Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • No Theory. All revealed!


  • The ONLY CON is not Reading HERE! I just recorded a method from my private coaching that shows you how to steal vendors "Buyers" PLUS a lot more bonuses that fill in any missing pieces.

Commission Hotshot Reloaded Review – Lets jump in and see what this new training and software is all about!


Welcome Dear Readers to my Commission Hotshot Review which is brought to us by Art Flair and his launch team.

If you have arrived here then you are most likely curious about this new product and want to know what it is about.

Commission Hotshot is about review videos BUT don’t click away yet as I almost did with my review copy.

Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot Review


I thought that Commission Hotshot was going to be the same rehashed theory that gets put out there all the time.

There is no theory here and you just have to check to see that Art is ranking his videos and doing what he is teaching.

Like I said I almost clicked away after opening my review access but I watched on after clicking through a few videos in the members area as I saw a little known website that I use to rank my own videos.

That made me very curious to know if Art was going to reveal his exact method that he uses to rank his videos, which he does in Commission Hotshot.

Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot Review


It is no secret that Art releases a LOT of courses, every Month actually. He always sends me review access and sometimes I review his products if I like them and sometimes not.

One of my favourite products from him was the one that he released after we met at the Marketing Alliance in Portugal.

The name of the product was called Blaze and I just asked Art if he would give my readers Blaze as a bonus if they got this latest product through my site.

He said Yes, so as well as the other bonuses that I am giving away Blaze is included ?

Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot Review


Recently I have put a lot of time and research into expanding my YouTube knowledge and plan to make YouTube one of my main traffic sources this year (well actually it is already the number 1 referral traffic source to this very site).

Now I have always focused on website SEO and enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the latest changes to see my site in that position number 1 on Google.

YouTube SEO is very different and I have to say that Art and what he is teaching in Commission Hotshot is very much accurate.

Commission Hotshot also talks about having an Online Hub which is basically a website exactly like this one and one of the bonuses that I am giving away if you invest in this training is my OWN training on how to build a website exactly like mine.

Just scroll to the bottom to see the bonuses that I am giving away which really complete the Commission Hotshot method.

I also just recorded a NEVER BEFORE seen method of how you can snag away buyers from vendors.

I have never heard of anyone telling or showing this and if you do buy Commission Hotshot through my site I promise this will put your business on list building steroids without never needing to launch your own product.

Back to Commission Hotshot, so included in the members area are a set of very step by step videos that show you how to start video marketing and doing video reviews even if you don’t want to be on camera.

Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot Review


All of the tools and sites are free to get started, I actually found and tried a new backlink site that is free and which I am happy with the early results.

To add extra value on top there are 2 software’s that are a description creator software and a YouTube analyser.

I checked that these are part of the product and can be handy little tools, though I think that the training is the most useful part of Commission Hotshot.

To sum up Commission Hotshot and to give my overall Commission Hotshot review is that this a method that I use in my business and is probably the easiest way to get started with making sales and building a business online or anywhere.

I also liked that Art shows his exact way of doing things and shows a few extra methods such as a bit of BOT and Facebook marketing.

If I had to start again as a complete beginner with no skills and no contacts then this is the method that I would use to get started building a business.

There are as always a few OTOs or upsells. If I was going to invest in any it would either OTO 1 or 2.


OTO 1 is a set of 8 different type of case studies!


OTO 2 is a complete Done for you package!


OTO 3 is a resellers option!


OTO 4 is multiple products and traffic methods from Art and his team!




6 Vendor Bonuses (these are quite old so I wont list here but just wanted you to know that they will be there)


Blaze (This is a full video training that I reviewed after meeting Art in Portugal and 1 of his products that I really liked and also one that fits perfectly together with his latest product Commission HotShot)


RECORDED TODAY – My Secret Build Your Buyers List (This is a video that I JUST recorded now for this product. In this private video I show you one of my biggest secrets that I use to legally steal buyer leads directly from any launch. I have been using this method for a few Months and now have built up a good sized list of proven buyers. How am I able to compete with affiliates who launch every month. I take their buyers and in this video I will show you how)


My Private YouTube Coaching Video (This is a 49 minute video where I show you my secrets to building out your channel and making it an authority channel in days. This is things that go beyond SEO and will show you so much on how to get a 100 times head start on anyone who is starting or looking to grow their YouTube channel. Only taught to my private students usually)


YouTube Channel 2020 (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. So many people forget that having a highly optimised channel is THE foundation of any YouTube business and things change a lot. This training I bought for myself and really gave me a kick on what my channel was missing. This is the foundation that you need)


Instant YouTube Channel Authority (This is a very unique bonus that I have given away only a few times. Inside this 2GB package is a complete set of “How to” videos on many niches in the online world. Adding these to your channel 1 a day will show YouTube that you are a serious YouTuber, combine adding these with your own videos and this is a huge boost)


My Own Product T.V (This is a perfect combo training. Art talks about having a website as an online hub but does not explain how to build a real powerful site. My training called Traffic Victory does. I teach you how to build a website from the ground up just like this one. This is about 6 hours of detailed video explaining exactly how to do that, I leave nothing out. This product is evergreen and still sells and will be taken down after the launch)


Video Explainer Creation (Massive Package to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Video Box – Full Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales page – Front End Outros – Front End Intros – Front End Explainer – 1000+ Marketing Graphic – 100 Flash Transition Backgrounds – 50 Animated Backgrounds – 10 Animated Characters – 221 Music Background)


Explode Your YouTube Channel (This is a video that shows you how the top vendor and affiliate on Warrior Plus exploded his YouTube channel to over 30k subs. Very much worth watching and you will be surprised who made this one)


Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above By Clicking HERE! Everything Above is Included!




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