CPA Blaster Review

CPA Blaster Review


Ease Of Training


Quality Of Training


Value For Money



  • Easy to Follow Training
  • No Start Up Money needed
  • Step by Step


  • Not Enough Diagrams
  • Will take Longer Than 30 Mins

This Product Is No Longer Available!

CPA Blaster is the latest product from Vivek Narayan and team. I have known Vivek since he was releasing CPA products on the Warrior Forum. I am happy to say that CPA Blaster is several methods that I have not seen before, unfortunately his last product launch was a rehashed method that didn’t even work in 2012.

This time in CPA Blaster you will get a 62 page eBook with 3 solid methods that require a bit of work but no paid traffic which always interests me when it comes to CPA products! If you follow a method that involves using paid traffic and the method is out dated, then you can waste a lot of money and time but with CPA Blaster the only thing that you will need is some of your time.

CPA Blaster Review


Now the sales page of CPA Blaster has real income from a CPA network which is a very easy one to get accepted into if you are a beginner, there are no phone calls needed just a form to fill out which is explained in CPA Blaster what to write!

I have been a member of AdworkMedia (the CPA network that I am talking about and is recommended in CPA Blaster for years now and the offers have only got better over that time!)

There are also other CPA networks mentioned in CPA Blaster that are easy to get into and 1 in particular that allows incentivation for all its offers, now this is a huge plus and most CPA networks usually have no incentivation offers. Now for those who don’t know what that means CPA Blaster breaks it down very clearly and how to use them but basically they are offers that you can give something away for free if the person fills in the CPA form or promotion!


Now as well as CPA Blaster having the 3 main methods there are also an extra 3 Bonus methods which are also free traffic methods! Now the first 3 methods of CPA Blaster in my opinion will take more than the 30 minutes stated on the sales page though once you get used to the methods then you could probably start implementing them in 30 minutes to an hour a day and making anywhere from $100 to $300 per day.

CPA Blaster Review


Now another thing about CPA Blaster is that the more time per day that you put into CPA Blaster the more money you will make, but once you have implemented the methods then you it will basically become auto pilot income which is great! So getting some practise with the 3 main CPA Blaster methods and scaling up will bring you in a decent income!


OTO 1 of CPA Blaster is a powerful software (not a new software but a very popular and still updated one that CPA marketers have been using for a while!

OTO 2 of CPA Blaster are a set of Done for you Templates (always useful to get that jump start!)



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