CPA Rebirth Review

CPA Rebirth Review


So today I am going to be looking at CPA Rebirth by James Renouf and Shane Nathan. Now before I go on to talk about CPA Rebirth and what I thought of this new product I just have to say that James creates the best, most attractive and compelling sale pages in the business….they really are a thing of beauty. Last year I wrote a review about one of James products and explained that it was the first time that I had even looked at any of his products in years because years ago on the Warrior Forum I had completely criticised his latest product while everyone sang its and his praises.



So James after reading this contacted me and said sorry…he really caught me off guard and I realised that he is actually one of the decent Marketers out there and really stands behind his products and will absolutely help and support anyone who buys his latest and as always original product CPA Rebirth. Now do not get me wrong if I felt that one of his products was not good I would still let you know but this time I am sure that CPA Rebirth will make you good money if you put it into action.




I just finished reading the 32 page PDF that is CPA Rebirth and I must admit that I have never heard of the traffic source but from the results shown inside the product, the CPA Rebirth method has been tested and tested until you are almost guaranteed to make money. James and Shane sure have…



Yes CPA Rebirth is a short PDF but that is because there are no long introductions and the usual crap fluff and filler that many product creators use to pad out their product…this is a very detailed step by step method with many diagrams showing exactly how to set up and use the traffic source’s and how to get into trusted CPA networks. One note of my CPA Rebirth Review – Yes with CPA Rebirth you could use the big and most well known CPA networks but James and Shane show you other CPA networks that are smaller and where you get the chance to work alongside some of the biggest CPA affiliates!


Now no product is perfect and there are so many CPA courses floating around but what I can say about CPA Rebirth is that I am sure that what is taught inside this CPA course is original and will work and one of the best parts is that the traffic is so cheap that you can get started for as little as $2 and from there simply scale up…also inside CPA Rebirth is a link to a free webinar that should be something quite amazing!!



The last thing that I wanted to mention because even though I was suspicious about this I just was not 100% sure but CPA Rebirth explains it very well…now what is this big secret?? Well basically when you are sending traffic to your offers the CPA networks make a lot of money from you and will very often use some of your non GEO offer traffic to their own offers and keep those commissions…



Well after reading and implementing CPA Rebirth this will never happen to you again and even more importantly you will learn how to find the correct GEO traffic for your offer so you waste none and are also able to target and make some great commissions from Countries that you would never have thought to target before. CPA Rebirth is a product that I feel so strongly that it will work that I will be running a few campaigns myself!



CPA Rebirth OTO 1 is a Very detailed Video Course that will help you profit even more!

CPA Rebirth OTO 2 is a Coaching Offer (I think that coaching is always worth the money especially with someone like James)





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