BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • If you take action a very profitable business!


  • As I knew nothing about this method I did my own research and have put together bonuses that I used to learn a lot more (SCROLL Down to see more)

My BulletProof Method Review – This is one of those rare occasions where I actually had to go through every video in detail!


Welcome My Dear Readers, I hope that you are all doing really well and life is good. The last few days I have been preparing my BulletProof Method Review.

I have been researching the training and niche and have been very surprised.

The sales page for The BulletProof Method is blind, meaning that it does not mention what you will be doing if you buy this training.

BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review


That is why you are probably here, to find out what the BulletProof Method is all about!

Pay Per Call is what this training covers and I have to say that I really went through every video as I had no idea what PPC is.

I always thought that the term PPC meant Pay Per Click (which it does) but it also means Pay Per Call.

I actually enrolled in a class about PPC and for the first 40 people to grab the BulletProof Method through my site I have gotten you free access to the same 20 + hours PPC course as a Bonus!

BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review


Now I have heard of people using this method but always overlooked it because I didn’t really want to waste time learning something that I would never use but after watching all of the BulletProof Method I investigated more.


Well let’s say it was NOT just for this review!

The BulletProof Method really peaked my interest and is something that I will start testing out.

The guy behind the training is called Anthony Mancuso and I know that he actually uses this method, he mentioned it to me in a FB chat we were having Months ago and I didn’t ask more as I was not interested.

Now Pay per call can be compared to CPA marketing in as much as you don’t have to get anyone to buy anything but as someone who used to be a CPA marketer and still has videos up promoting sub niches I can say that PPC is WAY easier.

BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review


Not only is it way easier but you can really build a passive income business from this, that was one of the things that I liked about the BulletProof Method.

Anthony has built up assets that just keep growing and making him more and more passive income.

With PPC you are basically selling leads to businesses such as mechanics, moving companies, basically any brick and mortar business that is always looking for new clients.

People are always looking for certain types of businesses such as plumbers or even pest control and if you are able to send these companies leads then you get a good payout.

In one example that the BulletProof Method shows is an offer that you can find that all you have to do to get payed is get someone to click your link and as long as that person stays on the line for 120 seconds you get paid.

The payments are high, from 17 Dollars for 1 lead to 97 Dollars per lead.

Like me at first you may be thinking “Alright that sounds great but where do I find these offers and how do I get people to click them?”

Anthony goes into great detail to explain exactly how and which companies you can sign up to that have these offers and also how to find the people that will click them.

The BulletProof Method is a cross between offline marketing such as Client Boom and online marketing meaning that you can run your whole business from a laptop anywhere in the World.

Earlier when I mentioned that PPC and CPA offers were similar, you can actually find PPC offers on most CPA networks.

There are many PPC only networks that are a lot easier to get into than CPA networks and they have offers that stay evergreen which is a big advantage.

When I used to run paid CPA campaigns the offers would regularly close while you are in the middle of your campaign which means that if you are not watching your campaign you can be sending people to a dead offer.

This does not (or very rarely happen with PPC).

BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review


The traffic methods that Anthony goes into range from using SEO and building a blog (free and paid), using YouTube, Facebook groups, paid listings and a few more little secrets that he has learned.

The BulletProof Method has 15 main videos but also sub section videos such as niche research or traffic videos.

Everything is explained clearly and after watching all the videos I am confident that I could start a PPC business right now.

If you are sick of trying to get started with affiliate marketing or promoting make money online offers then I highly recommend trying the BulletProof Method.

Or like me you could start to build this up as another income stream.

As I had such interest in this product I did a lot of research and found the best bonuses that I have been using to get more knowledge. I will list everything below!

My overall BulletProof Method review is that this is something that I know works and that most people who do it keep it to themselves as there is big money involved once you get started and even better a LOT of passive income.


OTO 1 is The BulletProof PRO version!


OTO 2 is The BulletProof Done For You Package! (I actually had a look at this one, I don’t usually review OTO’s but I had a sneak peak and this is a lot of value).


OTO 3 is a Collection of case studies which show how Anthony went from 0 to large profits!




Firstly I am giving away the 9 Exclusive Vendor Bonuses!


The rest of the Bonuses Below are from my Private Library!


A Pay Per Call Class (This is something that I got limited access to but gave me a massive understanding of how to speed up my profits and scale my business. This is 20 plus hours of training on PPC broken down into small easy to digest modules that include downloadable PDFs and more detail on certain aspects of the business including scaling. This really is LIMITED!)


Facebook Groups Unleashed (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos that walk you through the power of using Facebook groups to blow up your profits. Creating a FB group in a certain niche will bring in a lot of traffic, and more importantly people in that niche. This is the first time that I am EVER giving away this bonus)


Latest LinkedIn Success System (Main course PDF + 10 HD videos on how to use this very under used platform to get more sales, build connections and get more leads as well as how to have the best and most optimized profile. Full training plus all OTO videos. Once again I have never given this away. I actually just got it to help with the LinkedIn part of the BulletProof Method )


Ranker Site Speed  (main PDF training 10 HD Videos on everything that you can do to make your site super-fast. Google have recently brought out a new algorithm that states if your site is a too slow your rankings drop. So if you are going to be building a site as is taught in this product you really need to watch this)


Marc’s Private YouTube Coaching (This is a 1 hour training that I created that shows the tricks that I teach my 5k a Month students to be able to get a 100x head start when starting or optimising their channel. HINT. If you are starting a new channel watch this first!)


My Top FIVE YouTube Training Courses (This includes 5 completely separate YouTube training courses, so over 50 videos and over 20 PDF’s on all aspects of using YouTube. I am including these because one of the ways that is taught in this training is too use YouTube BUT is not explained in great detail so these will fill in all the blanks and make you a YT ninja. TIP: Use the Live events section)


Video Explainer Creation Package (Massive Package to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Video Box – Full Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales page – Front End Outros – Front End Intros – Front End Explainer – 1000+ Marketing Graphic – 100 Flash Transition Backgrounds – Animated Backgrounds – Animated Characters – Music Background – I am including this as it will be perfect for making short to the point videos and that is all you need for this method)


The Latest SEO Techniques (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This is the latest and in depth course on SEO that includes site off page and onpage SEO as well as video SEO. By going through this training you really will know how to have your sites or videos optimized and ranked)



None Else Will Be Giving Bonuses Away Like This So Click The Link And Grab This Method PLUS ALL Bonuses Above!


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