Azon Niche Dominator Review

Azon Niche Dominator is a 77 page PDF that walks you through step by step how to leverage money from the 100 Billion a year Amazon affiliate program. Making money with Amazon is easy as the traffic is already there so let’s get started…



As I said before Amazon is huge and growing everyday and they pay out Billions every year to their affiliates, actually the Amazon affiliate program is the biggest affiliate program that there has ever been. Way bigger than Clickbank or any CPA company. If you want to sell huge amounts of products that already almost sell themselves then having a few Amazon affiliate sites is the way to go.

Inside Azon Niche Dominator you will get all the stats of just how big it is and how much the top affiliates are making (think 6 or 7 Figures per Month). I have a friend who keeps telling me to get into Amazon sites.

He himself has been making at least 1 Amazon site per week since I met him, so about 2012. He now has a portfolio of over 400 niche sites all bringing him insane cash every Month. He even has 2 VA’s to help him manage the sites so his money is becoming more and more passive.

Now don’t get me wrong the methods to make money from a niche site has changed a lot over the years but if you are clever you can just adapt right back and that is what Azon Niche Dominator is. It is the most up to date Amazon affiliate site creation method currently out there.



Azon Niche Dominator will walk you through step by step on what content and how to write it so that Google shows your site a lot of love, there are the steps that beginners need such as the best way to sign up to the Amazon affiliate program, how to pick the right products and best and most profitable niches.

In Azon Niche Dominator you will also learn how to create and set up your sites in a step by step fashion so that any beginner can follow along. One of the big things that Azon Niche Dominator concentrates on is writing reviews and this is so important as it will show you how to keep Google happy so that they rank your sites and the traffic flows.

Azon Niche Dominator is a very step by step method that will give you the tools to get your sites up and making serious cash ASAP!

OTO 1 are Over the Shoulder Videos so that you can follow along over someone’s shoulder so that see every step being taken, this will help you a lot if you are new to building niche sites.

OTO 2 are eCommerce Themes Bundle & Complete Outsourcing Software and Training (looks very good to get to that next level)

OTO 3 is the “Drop Shipping University”

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