CPA List Domination 2.0 Review

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • The method does work as I use a very similar method to promote CPA!
  • The case studies are perfect to save you a load of time.


  • The main course PDF does explain everything BUT learning how to use the actual Bing platform can be quite tough for beginners SO I am Including a Full VIDEO Bing Walk Through to save you time and frustration!

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review! Why the 2.0 Version is better than the Original?


So CPA List Domination 2.0 has been re-released. While still not perfect, find out in my CPA List Domination 2.0 Review why the 2.0 version is so much better and what I have done to make it better!

I am going to cut to the chase with my CPA List Domination 2.0 review by telling you why this version of CPA List Domination 2.0 is better.

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review


The first reason is that the creator Ram (who is one of the best traffic experts I know), has been testing and testing this method and there are no hiding his results which are current and impressive. You just have to look at the sales page of CPA List Domination 2.0 to see them!

So the main product of CPA List Domination 2.0 is a 38 page PDF and included are 2 video case studies. Personally I usually prefer PDF’s to videos but in this case, even though the CPA List Domination 2.0 PDF has lots of screenshots to guide you I think that the Bing platform can be quite difficult to get used to.

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review


That is why if you look below you will see that one of the many CPA List Domination 2.0 BONUSES that I am giving away is a full course on Bing, both PDF and 10 full HD detailed training videos, without this I think that beginners may struggle or waste a lot of time – so be sure to check out all my Bonuses at the bottom of this review.

Click HERE To Get Started With CPA List Domination Plus receive All My Exclusive Bonuses!

What does CPA List Domination 2.0 teach you exactly then?

Inside the PDF you will learn how Ram created a list of almost 4000 buyers and made over $3000 in CPA commissions in just 30 days.

The 2 case study videos which are both over the shoulder show you the exact CPA offers he used, the exact keywords and landing pages used to make huge profits using Bing ads. I really like these and think that they are worth the cost of the training alone!

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review

CPA List Domination 2.0 Review


Inside of CPA List Domination 2.0 you will also get a $100 Bing ads coupon so that you can get started for free. You have to love Free paid traffic!

I should also mention that CPA List Domination 2.0 can be used for affiliate offers, eCom, list building or just sending traffic to wherever you want. When I have a bit of time I will be testing out the offers that Ram uses in his case studies (I still have about $80 in my Bing account from the last coupon that I used). CPA is always good for some quick cash!

There are a few Upsells or OTO’s of course!


OTO 1 of CPA List Domination 2.0 is access to some of the highest converting CPA templates that Ram has used and another case study by 6 figure CPA marketer Gaurab Borah (I have known of Gaurab and his crazy CPA conversions since I first started online, he really is a master)


OTO 2 of CPA List Domination 2.0 is a massive Done for you package. I checked this out and it really has everything you need to just copy paste. IT includes 10 huge niches, the highest converting landing pages, 300 articles spread over 10 niches (it’s a load of content).


OTO 3 of CPA List Domination 2.0 is Live coaching with Ram. This is some of the cheapest coaching that I have seen for a long time…





Bing Ads MasterClass (Full course PDF training – 10 HD video training that will walk you through how to use the ever growing Bing Ads platform to get cheap clicks and high converting campaigns – Everything that you should know about making money on Bing but probably don’t – This will speed up your success with CPA List Domination 2.0)


Mastering CPA and Facebook (5 HD detailed over the shoulder video course on using the immense power of the Biggest social media platform to set up and profit from CPA)


CPA Insider Secrets (PDF Starter course – 22 Video Training course on many of the secrets that CPA product creators dont want you to know but are explained here in a very easy to follow video and PDF training, a perfect product for any CPA beginner – Complete Website with graphics included)


7 Video Course For CPA Beginners (7 video module course that will walk you from not knowing what CPA is to getting ready to run your first campaigns)


CPA List Building Course (Full Course PDF – 5 HD Over the Shoulder Video Course on harnessing the power of CPA and list building to create an evergreen CPA list building 6 Figure business – MindMap)


CPA Marketing Hack (10 HD Video course starting from the very beginning to make you a fulltime super CPA Affiliate – Everything you will ever need to know about the highly profitable World of CPA Marketing)


Facebook Marketing PRO (9 HD videos that teach the power of Facebook and the many ways to use and profit from it – Top marketers are making Millions a year from FB alone, find out how you can too)


Facebook Fanpage Ad Secrets Guide (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fanpage is even more targeted than having a list – extremely eye opening training)


Facebook Ads Guru Mantra (A 16 video course on how to set up your Facebook ads for super low clicks and conversions, huge amounts of step by step detail that is almost copy paste – perfect for affiliates, list builders, CPA or even eCOM)


The Ultimate Free Traffic System (23 HD Videos which are the main product and the OTO on using every traffic method out there – everything is included and with this course and OTO you will never want for free traffic again + there are a few very cheap traffic methods that you will be able to see an instant ROI with)


Advanced WordPress Video Training Strategies (16 HD video training series on how to use WordPress and free tools to set up a cash sucking funnel that you can integrate with JVzoo to boost your affiliate commissions and build something solid online – A full and easy to follow course which will surprise you with what you can get online for free to build your IM business)


Facebook LIVE Power Marketing (main course PDF – 15 HD videos that show you the power of using Facebook LIVE and how to get started in a step by step way and how you can use FB Live to grow your current business or start a completely new one. FB Live is one of the fastest growing traffic and sales methods out there. Do not miss this! High quaility packed training)


Online Ads Mantra (main course PDF – 24 HD videos that will teach you every type of online ads and how to use them to create massive income streams. Including Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display ads, Linkedin ads and Facebook ads. This is a packed PDF and 24 video ultimate ad over the shoulder training that will make you a master of All Online ad types. Powerful and detailed training – Course unreleased!)


20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs (20 of the top niches in ready to upload to a domain blog form, all WordPress sites with a step by step guide to help you upload in minutes – Perfect to use to use for your CPA campaigns)


WP Viral Click (WP software + 57 page user manual that will unleash an unstoppable tornado of traffic to your site or offer. Grow your social media profiles through your website on complete autopilot)


Viral Traffic Software (Powerful WP Plugin that allows you to create and manage viral campaigns allowing for massive amounts of free targeted traffic. Comes with 4 HD videos on how to set up and how to get the most from this viral software!)


Niche Authority Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Learn the power of finding and using the correct niche that has not too much competition or too little and how to exploit it and make the most ofr any niche that you are already in. Every marketer can use this to save untold hours of research plus training on how to tackle the niche that you are in)


BONUSES FROM THE PRODUCT CREATOR (which I am including as well as my own bonuses) – Commision Freebooter, 100 A Day Today, Cash Beyond Words, Email Cash Funnel, Tube Equation!



Click Below To Get CPA List Domination 2.0 PLUS ALL Of The Bonuses Above!





  1. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Pearl,

    All my bonuses are available in the download area where you access your purchase inside Warrior Plus, there is a big green button that says Bonus!

    If you still cant find them then email me with proof of purchase (the email that you used to pay with is)



  2. Pearl

    I bought through your link, how do I get your bonuses?

  3. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Willie,

    Glad you found my site and glad you bought through my site, it is appreciated!

    Just to be clear, you DID get the bonuses or not?

    My best,


  4. Willie Robertson

    Hey Marc, just came across your site via google researching a review on CPA List Domination 2.0.

    I purchased through your link. Thanks for honoring your bonuses,


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