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Hello My Friends and Readers Welcome to My Boss Traffic Review.


At first I looked over this product which is digital training and I decided that I was not going to do a Boss traffic review.

Now the reason for that, or one of the reasons is that I have been testing this method for about six months to collect a lot of data, case studies and results.

With the intention of releasing a very detailed training on how to do what Boss Traffic is trying to teach you.

I have actually just created a very time sensitive bonus video of exactly what I have been working on, check the bottom of this page.

Boss Traffic Review Sales Page
Boss Traffic Review Sales Page


Over the course of the Boss Traffic training there is 18 minutes of actual training in the members area.

Now the creator (Fergal) I like, but I do feel that he could have put in some case studies, some examples and done a good bit more research.

Of those 18 minutes of training 9 minutes is about how to find an affiliate product to promote on MunchEye and ClickBank using free traffic.

So what is this mysterious method called Boss Traffic?

Boss Traffic is about using LinkedIn to get to the first page of Google and promote an affiliate product.

Now I am sure that if you’re reading this you’re probably thinking okay that sounds very simple.

As I’ve already said I have spent months researching this, and it’s actually not that easy to get to the first page unless you know what you are doing.

Boss Traffic Review Members Area
Boss Traffic Review Members Area


LinkedIn is actually a very complicated and complex platform that is full of professionals it’s unlike facebook or any other social platform where you can post funny cat videos and get reactions.

LinkedIn is just not like that and you have to understand the platform before doing anything.

In the world of search engine optimization or SEO some people call websites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, basically any social media site that gets to the top of Google a parasite site.

Personally as an SEO enthusiast I dislike that term so I call them Web 2.0 s.

Boss Traffic Review Outsource Everything
Boss Traffic Review Outsource Everything


Now the reality is that these websites that I mentioned above, at the moment they do actually outrank a lot of high authority websites including this one (Mostly).

The downfall is that you will not be able to rank for very competitive keywords until you have built up authority.

But there are so many products and long tailed keywords that you can find that have easy names that you can easily rank for.

Now I don’t want to keep this boss traffic review very long because I will say the things that were missing in my video review.

Boss Traffic Review Modules
Boss Traffic Review Modules


Missing things such as there being no actual case studies, not one video that actually shows LinkedIn in any form and saying you don’t need to know any on page SEO.

There are also some very basic settings In LinkedIn that should have been mentioned.

So after my boss traffic review you may wonder why I am even bothering with this training product?

I decided to show this to you because there are a few useful things in the training.

I also created a 50 minute over the shoulder training with case studies showing LinkedIn, showing what I have been doing and showing how to do this method and how to get to the front page with case studies.






Just created by Marc (me) So I just created a 50 minute over the shoulder training, where I show the method that is trying to be taught inside of this product, I also show how to get more traffic to your website and your YouTube channel, I also show how you can use LinkedIn for local marketing. I basically show you everything that I have been trying and testing for over 6 months in one very targeted video. This Bonus is Gone.


Latest LinkedIn Success System (Main course PDF + 10 HD videos on how to use this very under used platform to get more sales, build connections and get more leads as well as how to have the best and most optimized profile. Full training plus all OTO videos. Once again I have never given this away. I actually just got it to help with my own LinkedIn research)


4 Vendor Bonuses (These are 4 bonuses of the vendors older products, actually okay for vendor bonuses)



So Grab Boss Traffic Today and Get The Bonuses Above By Clicking Here!

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