Avalanche Traffic Review

Avalanche Traffic Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • All based around real achievable results!


  • The only CON is not checking the DFY videos I had created for our method!

Avalanche Traffic Review – I never normally review any products that I am involved in!


Hello Readers and welcome to my Avalanche Traffic Review. This is the first time that I have ever created a review of a product that I am involved with.

The idea of Avalanche Traffic was first brought to my attention by Bobby Dolcee who I have known for about 3 years now.

I met Bobby after he bought one of my first ever products called Traffic Victory.

Avalanche Traffic Review

Avalanche Traffic Review


Bobby took massive action on that training and went on to launch his own products, start an authority review site and more recently has exploded his YouTube channel.

Avalanche Traffic is about YouTube but it is different…

While working together on this product with Bobby I have watched his views and subscribers grow daily.

We have actually had to re record his introduction case study video a few times as the amount of traffic, sales and subscribers go up so much every day.

Avalanche Traffic Review

Avalanche Traffic Review


Personally I learnt a lot about how Bobby has been able to manage to do this and have just started to implement what he does as using the Avalanche Traffic method he has really created an evergreen recurring traffic sales system.

I consider myself a YouTuber but have learnt a lot from Bobby’s training and if he can achieve these results while working from 6am until 7pm then as a full time marketer I will be able to do the same.


As we use YouTube in different ways I have added in my own training videos that cover what Bobby does not do but what I do to get the results that I get.

That means that you are getting the knowledge of 2 online marketers.

Both myself and Bobby use YouTube to make affiliate sales, build our lists and grow our following and the dream is to get an Avalanche of evergreen targeted traffic, which I can now say is possible if you get this training.

Avalanche Traffic Review

Avalanche Traffic Review


Already quite a few top affiliates who would not normally promote an information product such as Avalanche Traffic have decided to jump on and let their customers know about it as they were so impressed.

As well as the in depth step by step training we have actually added into the main product some Done For You videos that you can change slightly or just reupload and use as your own.

They are review videos and in them we talk about bonuses that we are giving away if you bought the product mentioned so we have also added the bonus link for you to deliver.

Now one of the things that many people hate about YouTube and which we thought hard about when creating Avalanche Traffic is that a lot of people don’t like to show their face.

So to cover that aspect we have added into the main product a special pack that allows you to create your own whiteboard explainer videos.

So no face and voice needed if you are uncomfortable about being on camera in anyway.

Before I talk about bonuses that I am giving away (which I have just had made for me) I will say that getting Avalanche Traffic will show you so many options on how to use YouTube and how you really need minimum time and effort.

Avalanche Traffic Review

Avalanche Traffic Review


Also the extra Done for you videos and the whiteboard explainer product were originally going to be sold as OTOs or Upsells but we added them into the main product and came up with even more for the OTOs that we have.

Being part of Avalanche Traffic has really made me rethink my business.

Being a blogger can be extremely profitable but unless you are outsourcing your content then it can be very tiring typing 1000’s of words every day.

I have been looking for a new recurring income stream and now after seeing what Bobby has done in Avalanche Traffic I am going to switch over to creating more videos.

This makes Avalanche Traffic a truly perfect product for anyone whether a beginner, complete newbie or even a more advanced marketer.

It is also perfect for any niche as you will see by looking at my bonuses below.

It would be a bit silly to review my own video training but I can say that the Avalanche Traffic review for Bobby’s training is a must have, my part just gives you the tips and secrets that I rarely share.

I included a few case studies of how I was able to use evergreen videos to promote affiliate products, something that I would not have done if Bobby had not let me in on what he was doing.


We decided to only have 4 OTOs with no downsells.


OTO 1 of Avalanche Traffic is a complete Done For You package of graphics, backgrounds, another 15 DFY videos, keyword and product finder and a highly researched list of recurring affiliate programs.


OTO 2 is Advanced training which is mostly created by me and in 1 of the videos I explain how you can almost guarantee your success. When Bobby watched that video he was amazed as its something I just don’t share.


OTO 3 of Avalanche Traffic is a Done for you social media sharing system that I never knew about but have now started using it in my own business. Plus DFY Thumbnails.


OTO 4 is licence rights to sell Avalanche Traffic as your own and keep 100% of the profits.




100 Quote Viral Videos (100 short videos that can be used in ANY niche that show a famous quote with a beautiful background and font. Each one completely unique and ready to upload to your YouTube channel. Using these and uploading a few a day and you have your channel packed)


8 Viral Cooking Recipe Videos (That’s right, 8 perfect videos on some of the most searched for recipes. Each video is around 2 to 3 minutes that shows a delicious meal being made with text for the ingredients different soothing background music. VERY easy to make go viral, everyone loves cooking and these videos are beautifully created)


ALL OF MY VENDOR BONUSES (These are not the usual outdated bonuses that vendors offer. They are products and software that I have used in my best converting affiliate campaigns. 13 in total!)


Video Jack(This is a software that a friend gave me to use once before and which I have now started to use. Check it out here http://vidiojack.com/Live/. Perfect for our  product) – No Longer Available!


My Own Best Selling Training “Traffic Victory” Plus ALL OTO’s ( https://trafficvictory.com/ This is advanced training on how to build a website that ranks in Google. I show you inside of my own marketing site with multiple case studies. The main product is hours of intensive training PLUS I am giving away ALL of the OTO’s or Upsells. Which include advanced training on YouTube and Facebook as well as more case studies. Then the Done for you OTO. This is the product that Bobby got started with and is still totally evergreen THOUGH it will be removed after our launch)


Get Everything Above When You Invest In Our Latest Traffic Pulling Training. Just Click Here!




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