BLAZE Review

BLAZE Review


Ease Of Training


Quality Of Training


Value For Money



  • This is a method that I make mid to high 5 Figures a year with!
  • The training really is beginner friendly!


  • As I use this method I knew exactly how to make it even I added in my own training created by me which will 10x your profits! (Scroll to the bottom to see my bonuses)

Read On To See In My BLAZE Review Why If I Had To Start From Nothing I Would Use This Exact Method!


Hi Readers and Entrepreneurs! Today I am doing a BLAZE Review by Art Flair. I have just returned from the Marketing Alliance Event in Portugal where I was talking to Art about his upcoming launch.

The Marketing Alliance really opened up my eyes and I made some amazing contacts and learned a ton. It would not surprise me if attending this event will not Double or even Triple my Monthly income.

BLAZE Review

Chatting With Art!


Anyway one of the questions that successful marketers get asked all the time is “What if you lost everything, how would you build up your business from nothing”

The last few training’s by Art I didn’t bother to review because they involved solo ads which I am not a big fan of (besides Increaserr but BLAZE in my opinion is exactly where I would start if I lost all my sites, all my contacts, my list and followers and all my marketing knowledge.

BLAZE Review

BLAZE Review


BLAZE is extremely easy to follow, uses free tools and can get you earning money in hours once set up.

The set up of BLAZE can be done in about 2 to 3 hours (at least that is how long it takes me).

Actually a big part of BLAZE is one of my many income streams so I know that it works. I actually use parts of this method every day.

BLAZE Review

BLAZE Review


There are 3 main platforms to BLAZE.

YouTube, a web 2.0 (or domain) and Facebook! I call these 3 platforms the big Three because no matter what niche you are in you should be using these platforms to join together your business.

BLAZE contains 11 Modules that are easy to follow and Art shows you everything over the shoulder so that you can follow along easily and apply everything step by step.

I have to admit that watching the videos while doing my BLAZE review did give me a few ideas that I had not even thought about that I can add to my business model.

So many products that I review say on the sales page “Beginner Friendly”! Then I review them and find that they are actually not beginner friendly AT ALL!

This is another reason that I like BLAZE, it really is beginner friendly and the way that Art covers every detail the only way to fail with BLAZE is to not take action and let this sit on your hard drive gathering digital dust!

BLAZE Review

BLAZE Review


As I said before this is something that I do almost every day so when it came to picking the best bonuses I put together my own PDF that will boost your organic traffic and some of my other training that will force you to succeed.

Alright, my final and overall BLAZE Review is that this is a great starting point for any beginners or marketers who want a new income stream.

BLAZE is also perfect if you don’t have a lot of money to get started because you can do this for free and build it up into a full time business.

The methods taught inside of BLAZE bring me in mid 5 Figures a year in pure profit from only working a few hours a day!

I will also be including 2 of my own training’s and a few other bonuses that will give you the ability to build an empire!

Like all products BLAZE has a few OTO’s or upsells…lets have a look!


OTO 1 of BLAZE is how to 10x your profits with custom case studies.


OTO 2 of BLAZE is a complete Done for you Pack!


OTO 3 of BLAZE is an Unlimited traffic pack! (I am including some great free traffic sources as bonuses also)


OTO 4 of BLAZE is a Mastermind and coaching Sessions! (If the coaching is good then this may be worth investing in, though I cant guarantee the coaching because I have not went through it!)





Firstly Art has given me 12 bonuses to give away with this product, so I am including those as well PLUS my carefully selected products and training’s.


My Own Custom Bonuses that you wont find anywhere else – See Below!


Marcs YouTube Optimization and ranking Super Guide (This is something that I rarely share outside of my high ticket coaching as it so powerful it will give you a massive boost over ANYONE)


My Own 7 Hour training on how to build your business from the ground up (This is my best selling training that fits well with this method. This training has been said by some to be the best training course of the year. It shows you how to build a piece of Online Property that you will never lose. This is 7+ hours of detailed training – I am taking this training down after the launch)


Dominate Any Social media (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This shows you how to use Facebook but also how to combine all social media channels to create free traffic and build a connected traffic source that you can use anytime)


Facebook Pro Marketing (main course PDF – 15 HD videos. This teaches you exactly how to use certain features of FB that you probably don’t know about. As part of this product uses FB then this is the perfect companion)


23 of the best free traffic methods around (23 HD Videos which walk you through setting up these traffic methods. ALL are free and some are set and forget so you can use many of them at the same time. Never be stuck for free traffic again)


The Golden Niche List (This is my own bestselling tool that will help you put Clickbank niches and products together. I have researched over 90 niches and products to go with it)


Article to Video Software (complete easy to use software to create quick videos + how to set everything up training video course + 9000 PLR articles)


Video Creation Set (Huge collection to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Video Box – Full Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales page – Front End Outros – Front End Intros – Front End Explainer – 1000+ Marketing Graphic – 100 Flash Transition Backgrounds – 50 Animated Backgrounds – 10 Animated Characters – 221 Music Background)


Dominate Facebook – 4 Packed Facebook Products (16 PDF’s and 30+ HD Videos on advanced tactics NOT shown in the training that will propel your business and let you see how the really successful FB marketers make a full time living on Facebook)


2 SEO training products (main course PDF x 2 – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 12 HD videos. These teach you how to start with SEO from a complete beginner to an all-star SEO expert. Nothing is left out and I personally refer back to these 2 trainings regularly!)


YouTube Marketing Dominate – 4 Completely Different FB Trainings (A 10 HD video course that shows you many tips and tricks that will show and give you a huge boost over anyone else who is a beginner and wants to know what others don’t about YouTube)


Instant YouTube Channel Authority (If you don’t have a YouTube channel yet then I am giving you permission to upload these to your YouTube account so that you will have instant channel authority. Includes “How To Videos” on – Adwords – Aweber – Clickbank – Facebook – Getresponse – Hootsuite – Instagram – Linkedin – Paypal – Pinterest – Twitter – Webhosting – WordPress and YouTube!! This will give you a huge boost over anyone else starting out or just increase your YouTube channel authority)


PLUS Some Extra Training’s and Products that I have added in at the last minute! You Will be very pleasantly surprised!



Grab ALL of the Bonuses Above (Which YOU WILL  NOT Get Anywhere Else) By Clicking Here!




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