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Azon Follow Me! – Watch Over My Shoulder And See How To Set Up An Amazon Affiliate Site FAST…

Last night my time I asked the creator of Azon Follow Me, Chris Jones for a review copy and have spent the this morning going over the Azon Follow Me video course. Chris has been involved for over 12 years in Internet Marketing and he has a fleet of Amazon sites all bringing him a nice passive income.



This is the first time that I have reviewed an Amazon course so I was and am still quite excited to have went over the Azon Follow Me course by Chris. The first thing that I will say is that Chris is very easy to listen to and all of the videos in the Azon Follow Me course are completely over the shoulder with no boring white screens or boring slideshows. The videos are of course very high quality.

Now within the Azon Follow Me course there are 9 videos covering everything you will need to know to start an Online Business. One of the videos, the last one is a Bonus method that shows you how to go about making money from Amazon without building any sites.

Members area


I will give a quick overview of the Azon Follow Me videos here..

Video 1 is an introduction video explaining what to expect from the course. I know from reading the sales page that Chris has brought out previous courses on the same subject but as I understand and have seen this is the most uptodate version!

Video 2 is about choosing the niche and why? The niche is very important, my last product which is still a WSO is called the Golden Niche List (it is more about Clickbank products but I will be giving you this as a bonus anyway)

Video 3 is all about Keyword research and I was very impressed the way that Chris taught this as Keyword research is crucial to your success!

Video 4 of Azon Follow Me is called “The Set Up” and even though I have built 100’s of sites myself I watched this anyway and was reminded about one trick regarding the setup of the permalinks. Maybe for Amazon sites it is a little different but on my site I use a lot more Plugins (I’m happy to share which I use but Chris knows what he is doing so I would trust him on that)

Video 5 is about writing content product reviews. I didn’t think I would learn anything here but I did like the way he structured his content!

Video 6 is called Content:Keyword Posts and this is another video that is very important and I have seen being missed out on many other courses.

Video 7 is about SEO/CTR (Search Engine Optimisation and Click Through Rate). The SEO that Chris uses is subtle and free. This site I have used a lot of social media SEO, which if you buy this course from my site I am happy to explain.

Video 8 is called “The Masterplan”…I will say no more!!

Video 9 is a bonus video that as said previously shows you how to profit without building a site.

Sales Page



There are only 2 paid links inside the members area and they are for a WordPress theme and Plugin but the great thing about the Azon Follow Me course is that Chris shows us which themes we can use that are free. As you know I recently reviewed a list building course that had so many Affiliate Links in it that you couldn’t complete the course without buying from them! I said paid links as I am not sure if they are affiliate links or just links!

I think that a good members area should be free of constant upsells and you should feel free when inside your paid for members area! Azon Follow Me gives you that nice feeling of being a part of something personal between you and Chris, Teacher and Student!



There is one OTO called the “Azon Follow Me MASTERPLAN”. When you buy the product that will be explained to you…

Also within Azon Follow Me Chris is offering a once in a lifetime chance for him to build you your own sites. You do nothing and he creates your Amazon money making sites!

This is called Azon Follow Me probably because you follow along with Chris while he builds a profitable niche site so you get to see everything that he does, in which order and the eventual outcome! This is my first Amazon site building Review and I am Glad to say that is very very good.

If you want to start profiting with Amazon and have no technical experience then you must grab this Azon Follow Me! I hope Chris lets me keep the review copy lol. Maybe I may throw up a few Amazon sites. I’ve built 100’s of niche sites but all for digital products so I like the idea of just getting people to Amazon and then letting Amazon do the selling for you!

One last point before I offer you some crazy bonus products. Many vendors or product creators release their product and then disappear when you want to ask questions or need help. Chris IS NOT one of those people. Inside the Azon Follow Me members area he gives you his own personal email!


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