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  1. Hi Max, Got it, will reply to your email shortly and send out that traffic blast on Friday,



  2. “on this website you will learn everything about how to be successful as a freelancer, you will get a head start with Affiliate Marketing and you will get to read Internet Marketing Product reviews.”

  3. What happened to Aurora 2.0?

  4. Well good morning too you too Susan! Thanks for buying through my site. I have sent you the bonuses you want plus extra.

    For anyone else reading, I have just updated the bonuses inside of W+ and there are now over 20 bonuses there including the ones that Susan so Polity asked for.


  5. I just purchased Arbitrage Alchemist Pro through your link, and all of the promised bonuses are NOT THERE!!! I purchased it through your link specifically for these bonuses!!!

  6. Hi Mark, I got your course and am working through it. I’m trying to figure out how you were able to get the 4 iterations of your website

    I only seem to have the option to have one. I did go on google to try to figure it out but spent way too long, so thought I’d come to you directly to get some clarification.

    Thanks for any help you can give me with this.

    Great course so far btw… enjoying it very much! Thanks for putting it together!

  7. Thanks Kenny, really glad you are getting a lot out of it! I like your site, a slightly different twist but very good.

    You put the site URL in the wrong place to get a backlink so I moved it to the correct place.

    Promoting my course would be a great idea, just go to Jvzoo affiliate area and request approval PS. remember to write that you are a student of mine.

  8. Hey Marc;
    I purchased your Traffic Victory Course, and was very very very impressed with the amount of content you provided in it. You have exceeded expectations for everything that is included in the course. I would love to help promote you if you have an affiliate program for it. Here is my first review that I have set up from what I learned from your awesome course!! Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for visiting my site, the bonuses are already waiting for you in the W+ customer area where you access your purchase. It should be a big button saying Bonus.

    If you cant find them then email me proof of purchase (the email that you paid with is easiest for me to find it) and I will send them over manually.

    Its late here so Im going to bed shortly so if you dont find them and email me it may be tomorrow by the time I get back to you,



  10. Hi, I just bought commission drill through your affiliate link. How do I get the bonuses? All that I care about is your golden niche list so I can choose a niche and get started ASAP! Thanks

  11. Hi Kanat,

    Thank you for visiting my site. I am currently away for a few days but as soon as I am back in my office I will send them over (about 24 hours).

    Talk soon, Best,


  12. Hi Marc!
    I just bought arbitrageunderdog5 from your site, please send me
    your examples of logos for my portfolio.
    Thank you.
    Best regards, Kanat.

  13. Sorry for the late reply…I do have a great reseller that I even use for my own SEO. I go on holiday tomorrow but send me an email and I will tell you who I use as soon as I am done with my 5 day holiday…



  14. hi – are you selling the seo service yourself? I would like to just sell the product on commission. do you offer that? thanks

  15. Hi Mladen,

    My bonuses are in the warrior plus members area, they are all in a file

    If you cant find them still then simply email me and I will send them right over

    My best,


  16. Hi, i purchased Clone My Commissions trough your link. What i have to do to receive the bonuses listed on your website? Best regards, Mladen

  17. Hi,

    Thanks for making contact, send me the JV page and I will look at…



  18. Hey! Really nice reviews. I see that you’re promoting Jvzoo/Warriorplus/Clickbank product/products. I’m launching my own product Commission LaunchPad. I’m giving 75% commission for CommissionLaunchpad. If you’re interested in promoting my product, please send me an email with your details. I’ll send you further information about the launch date and affiliate link.

  19. Hi,

    Sorry about that…I have checked and what has happened is that the product creator has let the domain expire which means that the product is no longer available. This was a product that I reviewed over a year ago so from memory you would be able to find a much newer and more updated method in the same niche…

    I guess you could contact the product creator but I am sure that he will not have it anymore and wouldn’t be willing to create the whole product again for 1 sale…

    If my memory serves me correct there were a load of affiliate links that you had to buy otherwise it was almost impossible to make it work…if you let me know what type of product you are after maybe I can recommend something newer and better…



  20. Hi,

    the easy sales pro link is not active anymore ..shows 404

    can u check it, is there any other way i can get this product+oto


  21. Hello,

    Yes I reviewed it last year, if you had used the search function you would have found it 🙂 It is no longer available.

    All the bonuses are attached but if you buy this through my site then feel free to look at my most recent reviews which have the most recent bonuses, and send proof of purchase and tell me which extra bonuses you would like…

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my site and making a comment,

    Your friend in success,


  22. Hi,

    Im looking for easy sales pro by llyod knapman plus his OTO

    do have it…..

  23. Hi Walter,

    Very glad that you found my site. I really try to separate myself from the pack with my reviews (and the bonus products that I buy and giveaway). If I review a product then I will tell it how I see it, good and bad which I feel that most IM product reviewers don’t…for them if it will sell and they get their commission they are happy. Now of course I can review a product and see some good in it where others don’t or vice versa.

    I used to review everything, even products that were so bad that they didn’t deserve to be looked at but recently if I get something to review and it so bad that there is nothing good or positive to say about it then I just ignore it unless someone emails me about it in which case I just say “Stay Away” – Here is 1 such example from a Famous Super Affiliate (and he had 6 Upsells LOL)

    Anyway yes I dislike upsells especially when they are a vital part of the actual main product but are sold as upsells, meaning that you can’t get started without buying the upsells…BUT with that being said as a sometime product creator then upsells can be good, make the vendor money and give you extra info on top of the main method…

    With that being said, to answer your question this course does have enough info on the main product that you can do the method and actually more and make money (did you watch my video in the review where I go through the members area in great detail??). So in my review the 3 Upsells are listed but I never put the prices (just habit I guess, maybe I will change that…)

    So the prices are

    5 Day Profits $9.95
    5 Day Profits Upgrade 1 $27.00
    5 Day Profits Upgrade 2 $27.00
    5 Day Profits Upgrade 3 $197.00

    Now the last 1 is the coaching which is why so expensive and the other 2 are just extra useful tools (I am not 100% sure but very often when you say no to an upsell then you get offered a “Downsell”, which is the same thing but cheaper though as I said I am not 100% sure if these guys have done that…anyway it’s a little trick that you could try, though keep that to yourself LOL)

    So just to sum up your question…the main product and method are complete and you can put into action right away! The 1st upsell is 5 additional methods that could have been sold as a separate product, I thought it good quality, the 2nd is very very useful if you want to outsource the whole business very cheaply which again I did find useful and am actually looking at outsourcing a part of one of my online business’ after seeing this!

    So Walter, I hope that I have been of some help and if you haven’t watched my video review then you should as I show the full members area and show you all the tools that are there and that there is enough good info to get started…

    Hope you visit my site again and feel free to ask any other questions,



  24. Hi Marc,

    I read with considerable interest your review of the 5 Day profit facility. I fully share your annoyance with blind copy advertising, but what is an even greater source of aggravation to me is the upsells trap – of which this seems to be an example. The price is far too low for this not to be the case, and I fully expect a follow-up message of the “do you want to buy my upsells at $800 per second or stick with your basic little guidelines – if not good luck and good riddance” tyope (I’m exaggerating, but only just.) So can you throw some light on the upsells – what they cost and exactly how many of them there are! Cheers, Walter C

  25. OK sent!

    Good luck and enjoy!


  26. Hi there,

    No problem at all. The bonus products are together with your main products, sometimes people miss it though.

    I will send them right over



  27. Hi,
    On 2016-01-02 22:31:37, I purchase one Azon Profit System by Paul Nicholls through your link on your web page. My invoice nr. is 11985874 sale and the price is $8.03

    However, I didn’t receive any bonus from you as per what you had mentioned on your site.

    Could you be kind to send your bonuses to my email given below ?

    Thanks for your attention.


  28. Well Shaun,

    I have to say that is one of the nicest hellos Ive woken up to in a while…..really appreciate you taking the time to read my reviews. I wanted to write a blog that cut through a lot of the shit in IM and give away really meaning full gifts that will help people and are relevant to their purchase.

    Ill be having a look at your site ASAP,

    Have a great one mate,


  29. Hey Marc,

    Just wanted to mention that I love your products and blogposts. Looking forward to more great content in the future!

    Shaun Archer.

  30. Hi there,

    The bonus link is provided when you buy the product but if for some reason you cant see it then please email me the email you used to pay through paypal (your paypal email)….send it to and I will send the bonuses over…



  31. Hai,

    i want to ask, how i can claim my bonus?

    Today i buy the product cpa cash storm from your site

    thank you.

  32. I am very sorry….my mistake, give me 2 minutes and it will be fixed…PS. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

    EDIT – Problem fixed. Sorry to any guests who had the same experience!

  33. Hi, I am interested in Leads broker Video SEO, however when I click the link, it displays video marketing blaster pro???

  34. I have emailed you a direct reply but I think this product wouldnt suit you as to make it work there are many affiliate links that you need to get…



  35. i would like to ask what are the tools needed before i start off with this product?
    example doamin hosting or autoresponder?

    are there any addtional payment once the product is purchased?

    is this product proven to work?

    i have failed in internet marketing until now, i hope this product is the right door that opens for success for me?

    this is regarding about a product called EASYSALES PRO.COM

  36. Hey Again,

    I really wish that I could help you but if the sales set up is not accepting your card then could it be that there is something wrong with your card? Maybe call your bank? Have you used this method to pay for digital products before? I have just checked and Copy Paste Hack is on sale…so there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

    Im really not sure what else I can do from here my friend….

  37. Hey Marc,

    Trying to purchase COPY AND PASTE HACK. Don’t have Paypal but it offers option to pay with Credit or Debit Card

  38. Hi Mate,

    Which product are you talking about? Do you not have Paypal? Most people use Paypal these days to buy Digital products! As it is not my own product and just one that I am reviewing its hard for me to say why it is not working…

    Maybe the vendor only has it set up for Paypal payments…sorry I cant be more helpful, but let me know the product and I may have direct contact to the vendor!



  39. Hey,

    Trying to purchase product but not accepting either of my 2 debit cards I’ve tried.

  40. No problem Bernie my dear (what we call women in Scotland lol),

    You may have to speak on the phone to someone but I will speak to my affiliate manager(s) before and brief you on what to say and if they need to see a website you can use one of mine! CPA networks just to make sure that you have a solid plan and no what you are doing so they don’t get spammers etc but with my recommendation and what you should say we will get you into 2 at least! I was just speaking through email with a Gentleman who bought EverGreen Video System + all OTO’s and he cleared his cookies first but I think if you just click straight from my site I should get the credit!
    I am going to send you a pre sale package of 10 CPA bonus products, one of which is about getting into a CPA network, hope you dont mind!

    Greetings from Super Hot Croatia!


  41. Awesome Marc – I look forward to receiving that tomorrow when I join, I am going to have one more night of getting over information overload and start fresh tomorrow. Thank you for your offer of help with getting into a network, that certainly puts my mind at ease… It was certainly a hurdle I wasn’t sure I could get over easily. People keep saying how hard it is to get in! Here’s hopjng you and your family have a nice weekend. Cheers from South Aussie and thanks for all your help Marc!


  42. Hehehe,

    As long as you click directly from my site and buy I should get the credit…and you will get the bonuses. I am a member of many CPA networks and I will help you get into one no problem. PS. I do hope you buy from my site as I just picked up a super packed extra bonus of 10 CPA products that I will have to email to you,

    Good Luck and I hope my site gets credit lol

    Speak soon,


  43. HI Marc – no apology needed, is it hard to get accepted into networks please, also do I have to do something like clear cookies, as I have visited many websites?

    Mrs Berny (joke)

  44. Hahahah,

    Im so sorry I just saw you were an Aussie and know you guys use mate so it came out naturally but as I am helping a lady you have my apologies. Yes of course all the bonus products are still waiting for you if you buy through my link you will get 2 huge zip files! The Bing videos have helped a lot of people and you can always use a how to video on YouTube as for me that is the only thing missing which is a clear description of how to use the actual platform Bing.



  45. Thank you kindly for your response and advice. I’m going to get Copy Paste Hack as I like the concept of CPA, although I’ve read it can be hard to get accepted into networks if you’re not experienced, but I have to start somewhere Marc. I’ve tried blogging and video marketing, and I’m just not a blogger! Also, businesses will always need leads. I’ve looked at quite a few reviews for Copy Paste Hack, so I think I will need to clear my Cookies won’t I, so I am buying through your link. Also, your bonuses looked good, are they still available please Marc, or have I taken too long?

    It makes me chuckle when you call me mate, as I am a female, not that it matters, here in Australia it’s a bit of a male thing, however, some females do use the term, doesn’t bother me, just thought I would let you know you’re helping a lady.


  46. I understand mate,
    Remember that there is a 30 day money back guarantee. The only problems that I have had were from a client who didn’t think that Desmond showed well enough how to set up the actual Bing platform which is why I included the bonus of the Bing videos and told him that you can find many many how to videos on YouTube.
    Copy Paste Hack is explaining how to make money on Bing and gives you 10 campaigns which you fill in with your affiliate link and then upload it to the Bing platform, and that is all the rather silly expression Inbox Communicator is (to make the product sound more clever than it is, though it is a good product and people that I know have been making their first sales ever with the program). I wouldn’t get caught up with words like Inbox Communicator which is a fancy way of saying a done for you ready to upload to Bing campaign..
    Maybe try contacting Desmond…as that is the best I can really explain it my friend!
    Just so you know there have been at least 2000+ sold and very few refunds so people are happy with the product. You must know mate that anytime you buy a product there is a risk that you will not be happy…
    The best product that I have reviewed recently is the Alien Code Training, in essence that is what I am doing!! But for that you need hosting, domains and an autoresponder (so they are completely different products!) Copy Paste Hack is a done for you PPC set of campaigns which if you follow the instructions and scale up then you will make good quick cash, the Alien product I mentioned could take months to make any kind of money and would take a lot of work!
    Hope that helps a bit more Berny mate!

  47. I’m a bit confused as you can’t properly explain it either Marc, just to explain how I’m feeling, I’m a little tired of scams and information overload to be brutally blunt…. sorry, but I’ve read both good and bad about Desmond Ong on-line and I’m confused as to whether to pay for this course or not? Can you please explain what inbox communicator is in another way please, maybe then I can understand. Sometimes that makes a difference.


  48. Its not a squeeze page as that collects emails, as I said more like a pre loaded template with all the keywords and bidding amounts already added…its tough to explain but that is the closest I can get..

  49. A squeeaze page or landing page maybe?

  50. Its rather hard to explain but the best way would be like maybe a Template with the info that you are going to have in your campaign…
    Hope that helps a bit!

  51. Hi Marc

    Can you please explain what an “Inbox Communicator” is please? (It refers to it on Desmond’s sales page.)


  52. My pleasure Berny,

    Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

    My best,


  53. Thank you for your awesome and quick response Marc. Much appreciated.

  54. Hi Berny,

    Yes everything is 100% White hat, I would not promote anything blackhat here!!

    Here are the OTO Prices
    The 100X Hack $27.00
    Bing Your Ads $17.00

    (Hint Hint…try clicking away from the OTO page and you may get a lower discount price!)

    Hope this helps,



  55. P.S. Sorry but I forgot my main question,the name concerned me “Copy Paste HACK”. Obviously it is white3 hat isn’t it? Cheers

  56. This sounds interesting, but would you mind telling me how much the OTO’s are please. I am all for getting OTO’s if they are good and affordable. Just like to be prepared with the price that’s all.

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