Commission Funnels Review

Commission Funnels Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Easy to use!


  • I dont think that you can call this a Funnel Builder...
  • Big Lack of Traffic Training in the main product SO I went all out with my best traffic methods (SCROLL to the bottom to see)

Commission Funnels Review – Does Glynn actually know what a funnel is?


Hello Readers, When I saw the name of this product I thought cool as creating a big funnel takes a lot of time or money. Read (or watch below) in my Commission Funnels Review why I got a bit confused after looking at my review copy!

Now unlike most other reviews you will read Commission Funnels is not really about funnels!

Well not the kind of funnels I was expecting!

Commission Funnels Review

Commission Funnels Review


Let me explain a bit about what a real funnel is, in my opinion, if you have ever bought a product from Jvzoo or Warrior Plus or any digital product really you will notice lots of upsells or OTO’s after you buy the main product.

Have you seen that before?

If you have then that is what I think of when thinking about a funnel, Commission Funnels is again in my opinion a software that creates very easy and good looking bonus pages and then a thank you page.

Commission Funnels Review


Many funnels that I see of certain products can contain as many as 10 to 16 upsells and the same amount of downsells.

That means that after buying a product you can sometimes spend an hour trying to get out of the funnel to get your purchase.

Personally I always create or have no more than 3 upsells or OTO’s as each requires a new sales page so creating a long high converting funnel is tough.

Glynn usually has quite a few OTO’s or upsells which I will list at the bottom but remember that you do not have to buy them unless you want to.

I have friends who pay anywhere from 5 to 20k per funnel.

Commission Funnels Review

Commission Funnels Review


When I buy a product or tool I usually buy one or even two upsells or OTOs as if they can make my life easier then its worth it for me!

The last product that I reviewed by Glynn and team was called Commission Shortcut and I got some great feedback in my Facebook group from people who did invest in some traffic OTO’s or upsells

Commission Funnels does something much simpler and unless you are about to launch a product something a lot more useful which is create good looking and easy to build bonus type pages with a cool looking thank you page.

So I am going to review Commission Funnels as more of a bonus page builder with a LOAD of features that are actually very cool.

In one of the Commission Funnels training videos that I watched, there are actually 10 easy to understand training videos right inside of the software.

In one of them I discovered a very cool feature that allows you drag in a sales page inside of the Commission Funnels software and use the exact same colour scheme and graphics to make your bonus page.

Except with your own video (If you want) and you’re own affiliate link.

This is proven time and time again that if you have a bonus page that looks like the sales page people will always choose that one.

I would say that Commission Funnels is aimed at beginners but without a doubt more experienced marketers can get use from Commission Funnels.

Also the only other software that does this and is self-hosted is a Monthly payment, self-hosted just means that all the funnels or bonus pages you make are hosted on Glynns servers so you don’t need to invest in hosting.

Commission Funnels is NOT a Monthly payment, a one time fee to keep using Glynns servers, very handy!

So right away you are saving money, if you want to download your bonus pages you can and then re upload them to your own hosting or server.

The actual design feature of Commission Funnels is very easy to use, though I would recommend watching the training first.

I didn’t and made a bit of a mess with my first bonus page but once you have created one it just gets even easier.

Another feature that I really liked is the pop up which also includes a social sharing pop up!

This means that inside of Commission Funnels you can create pop ups so if someone goes to leave your page without clicking your affiliate link you can remind them.

Also if they leave after clicking you can give them the chance to share to their social media…which means more sales and the chance of going viral!

Commission Funnels Review

Commission Funnels Review


This is done by a little pop up that you can create that says such and such has just bought “name of product”. This also draws more eyes to your page!

There are also a lot of ready made templates that you can just add your affiliate link to.

As I am only reviewing the main product or FE I have to say that Commission Funnels besides the name is a very useful tool and in my overall Commission Funnels review I would have to say another good and useful product by Glynn and team.

My ONLY PROBLEM is that there could have been more traffic training in the main Commission Funnels product so that you know how to get people to your bonus page SO if you scroll down you will see a huge amount of my own personal traffic trainings.

Also Glynn has given me quite a lot of bonuses to giveaway, some are ok and one is very good!

You can check them all out right below the OTO’s and upsells!


OTO 1 is Commission Funnels UNLIMITED!


OTO 2 is Commission Funnels: Done-For-You Funnels!


OTO 3 is Commission Funnels Automated Traffic Flow! (This could be very powerful as part of this is being able to drive traffic from the HUGE amount of sales pages that Glynn owns)


OTO 4 is Commission Funnels: Conversion Boosting Tools!


OTO 5 is Commission Funnels: Triple Threat Traffic TRAINING (I saw this same upsell on another of Glynns products and have just went through it quickly and it looks good. Includes a software and very detailed training about FB growth marketing)







17 Vendor Bonuses From Glynn Included Plus My Bonuses From My Private Collection!


Tube Traffic Machine (This is one of Glynns previous best sellers that is still selling today. A powerful software that creates Viral Traffic Sites)


Marc’s LIVE recorded Over the Shoulder Facebook Training (Shows you a case study of how using free Facebook traffic and a BOT can blow up your earnings and actually build a business around it)


SIX Different and Unique Facebook Marketing Trainings (Rather than listing each course I put them altogether. Over 60 PDFs and 60 training videos on SIX different ways to use Facebook as a traffic source. Every method that I can think of is covered)


Traffic Marketing PRO ( Learn How to control your traffic with 6 videos on the topics of – Email Traffic, Facebook Traffic, Forum Traffic, Google Traffic, Pinterest Traffic, YouTube Traffic)


Zero Cost Traffic Super Hack (10 HD Training Videos on how to harness Multiple FREE Traffic Sources that can be used as one alone or used all together)

Periscope Marketing Hack (10 HD Training videos on how to use this Social Media Platform and how to gain traffic sales from Periscope, most people know nothing about Periscope but it can be a valuable traffic source)


BullsEye Targeted Video Traffic ( 10 over the shoulder HD video course on how to get a specific traffic source / sources to any offer that you have or are promoting)


Ultimate Passive Income Machines (main course PDF – 10 HD video course on how to start creating MULTIPLE passive income streams. The more income streams the more revenue and the less worry if one of them breaks down)


Social Media Domination PRO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Have you noticed that every business has a huge social media presence? Now you can learn how to grow your own massive social media empire for your business)


Social Marketing Advantage (main course PDF + 2 other packed PDFs + 10 videos on how to use social media to give yourself a massive advantage in whatever business or niche that you are in. Social Marketing Advantage can be used by a complete beginner or a more experienced marketer to build a business empire through social media and drive traffic to where ever you want)


Authority Traffic (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Detailed traffic training that teaches you how to send traffic to wherever you want, perfect for sending to a landing page or bonus page)


Online Viral Marketing Secrets (2 main PDFs 12 HD Videos – It is no secret that being able to get a picture, video or post viral will bring you in a ton of traffic, sales and attention grabbing followers. Now you have that secret info)


23 Free Traffic Methods (This is a set of 23 high quality videos that show you how to set up and drive traffic from 23 very different places, some can be used together or some on their own)



Get ALL Of The Bonuses When You Get Commission Funnels Through My Site By Clicking HERE!




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