Auto Cash App Review

Auto Cash App Review

So by now you will have heard of the new product / Software called Auto Cash App by Billy Darr. Now the sales page does not really tell you what the Auto Cash App does (besides make you a load of money in 24 hours). So what I will be doing today with this review is telling you what the Auto Cash App does and is so that you can decide if this is something for you!

Now when you purchase the Auto Cash App you will first be taken to a member’s area where you can sign up for the usual Webinar, private mastermind group and buy more products of course but there is also of course the download link for Auto Cash App which you first have to sign up for (which only takes a few minutes) then you are inside the Auto Cash App software.

Auto Cash App Review

Auto Cash App Review


Now the best way for me to describe what this useful little app does is too call it an SEO or Back linking software for videos or your website. When you are inside the Auto Cash App there are 4 training videos that tell you the steps you need to take to get the Auto Cash App set up…well actually only 1 of the over the shoulder videos is about setting up and using the Auto Cash App because it really is that easy…



The other 3 videos are ways that you can use the Auto Cash App to start making money ASAP. The 3 videos that show you how to start making money with Auto Cash App are super easy to follow and a tried and tested way to make money (I know this because I use a similar method and I will now be using the Auto Cash App to boost my rankings and make more money).

Auto Cash App Review

Auto Cash App Review


So imagine that you are a video marketer or have a site and want to easily create solid Google friendly backlinks to your video or website then the Auto Cash App will give you a huge advantage over your completion by allowing you the ability to create quick and solid social media backlinks to either your video or website!!

Now as well as getting the Auto Cash App software you will also get a $250K Freedom Class which is a full 11 HD video course on how to get to $10K in 30 days and keep going until you are at $250K in sales…this a great extra bonus that is included in the member’s area that I just found and have went through…this together with the Auto Cash App really is a great bang for your buck!!!


When I first read the sales page of Auto Cash App I had no idea what this product would do or how it would help you make $100 a day…basically Blind Sales copy which I am not a fan of but after testing and checking Auto Cash App I know that it will be a very valuable tool for anyone who wants immediate and better rankings for their videos or websites!



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