Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Does what it says on the sales page!
  • Is a very easy to put together affiliate campaigns without ANY Techy knowledge!


  • The traffic training is only really included in one of the Upsells BUT I have included some AMAZING traffic trainings as bonuses (Many created by me) PLUS TWO video creation software's! Scroll down to read more!

Find Out In My Commission Shortcut Review How This New Software Can Give You A Boost Most People Do Not Get!


This is my first review in a while and I decided to do a Commission Shortcut Review because it seems to make life a lot easier if you are in the MMO niche.

Without a doubt if you are just getting started and don’t know how to set up your review, bonuses and your all round affiliate promotion then Commission Shortcut makes it very easy.

Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review


Even if you are already making money with affiliate marketing then Commission Shortcut makes things easier still!

When I say very easy I mean in a few clicks easy!

Now before I go onto talk about and show you the Commission Shortcut software I will explain a few things that should explain the power of this tool!

Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review


Nowadays whenever you search for a product review either video or written you will always find a huge list of bonuses that the affiliate is giving away if you buy through him and that is one thing that Commission Shortcut has picked up on!

While I do give away bonuses I have started to give less bonuses but more high quality bonuses that I have either made or bought the full rights.

Many sites offer 100 bonuses and none of them are relevant to the product that they are reviewing so they basically just collect digital dust on your hard drive or you forget what the product was that you bought…

Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review


One more thing that I will mention before going onto Commission Shortcut is the other kind of review that you find.

These reviews are created by Wealthy Affiliate members. You have probably seen them (Scam or Legit?).

What these “reviews” do is tell that you every product or software that they have “reviewed” is complete B.S and the person who has created it is a scammer….then they tell you that the only way to make money is to sign up to WA.

They then get a commission from the person that signs up through them for life. Personally I find this very distasteful.

Ok, so now that we know what bonuses are and what they are used for let’s talk about the power of Commission Shortcut.

To make a great looking bonus page for every review that you do can take hours every time and getting the right bonuses even longer!

I thought that Commission Shortcut was definitely worth reviewing because it can do all that for you.

Inside the Commission Shortcut members area there are 100’s of bonuses to choose from, I always find it best to choose the bonuses that will help the buyer the most with their purchase.

So rather than choosing 80 bonuses about everything from eCom to Website flipping when the product is about affiliate marketing, give away bonuses that help with the product you are reviewing!

So the actual Commission Shortcut software which you can see inside of my video review creates full page bonus pages with bonuses and a review video with simply a few clicks!

I don’t review software’s by Glynn (Kosky) very often because he releases one almost every Month.

Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review


Actually the last one that I reviewed was called Affiliate Traffic Lab (Which I am giving away as a special bonus if you decide to buy Commission Shortcut through my site).

So the sales page of Commission Shortcut is accurate. It tells you what you will be doing, how you will be doing it and that it is very easy!

That means basically creating affiliate promotion reviews that can be hosted by either Glynn and team or you can download it and host it yourself.

Commission Shortcut says this is a super easy way to get started making commissions by using someone else’s video review, a HUGE library of bonuses from PDFs to full video trainings and even plugins.

You can also use the colour scheme of the sales page of whatever you are promoting so that people know that they are in the correct place.

My final Commission Shortcut Review is that after testing and playing around with this software I think it provides huge value (The bonuses alone are worth $1000’s), and the ability to customise the review pages is very easy and has huge potential!


There are quite a few OTO’s or Upsells which is a bit of a CON for me but the main product gives you everything that you need! If you decide to get an OTO get one about Traffic (My bonuses below will help you a lot in regards to different kinds of traffic)


OTO 1 – Commission Shortcut GOLD (An upgraded version of the software with extra features)


OTO 2 – Commission Shortcut PLATINUM (This includes a list of conversion boosting tools)


OTO 3 – Commission Shortcut TITANIUM (Triple Traffic Threat – A full traffic course that revolves around Facebook)


OTO 4 – Commission Shortcut DIAMOND: Facebook Pixel Tools & Training (More traffic training and a Facebook Pixel tool so that you can retarget traffic that you missed)





Firstly the Vendor Bonuses Below –


Affiliate Traffic Lab (This is one of Glynns most successful software’s that is only a few Months old. I reviewed it on this very site which means that I thought it good)


$300 CPA Everyday

$500 CPA Everyday

CPA Coffee Shop Method

$200 Cash Hack

$2K CPA Traffic Jacker

$250 Cash Magnet

The Commission Glitch

Six Figure Influx

Million Dollar Toolbox

Overnight Commissions

Commission Toolbox

Pure Profit Payday

$100 CPA Daily


Now My Exclusive Bonuses Below –


Simple Video Creation Package (Massive Package to create your own Explainer style Videos with PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Videos – Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales intros – Animated Outros – Front End Intros – Front End Explainer – 1000+ Marketing Graphic – 100 Flash Backgrounds – 50 Animated Backgrounds – 10 Animated Characters – 221 Music Backgrounds)


Over 7 hours of Advanced WordPress and SEO training by me (This was released by myself and 2 partners under the name of Traffic Victory, all the training is created by me. This is a complete case study of what I do and how to get multiple page 1 rankings in any niche. Some say this is the product of the year. This is perfect training to use your bonus pages on Go to my Testimonial page and scroll down to what other people had to say about my training. This is being taken down after the launch)


YouTube Channel Authority (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. YouTube is always changing, both the platform and the marketing styles. This packed training covers some of the best YouTube marketing points and latest skills that I have ever seen. I could not stop reading the PDF and have realized that there are so many aspects that I have not been doing which are leaving are holding my business back. A great training course for this year and beyond!)


Online Viral Marketing Secrets (2 main PDFs 12 HD Videos – It is no secret that being able to get a picture, video or post viral will bring you in a ton of traffic, sales and attention grabbing followers. Very powerful training)


Marc’s Mega Pinterest Package (It took me and my VA 4 days to put this package together which is everything you need to know about Pinterest and Pinterest traffic including getting free software and Chrome extensions. Includes 5 PDF’s and 10 videos. This will make you an expert on getting TRAFFIC from Pinterest)


A Combination Of FIVE Huge FACEBOOK Traffic Trainings (20+ PDF’s. 40 + videos on all the different ways to use Facebook to build a business and drive both free and paid Traffic. Including Facebook Lives, FB Fan Pages, FB ads, FB groups and SO much more. This is a huge amount of info that you can refer back to anytime)


Article to Video Software (complete easy to use software to create quick videos + how to set everything up training video course + 9000 PLR articles)



So Grab ALL Of The Bonuses Above When You Get Commission Shortcut Through My Sites Exclusive Links By CLICKING HERE!



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