Best Free Screen Capture Software

Best Free Screen Capture Software

So almost every time I promote a product about YouTube or Video marketing I get a ton of emails asking which is the Best Free Screen Capture Software and which one do I use?

Now a lot of people will tell you that screencast-o-matic is the best but here are the problems that I found when looking for the Best Free Screen Capture Software!

Firstly screencast-o-matic only lets you record for a maximum of 10 minutes before asking you to upgrade and also it has a watermark on all the videos unless you upgrade. It does get annoying when you keep getting asked to update which is Online speak for pay some money!

Grab a FREE Trial of screencast-o-matic by Clicking Here! (Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the Free Download Link)

Now this is why my first pick for the Best Free Screen Capture Software is Camstudio! Now at the moment I am using Camtasia which I have recently invested in and for me it is worth the money but it is quite pricey and most of the videos that I have made to date have been made with Camstudio!

If you would like to try out Camtasia for 30 days you can click here and get the free trial but after that you will have to pay the full amount or if you keep using it then you will have a huge watermark in the middle of your videos!

My recommendation to use Camstudio is because as well as being my pick for the Best Free Screen Capture Software it will get you used to doing screen recording videos and once you have mastered that then the YouTube and Video World are your Oyster!

So let’s talk about Camstudio! Now the first thing that I will say is make sure to download it from the original site which is Not Download it from anywhere else as who knows what else you will be downloading with it!

Best Free Screen Capture Software

Best Free Screen Capture Software


Now Camstudio is a completely Free Screen Capture Software…meaning no trials or waiting for the next time you get asked to go PRO or upgrade! I think that some people get a little put off by Camstudio because the video on how to use it is almost an hour long.

Needless to say that when I decided to give it a go I just played around with it until I worked out the basic settings of what I needed from my pick of the Best Free Screen Capture Software’s out there! In the video that is on this page I will show you the main settings that you need to get started in recording your screen for as long as you want and talking while you record your screen!

So if you have been putting off building your YouTube business now you have no excuse not to try! Now in the beginning you may be worried that you have said the wrong thing or if you are not a native speaker that you have said something that you shouldn’t!



Now don’t get all worried, everyone makes mistakes but what you can do to help you is to have notes in front of you or create a quick PowerPoint and put up bullet points that you want to concentrate on!

Also remember that you can watch your screen capture video back again and if you have really messed it up then just do it again…and if like all us you don’t like your voice then sorry but get over it. Trust me when I say that none likes the sound of their voice…me included!

So until you have the money to invest in Camtasia then my Best Free Screen Capture Software and one that I have been using for almost 2 years has to be Camstudio!

Download and Install Camstudio for Ever FREE Here!


Try Camtasia for 30 Days Free Here!



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