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So Mrightme is back with Clickbank Mobile Secret. Firstly as a kind of disclosure I will tell you that I know Mrightme and that he is actually a She. I have no idea why she decided to let people keep referring to her as a he but that is the way it is. She is a very kind and clever marketer. I helped her with her English on multiple occasions.


Anyway even if her product was CRAP I would either not review it or tell you to stay away! Luckily this time Clickbank Mobile Secret is a lot better than the last product where she teamed up with Liming Wu. That was a mistake. Either her English has got a lot better or she paid a copywriter for Clickbank Mobile Secret because it is easy to understand with a LOT of pictures and arrows telling you step by step what to do!

Clickbank Mobile Secret is a very updated version of a product that I first saw a few years ago and is about the power of using mobile ads, the difference with Clickbank Mobile Secret is that the traffic being used to send to Clickbank products is free….the last version that I read was using a rather obscure mobile PPC platform but now the new version of Clickbank Mobile Secret shows us a very clever way to make huge commissions with Clickbank using free traffic.



Just to note that I believe that the traffic in Clickbank Mobile Secret could be used for CPA offers also. Let’s face it mobile is HUGE at the moment and is only going to get bigger and bigger….even Google created a new Algorithm called Mobilgeddon where if your Website was not mobile optimised you got punished. Basically if your site was not mobile friendly you lost all your rankings!

So anyway back to Clickbank Mobile Secret. This is a clear and easy to read PDF that will walk you through how to set up mobile Clickbank campaigns then generate COMPLETELY FREE targeted traffic to your offers and Clickbank Mobile Secret can be easily scaled up. The sales page says you can make up to $1000 a day but I am sure most folks would be happy with $200 a day which from going through Clickbank Mobile Secret I would say that it is very possible!



I would say that Clickbank Mobile Secret is one of the best and most beginner friendly products that she has released in a while. The great thing about Clickbank Mobile Secret is that you are dealing with free traffic so you dont have to worry about setting up your campaign and then being worried that something is wrong and never actually sending any traffic to your offer.

Using the free traffic in Clickbank Mobile Secret will give you the chance to set up as many campaigns as you want and start running as much targeted traffic as possible! The other thing that Mrightme is good at is helping you to choose a niche and the keywords needed and she does that in Clickbank Mobile Secret. Keyword research is the hardest part of any project and can make or break a campaign!

If you would like to try a new method and learn about mobile campaigns and begin with free traffic then Clickbank Mobile Secret is perfect!

OTO 1 is a Clickbank App Maker (very useful and very profitable)

OTO 2 is a Lifetime Coach ( I believe that this is through email and Skype and you are promised all the coaching you will ever need to finally make a full time income or until you know everything that she knows! I like this and if I was in a different situation I would grab this chance….say what you want about Mrightme but she really does know about making money with Clickbank and CPA)

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