Commission Trooper Review

Commission Trooper Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Tons of value and a software that will build you a solid business!


  • No Real CONS Though if you Do Not Check Out my Personal bonus Training You Will Wish You Had! Scroll To The Bottom To See!

My Commission Trooper Review – Is it OK to use other peoples videos to build your own business?


Hello Readers and friends and welcome to my early Commission Trooper Review. This is the latest software and training combo by Art and his launch partners.

I enjoyed their last 2 products so wanted to review this one as well.

Commission Trooper is based around creating your own videos from other peoples videos by using videos which are under the creative commons rule that YouTube have and using those videos to make affiliate commissions.

Commission Trooper Review

Commission Trooper Review


Now while some people may frown on using other people’s content, if it is under the creative commons rule then YouTube are actually promoting the use of reusing others videos.

While I don’t think it is a great idea to just reupload other peoples content I do think that you can change it enough to make it your own.

The training inside of Commission Trooper includes over 25 videos that show you how to use the software plus how to use the videos that you have recreated to build your own business.

Commission Trooper Review

Commission Trooper Review


Last year I reviewed a software called Vid Chomper that at first I really didn’t think was very good, but when I started thinking like a marketer I saw huge potential to start in new niches.

I have actually been using that software and a few others to create multiple videos for kids.

That’s right if you look at some of the kids cartoons and kids animated songs you will see Millions of views and subscribers.

I first got the idea while watching cartoons with my Daughter on YouTube and could not believe how many views and subs those videos were getting.

Anyway once I start uploading the videos to my new channel I will be doing a full case study on how different niches can be even more profitable than the MMO niche.

When testing Commission Trooper today I started to think that it would also be perfect for my kiddies project.

Commission Trooper Review

Commission Trooper Review


Besides all of the training inside of Commission Trooper there are 9 main features to the software that allow you to search for the best videos to use.

There is even the ability to search on Warrior plus and Clickbank to find the most high converting products and then turn them into your own videos.

You can use Commission Trooper to add intros and outros to your videos as well as text as images.

Another way to use the software is to create your own videos using images and text, as well as being able to add text you can use the Commission Trooper software to add text to speech in a number of languages and accents.

Actually the members area of this product has so much software and training besides the main software and training that it has serious amounts of value for a such a low cost.

So many people want to get into YouTube but don’t want to create their own videos that it stops them from ever trying which is a shame indeed.

Commission Trooper Review

Commission Trooper Review


If you decide to invest in Commission Trooper I will be adding my own YouTube secrets that I use to rank and bring traffic to my own offers as a special bonus as well as some very relevant and useful bonuses that I got from Art.

If you want to build a YouTube business but would rather stay out of the spot light then I highly recommend giving the Commission Trooper software and training combo a try.

Once you start uploading your videos especially if you get my own bonus secret training then you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

My final Commission Trooper review is that this is packed with solid training and a software that will allow you to dominate any niche on YouTube.


Time for the OTOs.

There 6 of them but don’t worry, they are just to help you get there faster or extra info. The main product is packed but if you can afford any of the OTOs I would recommend OTOs 1, 2 or 5.


OTO 1 of Commission Trooper is the advanced version which has even more features!


OTO 2 is a huge done for you pack that will get you started even quicker!


OTO 3 is a resellers licence!


OTO 4 is 45 of Arts and his partners products…a lot of training and software!


OTO 5 of Commission Trooper is called 6 fig training. The idea is to help you build your business to 6 figures a year!


OTO 6 is 3 different traffic software’s!




JUST ADDED EXTRA BONUS (A friend of mine saw that I was reviewing this product and told me that he had a bonus that he would give me if I reviewed his next product so when I saw what it was I said yes. This is actually a software that I myself will start using. Its called Vidio Jack and is something that I will be keeping for myself and have permission to give this away as an extra bonus if you grab Commission Trooper through my review before the launch ends)


Marc’s Buyer Capture Secret Video Training (This is a video that I recorded very recently. In this private video I show you one of my biggest secrets that I use to legally steal buyer leads directly from any launch. I have been using this method for a few Months and have built up a list of over 500 buyers. Besides launching a product this is the best way to get your own buyers from vendors and make money at the same time)


Marc’s Private YouTube Secrets (I created this 40+ Minute video which shows you how to get a complete unfair advantage over anyone else who uses YouTube. Not only do I teach my own SEO methods of ranking but I teach how to get a very unfair advantage over other YouTubers by showing you how to get an instant authority channel and how to really get your channel started or how to boost your existing one. These methods have not been shown outside my one on one coaching and fit perfectly with this product)


FIVE FULL YOUTUBE TRAININGS! (That’s right, I am giving away FIVE full YouTube trainings plus all OTOs that you can download 1 at a time depending whether you want to learn more about YouTube lives, SEO, channel optimization, the celeb formula, editing or just tips and tricks. There are over 10 PDFs and cheat sheets plus 50 videos!)


ALL VENDOR BONUSES (I have a long list of various bonuses that I will be adding to my final bonus page of bonuses that the creators gave every other affiliate PLUS 1 that I asked for because I really liked it called BLAZE, which I reviewed on this very site)


Below is a Bonus Page that I created that shows ALL of the other bonuses that I have for you PLUS you are getting ALL of the bonuses above!


CLICK HERE To Visit My Bonus Page and See What Else You Are Getting As Well As ALL Of The Bonuses Above!





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