CPA Dynamite Review

My review of CPA Dynamite is perhaps a little late but there is a reason for that, I wanted to test Reddit which is the free traffic source that is shown in CPA Dynamite.



I have known about Reddit for a while but what I didn’t know is that it contains a huge variety of niches. Using the step by step methods in CPA Dynamite I was able to get a huge spike in traffic to my sites with very little work. As I am not a full time CPA marketer (I dabble but it isn’t my main income stream) I decided to use the very clever tricks and tactics that are shown in this CPA product, CPA Dynamite.

Everyone knows that CPA is huge at the moment and that some smart people are making HUGE amounts of money from their CPA campaigns. What is even better is if you are able to use a free traffic source to get traffic to your CPA offers which CPA Dynamite teaches in a very over the shoulder and easy to follow way. Even beginners will have no problem getting started with this method and the greatest thing about CPA Dynamite is that you don’t have to worry about spending to much money on your ads because the traffic is completely free.



Learning how to manipulate free traffic as described in the very detailed fashion shown in CPA Dynamite is not easy and if it was not for reading this product I would not have known where to start. Now that I have read CPA Dynamite a few times I have big plans on how I am going to harness that traffic. Reddit is growing everyday and the amount of subjects and niches that are on Reddit will surprise you a lot.

CPA Dynamite is a easy to read PDF that as well as being step by step is based around a case study where the creator used Reddit to get 6,946 clicks, 180 new leads (all targeted) and made 2,911$ in pure profit. Normally for me to run a PPC campaign and to get these results I would spend maybe around 500 to 1000$ depending on how the offer was converting but here you are learning through CPA Dynamite how to get all this for free and I am glad to say that the actual set up of the system is not hard at all and doesn’t take much time.

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I should also mention that you can use this traffic to send it to a website, affiliate link or even your own product. I sent the traffic to this site and was very surprised with the results…

If you would like to start learning to how to make daily CPA commissions and start using free traffic then I very much recommend trying out CPA Dynamite.

OTO 1 is a Done for You Case Study!

OTO 2 is called CPA factory and is about using the power of YouTube and videos and also free SEO methods to get great conversions.


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