Be a 5 Percent-er Review

Be a 5 Percent-er is a very interesting product in the sense that it was originally written as a blog post telling how the guru’s make money and how they are all ripping us off. While Be a 5 Percent-er was a very interesting read and did actually contain a lot of inside knowledge, Be a 5 Percent-er is basically telling you that you shouldn’t waste your time buying another product ever again from the “Gurus”.



Be a 5 Percent-er begins by being written in a slightly angry maybe even bitter way telling us all that we have been doing things wrong but it does actually give you a solid path to follow that will work and create a full time business for you if you follow the steps given.

Be a 5 Percent-er besides the beginning part which will tell you some of the secrets of why the 1% of Internet Marketers make most of the money and what they tell us and what they miss out. How we should break free of the IM shiney object syndrome and we are also told of 7 reasons why most people fail online. I am not going to agree with all them but I did see many reasons that Internet Marketers suffer from such as having a solid plan and sticking to it. So many people get side tracked and end up jumping around from method to method, this is of course not productive but at the same time I did this for a few years and learnt a lot and made money with many methods.

Anyway the interesting things that you will find in this 100 page plus PDF that are very true and if you follow them you will succeed such as How to focus on one thing that can make you any easy 6 figures a year, why traffic is easy if set up correctly, Be a 5 Percent-er also will show the psychology behind creating a buyer frenzie, you will learn about funnels and what makes one super profitable.

In essence the Be a 5 Percent-er report is telling it how it is through the eyes off one guy, many of the things he says are very true and even now I am still learning these things everyday (or at least relearning them).

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Be a 5 Percent-er is a product that will teach you to open your eyes and find the path that you should be on. I don’t think this is the best product I have ever read but I do think that every Internet Marketer who really cares about their business should go ahead and read Be a 5 Percent-er, it will give you a clear path to start to aim for and teach you how you can earn and learn at the same time while also showing you how to avoid the shit that is every where.


If you want to know how and why the Gurus make so much while so many struggle and have the ability to reverse engineer what they do along with taking the steps that are laid out very clearly then give Be a 5 Percent-er a read and think about what has been written!

There are no OTO’s or Upsells or downsells. Just the main 100 page+ PDF Be a 5 Percent-er.

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