ClickBank Domination Review

I got my review copy of ClickBank Domination a few days ago so have had plenty of time to go over it. The main reason that I wanted to review ClickBank Domination is that 1 of the creators, Alex Langidis created a great product that didn’t get as much coverage as it should have (Tube Ranking Formula) but the people that I recommended it to loved it and thanked me for pointing them in the correct direction.



Anyway Alex has now teamed up with another 2 marketers and they and have been testing out a system to make some great money with Clickbank and Bing. ClickBank Domination is a 32 page PDF that shows us everything that you need to start making money with Clickbank and Bing.

There have been a lot of products out about Bing recently but I have to say that I really liked the way that everything was laid out and broken down into an easy to follow step by step method.



ClickBank Domination also has plenty of screen captures showing us how to set up our Bing campaigns, that was what a lot of people had real problems with last time was the actual Bing platform (though as a Bonus I supply a full video course on Bing).

So ClickBank Domination covers everything that you need to get started making money with Clickbank and Bing traffic. You will learn how to pick the correct product (I am also throwing in my own product that matches Clickbank niches to products, currently still selling as a WSO).



ClickBank Domination will walk you through the whole process from picking your niche and keyword, to choosing the product that will convert best (not what you expect), then to doing your keyword research and setting up your campaigns on Bing.

ClickBank Domination also has a detailed section on how to build your list very cheaply and how to get set up to get a load of subscribers!




Remember that it is very easy to get free or cheap coupons that will give you as much as $150 of free ad spend on Bing. When everybody started talking about Bing I went to Fiverr and bought a coupon for $5 that gave me $100 of Bing ad spend, then I created multiple campaigns and made over $350 in less than 2 days…that is why I know this method works as I have tried it out myself. Why not, when you can get ad spend for $100 for $5….

ClickBank Domination is a very easy to follow PDF that explains the whole process from start to making money…

OTO 1 is a complete over the shoulder video course where you will be able to see campaigns being set up in real time and quite a few other little tricks….you will also get Done for you lead magnets and DFY squeeze pages.

OTO 2 are 10 complete Done for you campaigns….just plug and play. With this you will be making money in hours…


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