Clickbank Emperor Forever Review

Clickbank Emperor Forever Review – Updated For 2017


Clickbank Emperor Forever is a new CPA clickbank product written by someone that I know very well. Mrrightme is the name that she goes by, so all the time people say thank you Mrrightme you are actually talking to a woman. Her full name in Chinese is quite complicated so for the sake of this review let’s stick to calling her Mrrightme..


Logo sales page   I have all of her products and they have all been great. When she first started writing products her spelling and grammar were terrible but I am glad to say that now she is much better and I even made her a video to help with some problems she had. Clickbank Emperor Forever is another amazing product and after reading it just now I will be trying out the methods she shows which involve using free traffic from Bing. In Clickbank Emperor Forever she shows us a load of ways to get free credit for Bing so that you are actually getting free paid traffic. She has also thrown in some even more methods that I haven’t heard of before but which most definitely work. what it does not involve   Clickbank Emperor Forever and Mrightme are in my opinion the new Guru of CPA and Clickbank. Clickbank Emperor Forever is a short PDF but it is short because her methods do not require a lot of complicated details because she backs her product up with instructions that a child could follow and lots of screenshots. I have seen her CPA and Clickbank accounts before and they are so full of money it could make you jealous but I promise that if you follow the step by step details in Clickbank Emperor Forever you will very soon be having the same results as her as she uses the methods that she teaches to make her own living.

***Update after looking over this product again I have decided that even though I still think it is a good solid product there is something missing and that is a detailed video or PDF on how to use the actual Bing platform and this should have been included. Luckily my bonus product Bing Video course will help a lot with that and of course there are plenty of ‘How to videos’ on YouTube. I am making this update because a few people who have bought this and are complete newbies have addressed this lack of information and I agree!

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logo   Mrightme is not one of these people who make product after product to make their main income but rather she does this to help people. I once told her that she shouldn’t be giving away the methods that she uses as she gives away every little secret and holds nothing back.




There are 2 OTO’s…

OTO 1 is a Done for you campaign (though you will get plenty of help in the main product)

OTO 2 is The Clickbank app Maker with lifetime membership!


I still think that this is one the best products that I have reviewed on this site and you are almost guaranteed to make money if you can spare an hour or so! Especially when the creator is willing to help out so much and take you by the hand!


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    Got it and bonus products sent…Enjoy!


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  3. Marc (Post author)

    The bonus is in the download link but if you miss it simply email me at [email protected] with the purchase info you used to buy so I can check that you bought from me then I will send you the bonus products ASAP!



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