Bang Bang Profits Review

Bang Bang Profits Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • This is a lot of value and can really be used to skip forward to success!


  • The main product is very solid though I would like to have seen more traffic methods SO I added in some of my own personal favorite Traffic methods as Bonuses (Scroll to the bottom to see)

In my Bang Bang Profits Review We Will Be Looking To See If This Is As Powerful As People Have Been telling me!


Hello and Welcome my friends and readers to my Bang Bang Profits Review! This is the first time that I have reviewed a Brendan Mace (and now Jono Armstrong) product in a long time.

I think that the last one was called 10x Commissions which is almost 2 years old but still sells well!

Bang Bang Profits Review

Bang Bang Profits Review


So lets crack on and see if what these guys are giving away is really worth it or not!

As always I am going to be completely honest and tell you that when I opened my review copy of Bang Bang Profits I clicked around and thought that I was missing something.

So I sent Brendan a private message on Facebook and wrote exactly this “Was just looking at the review access to set up my review, is that the finished course? Or am I missing something?”

Bang Bang Profits Review

Bang Bang Profits Review


He then replied to me and explained what everyone who gets Bang Bang Profits will actually get, I was very pleasantly surprised as what is being given away in Bang Bang Profits is actually massive value!

I will explain more but in a nutshell Bang Bang Profits is a massive Done For You system. The main product is 13 Dollars and for that you get 13 full done for you highly customized ready to go templates that you just need to add your affiliate link.

Bang Bang Profits Review

Bang Bang Profits Review


In my Bang Bang Profits video review I will show you what one will look like!

The templates are actually from Jono’s highest converting campaigns. If you look under Jono’s review videos you will see a link that takes you to a version of the sales page.

Now the big difference and what you are getting in Bang Bang Profits is that Jono (and Brendan) pull the sales page into a template and add bonuses that are custom made and also have a full video review.

So this is what you get on the front end (the main training) of Bang Bang Profits. Before I go onto talk about the Bang Bang Profits training, remember that you are getting 13 of these exact templates, so basically 1 for a Dollar!

You may be thinking but I could just design these myself, I don’t need Bang Bang Profits!

Well take it from me, creating those kind of templates take hours to get just right.

Bang Bang Profits Review

Bang Bang Profits Review


You have to choose a colour that goes with the sales page and makes people comfortable, create bonuses for them, record a highly professional video, add in a timer that forces people to buy, graphics that bring eyes to the right place at the right time and every trick that Jono does to make massive amounts of sales.

My final Bang Bang Profits review is that this is definitely worth the money and what you are getting is hours of testing and tweaking and just general hard work. You are getting it all for a tiny cost!

In the Bang Bang Profits members area you can also get unlimited traffic which is siphoned off The guys sales pages which in itself is huge…

The only other thing that I thought was missing was more traffic methods so all my bonuses are going to be ways to drive traffic to your Done For You pages!

There are of course Upsells which I will list below…If I was going to invest in any OTO’s I would get OTO1 or / and OTO 2!


OTO 1 of Bang Bang Profits is Pure traffic training!


OTO 2 of Bang Bang Profits are Life Time Campaigns with NO Monthly costs!


OTO 3 of Bang Bang Profits is everything set up and ready to go!


OTO 4 of Bang Bang Profits is Licence Rights! (You get 100% on the entire funnel, only get this if you plan to promote this product)








Multiple Authority Traffic Methods (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This shows a selection of different ways to drive traffic to wherever you want it. I have personally used 1 of these methods)


Traffic Marketing SIX (6 Detailed videos Including the topics of – Email Traffic, Facebook Traffic, Forum Traffic, Google Traffic, Pinterest Traffic, YouTube Traffic that you can use to drive traffic to anywhere that you want)


New Age Instagram Marketing (Full PDF training with 12HD videos that will show you how to grow, use, connect and profit on Instagram. Instagram is always over looked but it is the fastest growing social media platform and is perfect for set and forget traffic)


New Age Twitter Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Twitter is always changing and to keep up with it and keep driving traffic this is a must have. Learn how to automate as much as 90% of this traffic source)


Bing Ads Done Right (Full course PDF training – 10 HD video training on how to set up your campaigns and to get the cheapest clicks possible and how to scale and scale until you can manage multiple campaigns at a time)


SIX Packed Facebook Trainings Including ALL OTOs (This collection of courses includes getting traffic from FB ads, FB fanpages, FB groups and other free and paid methods. Every Facebook marketing type is covered in these 5 packed courses)


23 FREE Traffic Marketing Methods (23 videos that cover all the free traffic methods that you will ever need. Some are set and forget and some are methods that you can drive traffic with every time you implement)


Traffic Mix (12 HD videos on 6 free and 6 paid traffic methods. This is the perfect combination of 6 free traffic methods and 6 paid traffic methods. The more traffic methods that you have the more traffic and sales that you can drive to your campaigns)


Viral Traffic Software (Powerful WP Plugin that allows you to create and manage viral campaigns. The 4 training videos help you set up this amazing software to create powerful traffic pulling campaigns)


Online Ads Mantra (main course PDF – 24 HD videos. This covers every type of paid ads that you can use. Many are set and forget and they show you every type of paid ads that are around at the moment. Includes PPC, media buys, forum and banner ads and everything in between. Never be stuck for traffic again)




Get ALL Of These BONUS Traffic Products Above To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Campaigns – CLICK HERE





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