CPA Blaster Review

CPA Blaster Review


Ease Of Training


Quality Of Training


Value For Money



  • Easy to Follow Training
  • No Start Up Money needed
  • Step by Step


  • Not Enough Diagrams
  • Will take Longer Than 30 Mins

CPA Blaster Review

CPA Blaster is the latest product from Vivek Narayan and team. I have known Vivek since he was releasing CPA products on the Warrior Forum. I am happy to say that CPA Blaster is several methods that I have not seen before, unfortunately his last product launch was a rehashed method that didn’t even work in 2012.

This time in CPA Blaster you will get a 62 page eBook with 3 solid methods that require a bit of work but no paid traffic which always interests me when it comes to CPA products! If you follow a method that involves using paid traffic and the method is out dated, then you can waste a lot of money and time but with CPA Blaster the only thing that you will need is some of your time.

CPA Blaster Review


Now the sales page of CPA Blaster has real income from a CPA network which is a very easy one to get accepted into if you are a beginner, there are no phone calls needed just a form to fill out which is explained in CPA Blaster what to write!

I have been a member of AdworkMedia (the CPA network that I am talking about and is recommended in CPA Blaster for years now and the offers have only got better over that time!)

There are also other CPA networks mentioned in CPA Blaster that are easy to get into and 1 in particular that allows incentivation for all its offers, now this is a huge plus and most CPA networks usually have no incentivation offers. Now for those who don’t know what that means CPA Blaster breaks it down very clearly and how to use them but basically they are offers that you can give something away for free if the person fills in the CPA form or promotion!



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Now as well as CPA Blaster having the 3 main methods there are also an extra 3 Bonus methods which are also free traffic methods! Now the first 3 methods of CPA Blaster in my opinion will take more than the 30 minutes stated on the sales page though once you get used to the methods then you could probably start implementing them in 30 minutes to an hour a day and making anywhere from $100 to $300 per day.

CPA Blaster Review


Now another thing about CPA Blaster is that the more time per day that you put into CPA Blaster the more money you will make, but once you have implemented the methods then you it will basically become auto pilot income which is great! So getting some practise with the 3 main CPA Blaster methods and scaling up will bring you in a decent income!


OTO 1 of CPA Blaster is a powerful software (not a new software but a very popular and still updated one that CPA marketers have been using for a while!

OTO 2 of CPA Blaster are a set of Done for you Templates (always useful to get that jump start!)






CPA Marketing Hack (10 HD Video course starting from the very beginning to make you a full time super CPA Affiliate – Everything you will ever need to know about the highly profitable World of CPA Marketing)


CPA Insider Secrets (PDF Starter course – 22 Video Training course on many of the secrets that CPA product creators don’t want you to know but are explained here in a very easy to follow video and PDF training, a perfect product for any CPA beginner – Complete Website with graphics)


CPA List Building Course (Full Course PDF – 5 HD Over the Shoulder Video Course on harnessing the power of CPA and list building to create an evergreen CPA list building 6 Figure business – MindMap)


7 Video Course For CPA Beginners (7 video module course that will walk you from not knowing what CPA is to getting ready to run your first campaigns)


Mastering CPA and Facebook – (5 HD detailed over the shoulder video course on using the immence power of the Biggest social media platform to set up and profit from CPA)


Traffic Marketing PRO ( Learn How to control your traffic with 6 Detailed videos Including the topics of – Email Traffic, Facebook Traffic, Forum Traffic, Google Traffic, Pinterest Traffic, YouTube Traffic)


Zero Cost Traffic Super Hack (10 HD Intense Training Videos on how to harness Multiple FREE Traffic Sources -Never before Seen Product)


Periscope Marketing Hack (10 HD Intensive Training videos on how to use this Social Media Platform and how to gain traffic and sales from Periscope – New Product that can be used to send targeted traffic to any offer including CPA)


Never Say Later (A 10 HD video course that will push you to where you need to be, how to plan and how to stay motivated so that you will be desperate to finally start taking serious action – Great course for anyone needing that extra push to become an action taker)


Twitter Marketing Excellence (10 HD videos that will finally show you the real potential for using Twitter to create unlimited traffic, sales and leads – Most people dont know the full money making potential of Twitter…change that TODAY)


Internet Marketing Excellence (10 HD video course about everything you should and need to know about creating and making a solid income from Internet Marketing – CPA Included)


Instagram Traffic Magic (10 HD video course on how to use Instagram, how to drive traffic and get sales from CPA to Affiliate Marketing – You will not believe the potential power of this under used platform!)


YouTube Marketing Excellence (A 10 HD video course that will show you how to use YouTube to create a long term and ever growing evergreen business – Many tricks that have not been taught before that will bring you in an easy 6 Figures and can be started for completely free – Perfect for CPA Marketing)




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***READ ME – If you see a set of bonus products or another bonus product that is not included in this review then simply email me with proof of purchase and I will send them right over!


  1. Marc (Post author)

    No problem, I Had to go out for a bit but answered as soon as home! I am glad to be of help, when I first started out I bought $1000’s of courses and had 4 personal coaches, the most being for $2000, Internet Marketing is not really a quick fix, ie. Push button business as so many people think but if you look at it like every time you buy and read and watch a new course you are learning something (even if you don’t make any money straight away). It took me years to start making money and I am nowhere near where I want to be yet but have big plans.

    My other advice is too sometimes if a product is not working think outside the box a bit….in this case maybe try another kind of CPA offer that would fit, all networks have such a variety of offers (ie. The real estate offer that I found to use with CL)

    Also of course my last piece of advice is to take massive action, too many people read a course and think “This will not work” so don’t try it but sometimes it is the easiest methods that actually do work…

    I hope you got my bonuses, if not then simply just send me proof of purchase and I will send them over!

    Good luck and speak soon,



  2. OD

    Thanks Mark, you’re the real deal. I’ll purchase this + your bonus (which I’m looking forward to studying) in the next few hours.



  3. Marc (Post author)

    No problem,

    Yes CL can be fussy but that is for spammers who do nothing but simply spam the hell out of the site in a very obvious way! There is a video from the course that I show very quickly that is about getting into CPA networks which I think I actually even said that I didn’t bother watching it because there really is only a limited number of ways to get into a network. I know a load of full time CL marketers who use nothing but CL to run their whole business…I actually saw a thread on the Warrior Forum a while ago saying is CL dead for marketers and the general opinion was that they have cut down on the people who go crazy posting affiliate links over and over again all day but it is in my opinion still a great traffic source and I used it recently to show someone how to make money with Arbitrage and a software called Arbitrage Underdog (Stupidly I didn’t record it). Also remember that most CPA offers are giving something away for free in exchange for some details such as your name and email…

    If I had the time I would go and test every method out but that is just not realistic really…but my honest opinion is that this will work…if I am wrong don’t think that I am some horrible liar…but I keep up to date on all methods and the constant changing platforms!

    Also remember the bonuses that I give away will take you days to go through so you will learn a load about CPA before even trying the method, if that is the way you decide to go…

    Cheers for now,


  4. OD


    Thanks so much for getting back to me – that’s a really great help and much appreciated. Regarding the course we are referring to do you believe that the methods are still relevant and able to make you money if you were doing something similar a few years ago? If so, do you still believe $100 is definitely possible and realistic?

    Further to the course I mentioned in my email, do they tell/help you get into the CPA Network? I’ve heard that diverting traffic to offers from CL can piss them off so I assume only certain CPA Networks would recommend this and the ones to chose would be outlined in the course?

    Many thanks,


  5. Marc (Post author)

    Hi O,

    Thanks for stopping by…I also received your email and was just about to reply but I can write here no problem! Now to answer both your email and comment, I completely understand that everything seems like a crazy foreign language at first, trust me I was like that also! I still am very bad technically and will outsource a lot of the coding and very complicated things I need done, even now!!

    Now you asked about a certain product in your email which is about free traffic and using craigslist, now I have used a very similar method on Craigslist, basically what I was doing was contacting people who were selling their house and offering them a free appraisal of their house which is actually a CPA offer that they had to fill in (my idea completely), now because I was contacting them I had to send 100’s of emails a day which took me hours a day to do to make my goal of $100, now the product that you mentioned you are the 1 posting about offers so you are only getting people who are interested in your offer so it takes a lot less time than sending 100 emails a day and only having 2 or 3 people fill in the offer!! So to cut it short, using Craigslist will work but you must have a bit of patience…

    Now you also asked which is the best CPA course out there, that is impossible to answer as there are so many…and they are all different prices and teach different methods. For example you could buy a course for over $2000 but it may not teach you as much as a course for $15, different methods for different people I guess!

    I like free CPA methods because they are usually fun and easy to do but I also like a good cheap traffic source as you see instant and easy commissions and scale up very quickly – in my opinion the best course like that this year is

    Now if you look at the bonus products that I give away they are mostly related products so that you can continue to educate yourself while implementing the method that you bought! I have looked at other product reviewers bonuses and most of them are taken from a free PLR site or 1 which you can join for $1, but every bonus I buy the rights to is original and new and does cost me a lot (many of the bonuses that I give away other product creators have actually bought them also and have released them as there own product)

    I hope that I have helped you to make a decision and feel free to comment here anytime to ask anything…

    Speak soon,


  6. OD


    Thanks for the great reviews. I have read a few now and appreciate the honesty.

    Appreciate this may be a hard to answer and generic question but which CPA course would you most recommend overall? I have purchased Sparks CPA (by Eric James) but feels akin to learning Chinese at this stage…



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