Client Boom Review

Client Boom Review


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  • This should be sold for a LOT more!


  • I got one of the creators to give me BONUSES that are like extra OTOs! SCROLL Down!

Client Boom Review – This is not the usual type of Software and Training that I Review but I see a LOT of Potential in this!


Hello my Dear Readers, Thank you for joining me in this Client Boom Review. This training and software are brought to us by 5 or 6 people, I lost count.

Anyway besides all the people in the Client Boom launch there is one guy who actually does the training and his name is Cory (besides a couple of videos which are done by someone else not part of the launch), so throughout this Client Boom review I will say Cory if I am talking about the training.

Client Boom Review

Client Boom Review


There is one person that I know from this launch, very well actually and that is my now long time friend Ivana Bosjnak

I have never heard of Cory before even though he has been featured in Forbes magazine, which is of course very cool and means he knows what he is talking about.

Now Cory and Client Boom tackle a very under used social platform, LinkedIn.

I would like to say that I know a lot about LinkedIn but I don’t, though after going through the training I have updated my own profile.

Client Boom Review

Client Boom Review


Lets first look at the software side of Client Boom.

When you go to LinkedIn you can not just bring up the email of the profile of any person that you want, its hidden.

So what the software (or actually it is a Chrome extension) does is let you collect the email of any potential prospects that you would like to find and offer your services too or do business with.

Now this is actually way cooler than it sounds, the reason that you can’t normally get the emails of people on LinkedIn is because it would mean that they could potentially be spammed to death with affiliate offers or anything that the person with this app wanted to do.

I used to work in the offline niche doing arbitrage and getting clients is by far the hardest part.

Client Boom Review

Client Boom Review


Imagine that you are able to go onto LinkedIn and search for a group of people interested in SEO, or marketing or any niche at all and contact them via email whilst being able to read their profile first so that you know what will make them open that mail.

That in itself is a Gold Mine.

What though if you have no idea what to offer or say to that person?

Enter the Client Boom training!

I have to say that the actual Client Boom training in the members area is seriously packed.

There is 1 video on how to use the Biz Boom software…and then over 29 mega detailed training videos that cover everything from getting clients, to what to sell or offer them, how to structure your new business.

Also Client Boom includes videos such as advanced search techniques, quick fire methods, exploding your LinkedIn profile.

Client Boom did surprise me with the quick fire methods such as…

The reply method!

The call me method!!

The LI profile method!

The website not secure method! (I used to use this one when I was doing offline marketing, works great)

The free trial method!

The ranking method! (Again one I used to use very often)

The social media method!

Those are just a few of them, there are even more.

Client Boom Review

Client Boom Review


All quick ways to get the attention of the client!

I almost forgot for a moment, there are a lot of templates included as well that you can just copy and paste, that is a massive time saver and great way to get going with Client Boom fast!

The sales page of Client Boom tells you almost exactly what you will be doing so no blind sales copy which is great!

If my Client Boom review was a bit over the place then I will try to simplify it.

You are getting a lead generation app and training, very detailed training and templates that show you how to start a business and how to grow it so that you can start building up a portfolio of recurring clients!

After I left offline marketing and arbitrage there has only been a couple of times that I missed doing it because of the amount of recurring income that you can build up.

After reviewing Client Boom this is one of those times.

This is aimed at beginners and already established people, so Client Boom is perfect for everyone!

If you want a real business in a box, this is it!

Below are a few OTO’s or Upsells THEN below that are some AMAZING BONUSES that I got from Ivana (the manager behind this launch, we go way back and is a family friend)


OTO 1 is a Done-For-You Prospecting Power Pack!


OTO 2 is a set of DFY Case Studies!


OTO 3 is a Social BFF Software!





Prospecting Videos and Scripts (Done for you prospecting videos and scripts, a huge timesaver)


FTC Guardian (Legal protection for your new business)


7 Proven Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out (Make your profile POP!)


Expert Interview about GDPR (Every business now has to be GDPR compliant and this interview from a CEO misses nothing)


CAN-SPAM Compliant Badge Pack (Complete set of CAN SPAM Compliant badges)


Case Study (This is a case study of a regular guy who within 20 days of starting this program had landed 2 nationwide businesses)


How to Prospect To Small Business Owners (A full video training that shows how to get the smaller business owners to trust you and come to you over and over)


Ways to Get Clients Without Cold Calling (This is a PDF on 11 ways to get clients without cold calling, or cold emailing. A good read and things that I struggled with myself)


Getting and Keeping High Ticket Clients (8 part video series that shows you that getting high ticket clients is just as easy as getting low ticket clients if you know what you are doing. Great training for any marketer or sales person)


49 Must-Know Freelancing Sites (Outsourcing is a big part of growing your business and this list of sites is just what you need when you want to expand)


Entrepreneurship Skill Set – Checklist (People think that some people are just born to be Entrepreneurs. NOT true. They are skills that can be learned by anyone and this will show you that)


Grab ALL Of The Bonuses Below When You Get Client Boom Through My Site!






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