CPA Cash Storm Review

CPA Cash Storm Review

CPA Cash Storm is here! Now there have been so many CPA products that have been released recently that I was going to overlook CPA Cash Storm but when I got my hands on a review copy I was quite impressed with the main product and the OTO’s so I decided to give it a quick review.



Now the main product of CPA Cash Storm is a 70 page PDF with multiple diagrams and screenshots so it makes it very easy to follow and also branches out into a very full learning experience.

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CPA Cash Storm starts off with the basics such as how to select the perfect offer and breaks down what makes a good offer a good and converting offer. Now as well as learning how to make good money from CPA you will be learning how to build a list at the same time and many other cool tricks that will be able to bring you in high converting traffic almost completely passively.



These days people are going CPA crazy and as I have said on this site many times that is for good reason….CPA can make you a ton of cash very quickly and very easily and out of all the ways to make money online CPA is maybe the quickest and easiest (If you know what you are doing and have a solid guide like CPA Cash Storm)

As I said earlier this is one of the most detailed CPA courses that I have seen in a while and really can take a complete beginner from not even knowing what CPA is to making a job replacing income within a very short time.



CPA Cash Storm not only goes into great detail about making a lot with money with CPA offers but also goes into great detail about building your list through the traffic that you will already be sending to your CPA offers (though if you don’t want to build a list for some strange reason then you can just use CPA Cash Storm to make CPA commissions).


What I also really liked about CPA Cash Storm is that it shows you again in great detail about how to use Facebook, both free and paid to build a huge responsive audience that you will be able to market to time and time again and if you follow along with everything that is being taught you will be making CPA commissions, building lists and creating a huge passive income through Facebook.



The last thing that I will say about CPA Cash Storm is that the sales page has real proof that this method works. The proof shown is from several CPA companies including Maxbounty which is my all time favourite CPA network. I like Maxbounty so much because you make your CPA commissions then can take the money straight out and be able to reinvest straight back into your business.


My overall conclusion of CPA Cash Storm is that in a very saturated market this product shows you a new way to avoid the 1000’s of others trying and failing to make big money with CPA.


OTO 1 is called “CPA Cash Storm Video Upgrade” and includes 10 over the shoulder videos on the method above (Over 4 hours of pure Golden Content)

OTO 2 is called “Look over my shoulder – CPA YouTube Crusher” This is an 8 Module video course with over 4 hours of content and will show you how 1 YouTube video made over $9k plus much much more!  Review of Market Samurai says that you should use good keyword to hunt CPA niche.


BOTH OTO’s are Great but if you can only afford 1 then I Recommend picking up OTO 1. Ohhhh and lastly I forget to mention that CPA Cash Storm has a great BRAINSTORMING GROUP so you will never be alone!





As a Bonus for you I have over $19,000 worth of NEW Bonus Products


2GB of “Internet Marketing How to Videos” (Complete How to Video Courses on – Adwords – Aweber – Clickbank – Facebook – Getresponse – Hootsuite – Instagram – Linkedin – Paypal – Pinterest – Twitter – Webhosting – WordPress and YouTube) –

7 Video Course For CPA Beginners (7 video module course) –

Hot Niche Finding Formula 2015 (Main course PDF) –

Page One Ranking Formula (Main course PDF) –

Super Social Traffic (11 Over the Shoulder Video Course) –

Super Tube Marketing (10 Over the Shoulder Video Course) –

Super YouTube Traffic (2 Over the Shoulder Video Course) –

Simple Social BookMarking (11 Over the Shoulder Video Course) –

Super ROI PPC Traffic (16 Over the Shoulder Video Course) –

Video Tube OutSource ( 3 Over the Shoulder Video Course + Rolodex + 17 niche related PDF’s) –

Article to Video Software (complete easy to use software to create quick videos + set up video course + 9000 PLR articles) –

Video Spinner Software (complete software – user instructions – 20+ MP3 music files)

Bing Video Traffic Course (7 step by step Videos) –

Buyer Keywords Profit Formula (Main PDF Course) –

CPA Bully (Main Course PDF + Social Bookmarking Resources) –

Facebook Marketing Service eClass 2015 (Main Video Course + Many Extras) –

FB Cash Formula (7 Over the shoulder Video Course + 2 Squeeze Page Videos + Cheat Sheat + Main Course PDF + Lead generating Report + Email Swipes and Many Extras) –

Google Adwords Made Easy 2015 (16 Over the Shoulder Video Course + Mind Map + Main Product PDF + Cheat sheet + Training Guide + Special Report and Many Extras) –

Promote CPA Offers in 2015 with Mobile Traffic (8 Over the Shoulder Video Course) –

7 Day Product Creation (Full Course PDF) –

App Flipping Cash Eruption (Full Course 2 PDF’s) –

Building a Relationship with your List (Full Course PDF) –

Easy List Cash Eruption (Full Course 2 PDF’s) –

Essential Guide to Kindle Profits (Full Course PDF) –

List Building 101 (Full Course PDF) –

List Building Cash Eruption (Full Course PDF) –

The App Flipping Master (Full Course PDF) –

Timeless List Building (Full Course PDF) –

Warrior Forum Riches (Full Course PDF) –

Media Buying Full Power Frenzy (16 over the shoulder step by step video course) –

Affiliate Commissions Landslide (complete course PDF) –

Extreme email Marketing (complete course PDF) –

Lead Avalanche (complete course PDF) –

Big Money Attraction (complete course PDF) –

Online Affiliate Marketing (complete course PDF) –

Super Traffic Extreme (complete course PDF) –

Mastering CPA and Facebook – (5 detailed over the shoulder video course) –

BullsEye Targeted Video Traffic ( 10 over the shoulder video course) –

Web Traffic Flood (complete course PDF) –

Traffic Full Blast (complete course PDF)

Tube Traffic Tactics (complete course PDF hack)

Free Website Traffic Methods (complete course PDF)

Mega Stream Of Traffic (complete course PDF)

Offline Business Traffic Strategies (complete course PDF)

Essential Guide To Free Traffic (complete course PDF)

Traffic Tidalwave (complete course PDF)

Business And Website Traffic (complete course PDF)

CPA Empire (main course PDF) –

CPA Hybrid (main course PDF) –

CPA Offline Christmas Cash (main course PDF) –

CPA Overdrive (main course PDF) –

CPA Profit Storm (main course PDF) –

CPA Relapse (main course PDF) –

Cracking the CPA code (main course PDF) –

Mastering CPA (main course PDF) –

Newbies Guide to CPA (main course PDF) –

The Road to a 50k Mailing List (main course PDF) –

Video Marketing BluePrint (10 Over the shoulder Video Course + 2 Squeeze Page Videos + Cheat Sheat + Main Course PDF + Lead generating Report + Email Swipes and Many Extras) –


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  1. Marc (Post author)

    Sorry for the delay…

    Prices are below

    CPA Cash Storm Video Upgrade $17.00
    CPA Youtube Crusher $27.00
    CPA Cash Storm – Coaching $197.00
    CPA Coaching Discounted $97.00



  2. Jerry

    How much are the OTO’s?


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