Conversion Cash Machine Review

So I got a copy of Conversion Cash Machine and this is the Third product by Paul Nicholls that I have reviewed. The first one was in my opinion terrible, the second was good and Conversion Cash Machine…well, lets see!!



This will be a short review because Conversion Cash Machine is a very short PDF product. The basics of Conversion Cash Machine are about the best ways to email your list and how to get better conversations and more opened emails.

The first thing that he explains is how to send a series of emails to your list that promote your own product. The second “Bonus” method is how to send the correct emails to your list to promote affiliate offers.

While Conversion Cash Machine does tell the best way to do the above it doesn’t tell us anything else. Conversion Cash Machine is only really useful if you already have a list and don’t know the correct way to email them. Maybe I am being too hard on Conversion Cash Machine but I have read this info Online before on someone’s Blog and is the kind of post that I would make.



So my review of Conversion Cash Machine is if you have a list and are not getting people to buy your product or affiliate products then you may get some use out of Conversion Cash Machine. The 2 methods are shown in steps about when and what to send your list.

While for me these are 2 things that I know, maybe you don’t and will get great value out of Conversion Cash Machine. On the sales page we are told we will learn the Psychological aspect and this touched on but I would have liked to have seen more examples (well one would do),

Conversion Cash Machine does touch on the Psychological aspects and I did take away a couple of Golden Nuggets that I will be using in my future email campaigns!

Probably from reading this review you will be thinking that I dislike Paul but I don’t know the guy, just the products he releases and while this is MILES BETTER than “The fastest Way to 1k per Month” it no where near the quality of his Amazon Product “Azon Profit System”

There was also something that I really didn’t like at the end of his product. It is the picture below, as you can see it is called “Resources”….to me that is something to help you for free with the product but each is an affiliate link to his OTO’s and his other products!

In my opinion if you want a product on this subject then I would recommend Affiliate Cash BluePrint. It is much more detailed and simply a better product…


So in conclusion Conversion Cash Machine may very well be very useful for email marketers who would like to increase their email Technique!

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