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CPA Hotel Monopoly is another product from Mrightme who has teamed up with Liming Wu (the creator of Copy Paste Hack).CPA Hotel Monopoly teaches you how to set up a CPA campaign for a very specific niche which is the Hotel niche. The Hotel offers are very popular because for one conversion you are not just getting a few Dollars but rather getting at least double figures.

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The main product of CPA Hotel Monopoly is a short PDF on how to set everything up and why this niche is so HOT at the moment. Normally in Mrightmes products the spelling and grammar is very poor but with Liming Wu’s help CPA Hotel Monopoly is of a much better quality, you can even tell from the sales pages and the way that everything is laid out.

CPA Hotel Monopoly has 2 CPA experts behind it who have just come up with this system and have tested it out and found that it works and the Hotel CPA offers do convert like crazy. I know Mrightme very well and we have spoken many times, I even made a video for her to help her set something up. What puzzles me a little is that He is actually a She and She is a very talented CPA marketer and I am not sure why She has gotten into selling her secrets and has not just concentrated on doing what she does best and that is making CPA money.



CPA Hotel Monopoly will work and uses a very popular and powerful PPC platform called Bing. The reason that they say that you can get free paid traffic is because Bing are always giving away free advertising credits (I bought $100 for $5 last night on Fiverr and am running my own campaigns).

Also CPA Hotel Monopoly is going to show you CPA networks that are not the big guns but have the offer that is converting like crazy just now! Lets take a quick look at the modules inside the main course.

Module 1 is about getting free paid traffic which I mentioned earlier!

Module 2 is about the best platforms and which offers to select.

Module 3 is all about campaign set up and finding the best and strongest keywords to bid on. This is quite step by step and anyone should have no problem setting up these campaigns

Module 4 is about getting quick results, deleting under performing keywords and scaling up with more of the same campaigns



Here is a peak inside CPA Hotel Monopoly, as you can see there are many keywords that you can just copy paste and also if you send proof of purchase to Mrightme you will receive a free $75 Theme which will help hugely.



If you follow CPA Hotel Monopoly you will make money and depending on how fast you can scale up, you could make well over $1000 a day!

There are a few OTO’s of course.

OTO 1 of CPA Hotel Monopoly are 500 done for you campaigns where you simply copy and paste everything in and start profiting plus many other resources. (if you set up even say 50 of these campaigns each bringing in $500 a day, you can imagine your results)

OTO 2 is the app making platform that Mrightme has offered before and with it you will get lifetime access and if you know and listen to how to use this platform you have a consistent money making machine!

OTO 3 is a face to face Skype call where you will be shown the way to create and keep making at least 1500$ per day. This will be very popular with people who want to succeed with CPA but have been having trouble setting things up or just need to talk to an expert for motivation and a little guidance!

CPA Hotel Monopoly and the OTO’s will sell like crazy most likely because you are being shown how to make quick and easy and free money from CPA and as someone who uses Bing I can tell you that this will blow you away when you see how easy it is to make money!!




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