click here now button at the at the exact second that the person doing the Webinar starts their sales pitch and you get credited for the sale!

Traffic and high ticket sales on autopilot! Who does not want that. I think that the only people who would not get results with Aurora are the tire kickers.

For action takers this is could be a real game changer and perhaps one of the best software’s and training of the year!


There are a few Upsells / OTOs of course!



OTO 1 of Aurora is the PRO version of the software which gives you unlimited Webinars, unlimited renders, basically unlimited everything!


OTO 2 is the DFY which includes auto webinars!


OTO 3 of Aurora is the Limitless Traffic option which means that you can put your tracking pixel on Jono and Brendan’s sales pages to get unlimited traffic!






UPDATED BONUS (I researched for myself who are some of the BIGGEST marketers to follow. I was not going to show anyone as I am using this method but I have decided that I want you to get the best results so I will be giving away the 30+ names of the biggest marketers around to follow. This will save you hours of research)



Webinar Fortune Simplified (16 HD Video step by step Intensive Video Training on How to use and make Serious Money using the Power of Webinars. This is the perfect and a must have training for anyone wanting to how to keep using Webinars)



Webinar Authority Pro Hack (main course PDF + 10 HD Videos on how to get started and build a webinar series that will make for a great extra traffic source or once you have grown it a full time business that you can use to sell anything and create a huge following – This is more great training on the use of Webinars and the power of them!)



Instagram Traffic Magic (10 HD video course on how to use Instagram, how to drive traffic and get sales from CPA to Affiliate Marketing. Again a very related training for Aurora)



High Ticket Funnel Master (10 HD video course on how to create the perfect traffic sucking funnel – Everyone knows that you need a squeeze page to build your list but what most don’t tell you is that you can create a funnel that will make you money and build your list with all traffic that you send to your squeeze page)



Instagram Stories (main course PDF – Cheatsheet – 10 HD videos – Instagram Stories is the latest product released about using Instagram in a way that no body else is and can bring you in a huge audience. Includes OTOs)



New Age Instagram Marketing (Full PDF training with 12 HD videos that will show you how to grow, use, connect and profit from Instagram. Too many people over look Instagram but that is a mistake and as the fastest growing social media platform this will blow you away with the possibilities!)



Marc’s Mega Pinterest Package (This is my “Now becoming famous” personal Pinterest pack that I created with a VA to put together everything that there is about Pinterest. 5 PDFs and 10 + Videos that you show you everything you need to know about Pinterest. This is a must have)



Pin Niche Boost (9HD videos that are updated for 2019 Pinterest TOS. These walk you through the various niches that people overlook and show you everything that you need to grow and make money from your Pinterest accounts)



Everything you need to become a CHATBOT expert (10 main PDFs including niche specific OTOs / upsells that show you everything from not knowing what a Chatbot is to being able to create them yourself, use them to add extra zeros to your bottom line, start a new income stream or just become a complete chatbot expert.)



Entrepreneurial Focus To Success (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. If you are having trouble focusing or need to find out what the winners have that the losers don’t then this is the course for you. This is basically a full course for people who want to achieve success)






ALL The Bonuses Above Are Available When You Buy Aurora Through My Site! CLICK HERE TODAY!





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