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CPA marketing is one of the quickest ways to become an Online Millionaire or at the very least once you get the hang of it you can make serious cash. I have always enjoyed making money with CPA and have made most of it with free traffic though have tested out many PPC platforms with Bing being my favourite with the best conversations. CPA Cash Squeezer is a very useful plug in that will increase your sales by a huge amount. As you probably know with CPA there are many offers where you only have to put in your email or Zip code but there are also CPA offers where the offer is for someone to actually buy something and as you can imagine the price you get paid per lead or per sale can differ greatly.

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Now the other thing about CPA offers is that the traffic is GEO targeted meaning that if you set up an offer that is to win a free iPhone but it is only for USA traffic and you send UK or Australian traffic to it then you don’t get paid, well that is where CPA Cash Squeezer comes in. Once you have installed the plugin (which is very simple) you can set it to redirect automatically to 6 different countries and 6 similar offers. If you are a CPA marketer or are going to become one then you will know how big a deal this is and how much your ROI will increase with CPA Cash Squeezer.

The other great thing about CPA Cash Squeezer is that you can find a suitable video on YouTube for you offer and add the link to CPA Cash Squeezer and then you can change what you want the call to action to be. So you can grab the video of an iPhone and put the URL in the plugin then add your coloured button saying “Grab Your FREE iPhone NOW” which will be just below the video, then when someone comes along and clicks it if they are from the US they will be transferred to the US offer, if they are from the UK then they will get transferred to the UK option. Which makes CPA Cash Squeezer in my eyes completely unique as I have NEVER SEEN a plugin or software with that ability and you have no idea how much less wasted traffic you will have.


The possibilities of this simple to use and cheap plugin are huge. Just to recap you install the plugin and decide if you just want to create a ‘call to action’ button or if you want to use someone’s video and then add your ‘call to action’ below the video. You can change the colour, size and wording of the ‘call to action’ button! To set up a new CPA campaign with CPA Cash Squeezer so that you can capture up to 6 GEO locations takes about 2 minutes.

For any CPA marketer you really would be crazy not to buy CPA Cash Squeezer as you will make many many more sales and catch more leads!

There are 3 OTO’s…

OTO 1 is in my opinion a must have. It is a real live case study of the designer Liming Wu setting up the CPA Cash Squeezer plugin and creating a campaign and making money live with CPA Cash Squeezer plugin. He also shows you in the over the shoulder video style how to profit big with CPA Cash Squeezer and many more cool and unknown tricks! This is a completely separate course and more than worth the money. With this you can go from newbie to CPA to making good money!

OTO 2 is a complete done for you campaign and complete done for you service. This is a real hands on help to set up your first campaign and start making money!

OTO 3 is also very very tempting. You will get on a face to face Skype call for one hour while you are shown exactly what to do and get any help you may need to get going. This more or less very cheap coaching that by the time you get off the Skype call you will be set up and be ready, or even have traffic running to your offers!

CPA Cash Squeezer is a great tool for any level of CPA marketer and the OTO’s all have real quality and are all worth the money. If you invest in all of these or at least the main product and 1 OTO you will have absolutely no reason to fail! In fact you will succeed, of that I am sure!

I am supplying ONLY ONE BONUS OFFER… I will also help you get into a few CPA companies by setting up a call or email chat with my Affiliate Managers!

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