CPA Commission Machine Review

So I have just got my review copy of CPA Commission Machine and as always I didn’t want to review the product before going over it myself and checking it out especially if the sales page has blind sales copy which CPA Commission Machine has.



CPA Commission Machine is a very detailed 28 page PDF with normal size font and plenty of examples, pictures and clear step by step instructions. Now if you were expecting some new and unheard of traffic source for CPA Commission Machine then you may be disappointed as the main, or should I say only traffic source mentioned is YouTube.

Yep that is correct the biggest and most popular money making methods are packed into this detailed PDF. CPA Commission Machine would be great for beginners or people who are looking to learn more about CPA and YouTube.



CPA is huge at the moment and for good reason….people are using CPA to make a ton of money. The great thing about CPA is that you dont have to sell anything, sometimes all you need to do to make a CPA commission is to get someones email or ZIP code.

CPA Commission Machine starts at the very beginning and goes through how to choose an offer and what different kinds of offers there are, this is a very important part as getting the right offer together with the right keywords is vital to creating a successful campaign.



What I did like about the way that Billy Darr and Andy Anand show us in CPA Commission Machine is that there are much higher paying offers that you can target. For example for an email submit offer you may get $3 but there are also offers that if you can get someone to fill in some more details then you can make as much as $60 and the person still does not have to buy anything…anyway CPA Commission Machine takes you through this in great detail.

CPA Commission Machine also goes into what to look for in an offer, what colours attract people, what are negatives that people hate and many other interesting Psychological behaviours that have made me change a few things on certain landing pages that I have (outside of CPA).

Anyway the first part of CPA Commission Machine is a great introduction to CPA, the best that I have read in awhile…

Then comes the traffic part of CPA Commission Machine which as I said earlier concerns YouTube but we are shown how we can still set up a profitable campaign without making a video (though making a video is easy, I can show you where to make as many as you want for free or for $5 a Month unlimited length, that is what I use as it is so so easy).


CPA Commission Machine is basically in 2 parts. The first a very detailed step by step introduction to CPA with many examples showing both good and bad offers and lots about matching the offer to the right Keywords and niches.

Then the second part which I will not go into much detail about is getting your video, setting up your video campaign, optimising your video, there is also some good parts on SEO and ranking your video so that you can set up your first profitable CPA/YouTube campaign and then rinse and repeating!

If you are looking for a good guide on getting free traffic to your CPA offers then CPA Commission Machine will not disappoint!

OTO 1 is a very detailed over the shoulder video case study of a campaign that made over $9000. There are 8 videos in this detailed $9k case study and I think this is worth getting…

OTO 2 are Done for you CPA campaigns that are being used right now and converting very well….I always enjoy DFY stuff as it cuts out the work.

OTO 3 is 4 Weeks of 1-1 skype call to help you take your business to the next level .





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