Best Year Yet Review

Best Year Yet Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Everything is included to start this type of business!
  • I know this works as I used to run my own Local Marketing Business!


  • The only CON is missing out on the bonuses that I got from the creators that could have been OTOs or Upsells!

Find out in my Best Year Yet Review if this really could be your Best Year Yet?


Hello Readers, If you have landed on my Best Year Yet Review you are looking for more info on this product or just want to get some extra useful bonuses.

Well I am very sure that I have both right here for you.

The Best Year Yet program covers getting clients that you can sell services to.

Best Year Yet Review

Best Year Yet Review


What kind of services you may be thinking?

The answer is almost any service that brings in a local business more clients or customers.

Brick and mortar businesses are closing down all over the World every day due to many reasons but the main one is lack of customers walking through the front door to spend money.

Best Year Yet Review

Best Year Yet Review


If you have read some of my other reviews I may have mentioned that I was once in the local marketing niche.

Another product from the same team called Client Boom which I reviewed was also about local marketing and using Facebook to get clients.

I was very surprised at how good that product was but I actually like Best Year Yet better.

Now just because people call it the local marketing niche does not mean that you will be selling to your local Pub or Baker, though you could if you wanted to.

Local marketing can be done from anywhere in the World to anywhere in the World.

Best Year Yet Review

Best Year Yet Review


I ran my business from Croatia but all my clients were from the USA.

The Best Year Yet system uses a combination of client getting methods (some of their students have been getting results in less than 24 hours).

I used to run my local business using arbitrage, which means that I would sell people services but hire someone else to do the actual work.

Anyway when I was starting my own Best Year Yet type business, at first I would find and send a 100 emails a day and perhaps get a few replies, it was a lot of work so I got my now Wife to help and we did start to grow.

The real turning point was when I started playing around with the emails that we were sending out which is very similar to what the Best Year Yet program is about.

What did I do that was so special?

Well rather than asking people if they needed SEO services or whatever service we were trying to sell I started finding their website online and running it through a free website that would create a PDF with every point about their site marked down.

Best Year Yet Review

Best Year Yet Review


So all the things that were good with their website were marked as green and all the things that were hurting their website were marked as red.

So instead of sending an email to cold leads I was now sending them a professional PDF with errors that they could see and of course knew needed to be fixed.

While that is not the exact same system that the Best Year Yet program does it is very similar, provide quality and help and then your potential client will be the one to contact you.

The Best Year Yet members area has over 43 modules that include detailed training, lots of templates and how to use them correctly, PDFs so that you can read through instead of watching the videos and PDFs that include all kinds of copy and paste info.

The Best Year Yet really is a beginners dream for starting a new business or for someone who is already in the local niche and needs more customers.

As well as cold emailing there are banners and templates for using on Facebook and LinkedIn and really any platform that you want, though I would follow what the guys are teaching as it is very step by step.

My final Best Year Yet review is that this packed training course plus all the PDFs and templates with done for you material is that the only way it will not work is to not put it into action.

Plus because I am good friends with 1 of the people behind the launch, Ivana Bosnjak, I got her to give me some seriously badass bonuses that are actually like OTOs or upsells which you can check out below.

First though here are the real OTOs or upsells.


OTO 1 is The best year yet Outsourcers Bible!


OTO 2 is a DFY prospecting Pack!


OTO 3 is the BIZ Boom software for getting leads on LinkedIn plus another 500 leads every Month.




So usually here I would list in detail all of the bonuses that I would be giving away to make the product better or to fill in the parts of the product that I felt could be better.

Now because I am don’t review a lot of Local or offline type businesses I only had a few that would really help you.

So I contacted Ivana Bosnjak and team and told them that I needed really good bonuses.

I knew that I would get something but when I saw all of the bonuses that they gave me I was rather amazed.

Some of the bonuses that I got could have been sold as OTOs or Upsells, they are not some PLR or scraped together rubbish.

These bonuses are made for this product which is already super packed as it is!

So Click the link below and have a look yourself, you really won’t regret it!

There is a bit of info at the top but just keep scrolling until you hit the bonuses, there are 13 in total!


CLICK HERE To Check Out These Perfect Bonuses!



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