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[WSOTD] CPA Microniche Anarchy – Make $3933.5/campaign from Free Traffic

CPA Microniche Anarchy is a 7 module video course on making money with CPA through YouTube. Yes there are a lot of these types of courses, I wrote one that touched on CPA and YouTube.

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CPA Microniche Anarchy is different though as it is completely focused on choosing the best CPA campaigns that will last and make you as much money as possible. Liming Wu, the creator of CPA Microniche Anarchy made $3933.53 with one campaign in which is very impressive for any CPA marketer…

CPA Microniche Anarchy got WSOTD which means that it is a product that we should stand up and pay attention to! The videos are good quality and easy to understand and not to long that we get bored!


Module 1 is a BrainStorm and Introduction!

Module 2 is the actual microniche  keyword control (we all know how important keyword selection can be and can make or break a campaign)

Module 3 is Offer Selection (how to get selected for any CPA network and how to choose the correct CPA offers)

Module 4 is all about Video creation and optimisation.

Module 5 is about YouTube SEO tricks! How to get ahead of your competition!

Module 6 and 7 is about backlinking and scaling your business up!

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what is not involved

There are a few OTO’s..

OTO 1 is a live case study which though invaluable in my opinion should have been in the main product but its not so I would most definitely recommend grabbing this!!

OTO 2 is a complete done for you package so that you just have to copy and paste!

OTO 3 is a 1 hour face to face skype call where you can ask anything and get the chance to talk to a super successful CPA marketer!

CPA Microniche Anarchy, the main product and the first OTO are most definitely for sure worth the money. The other 2 would for sure speed up your process to banking big with CPA Microniche Anarchy.


If you want to get into CPA without spending a load of money on FB ads or some other type of paid traffic then this is the course for you….Grab it NOW!

If you buy CPA Microniche Anarchy from my site I will throw in a super cool bonus package. CPA Microniche Anarchy BONUS – Affiliate Anarchy – Affiliate Cash Secrets – CPA Bully – Instant Cash Formula – List Empire – Untapped Traffic Source

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